The sliding mechanic, a missed opportunity

What makes it a miss are these:

  • When you slide, you always end up crouching, it would have been nice if you could keep running right after to keep the momentum.
  • When you land, like right after a jump, it would have been fun if you could slide as soon as you touched ground.

Oh well, maybe we’ll see those improvement in Borderlands 4.

With your first argument I can fully agree.

The second one would be a bit OP, if your version would be possible you wouldn’t need to sprint/run to activate sliding and that would need an extra botten.
But I also have to say that I personaly find it a bit anoying, that after a got hit by cryo or to slow you can’t get enough speed to activate slide.

Check your settings. With toggle sprint and crouch, you can do a routine of sprint->slide->sprint fairly smoothly.

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My pinky gets so wrecked during boss fights for this :joy:

There’s a setting to make crouch held. I have sprint as a toggle, and then hold crouch for sliding when I want to.

Letting go early also makes you stop sliding early, and you’re not left crouching afterward this way.

Then it’s just reactivating sprint to run again.