The Song that should have been playing during the final scene

Halestorm’s " I am the Fire"


It don’t carry any of the epic vibe of said moment.

I feel like they missed soo much that could have been with the final moments of lillith.
Her eyes light up with fire when the song starts and her wings explode out of her, as she starts flying there is memories flashing of everything from the first borderlands up, showing her time with Roland, and when Handsome Jack kills Roland. she tears up, and a fire nova forms around her as she makes a fist and starts flying faster towards the moon. Building more and more emotion of Lillith, and the player, bringing anyone that has played from the beginning to tears reliving all the emotional parts. Relating Lillith to the emotions.
I just feel like that was a huge missed opportunity.:frowning:


but Katie perry’s this girl on fire does. Cmon…

:nauseated_face::face_vomiting: No thanks.

Screaming like a Siren

Nice lyrics for Lilith tbh. The “Girl on Fire” choice they made had me and my friends laughing, so it wasn’t really a song that invoked the sense of sacrifice and strength that they might have wanted to invoke from that moment.


My thoughts exactly, I was like she just literally sacrificed herself to save all of humanity, and this is the song she gets. Like what a joke.

I honestly had some tears rolling down my cheeks there and i’m sure that song also was a reason, but I am generally sensitive to certain melodies and scenes combinations. :flushed:

I also had it happen as Typhon Deleon said “Tyreen, my little star…” because it felt like he even after what happened still love his kids … not so long before she killed him, especially after that quote from him “There’s a lot of treasure in the galaxy, but the rarest loot of all is love.” that also came not so long before. :cry: :flushed:

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Hey, moved to the spoiler section for obvious reasons. Also, edited the title, for further reasons.

Feel free to edit it to something else that may avoid the big spoil.

Also, ‘This Girl is on Fire’ I think was by Alicia Keys, not Perry.

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No problem, don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns.

All she needed to say was “Witness me,Roland!” RIP. :>

Then this song: (for god’s sake,Gearbox, be at least quality feminists.) :smile:

It’s not a bad song, nor was I impressed by the one they chose… However I’m not sure I would’ve been moved even if this happened to be used instead.

If they used the refrain from Fight Song by Rachel Platten it would’ve symbolized Lillith’s role in the story a while lot better imo. (though to be frank even that likely wouldn’t have moved me too much, the story arc just wasn’t as impactful as most other media has been)

I feel like “girl on fire” and “fight song” are for like for teenage girls imo. Not trying to insult you, or anything like that. Just no relation to guys at all. Borderlands is built up to be a hard to live in land, where its brutal, and blood thirsty people are. I think it needs a song with more grit.

Perfect summary of BL3 plot lol… So how would a gritty song fit better exactly?

Like if you’re sacrificing yourself for someone else having lived in the time period Lillith did, you’re not going to want a song like that. Shes the biggest BA on pandora.

As a dude who loves super gritty gore and horror, I also likely girly songs like they used for the outro of the campaign. I thought how they pieced it together with the little vignettes of the various characters in the aftermath credits made me a little emotional in the interior of my otherwise stolid persona.

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I totally agree to all except:

But as that’s just my opinion I’ll leave it be.

“Girl on Fire” would have been better a better fit as a metal cover rather than the version used in game. Whatever song gets used, the arrangement needs to have some punch to it that fits the moment.

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Did you listen to the song posted, and the lyrics within?