The Slows In The Game

I was kinda thinking about the amount of characters with slows in the game and it seems the only character without one is Ambra. So why are there so many slows I wonder? Obviously some slows are helix choices and are less viable than other choices, some are different length and easier to apply but regardless, 29/30 characters have a slow of some sort.

What do you guys think about this? Should some people not have a slow? Should there be less slows in the game or is it fine as it is?

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Alani lvl 4 L? ^^

What about it?

she slows with her wave, my most picked lvl 4 choice (depending on enemy team comb)

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I know, Ambra is the only character without a slow.

omg forget what I said I kinda read Alani instead of ambra… nevermind…

Haha thought so, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:

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but interesting, never thought about it

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Only once i faced a heavy slow team. Alani, reyna, shane, Marquis and benedict.

We couldnt beat shane tankines with two healers who slowed us and healed her and shane slowed too for marquis + beni who picked us easily thx to all the slow.

Ambra’s level 8 helix?

That was removed ages ago. It’s now the cooldown on Sunspots.

Personally, I find that slows are good as they are at the moment since they got rid of the attack speed penalty.

What I would like however, is for them to specify what type of slows they are. Light, medium or heavy? Or something else? I don’t know the scale because the game’s not communicating properly which slows applies where.

Miko’s arguably my main character, and Breathe Deep is the clear choice at level 1, but I still have no clue as to which class the slow gets bumped up to. From light to medium, from medium to heavy? Or somewhere in between? I simply do not know despite my 43+ h with him.


I think if they’re gong that far then Ambra should have a slow too, even if it’s a late helix or a non-viable choice, why must she miss out on the slowing fun?

Galilea with Boots of the Brute is the best thing ever, she needs more CC!

You could debate that Ambra does have 2 slows, sort of.
Helix 7 middle, those fire balls do stun/slow.
Helix 10 left, Stuns, which is in effect a form of slow.

They do? I haven’t noticed this! Can people confirm this?[quote=“wisecarver, post:14, topic:1557886”]
Helix 10 left, Stuns, which is in effect a form of slow.

I guess, stuns are technically silences too, but I’m talking just slows on it’s own here and I’m pretty sure Ambra is the only one without one.

Wut? Those middle fireballs are just that… fireballs.

Also, level 10… it’s a stun. It… it’s a stun.


I don’t PvP but they do slow/stun in Bots and Story missions.
Of course I’m using them with her legendary which elevates things.

That’s splitting hairs, like the joke about the guy who slowed down for a stop sign :confused: Slows slow movement but the affected character can still attack and use skills. Stuns, well, they prevent all forms of movement and attack. Not exactly the same thing.


True but if one gets whacked in the head with a tree limb, did they get slowed and stunned? :smile:

Well there would be variables, like where did they get hit, weight of the branch, weight of the person who got hit by the branch, velocity, trajectory, density, etc. etc. :stuck_out_tongue: