The speedrunning community for this game is dead, and that's not just because we don't have a cutscene skip

There are only 13 recorded speedruns of this game across ALL 5 categories, any% only has one fl4k run. Not a single one of these runs took place in the last month.

Cutscenes do take up some time, but only a total of 28 minutes (including intro cutscene + planet introductions).

A streamer called Flare2V on twitch recently played a single playthrough as Zane, and set up a timer to measure exactly how much time is spent waiting for characters to finish dialogue, traveling without fighting enemies, and driving without action. This was to measure the total downtime across a single playthrough.

The end amount of wasted time per playthrough was a rough 4 hours, 4 minutes, and 12 seconds. Remove the cutscenes and that’s now a generous result of:

3 and a half hours of WAITING. NO fighting, NO action, NO gameplay.

Current speedruns have to save/quit literally hundreds of times in order to skip unnecessary dialogue and progress through the game at a standard pace.

Gearbox, please, please, please, please. Add in a dialogue skip in the form of a button. If people want to listen to your incredible story then they don’t have to skip it. Adding this would make subsequent playthroughs of the game far more enjoyable, and not just a slog of dialogue + talking to lillith over and over.

Anyone who wants a cutscene skip should also want a dialogue skip, as dialogue wastes significantly more time and is far less entertaining.


Can they use the “replay echo recorders” function in the menus in order to cut off dialog?

Maybe the game needs a “speedrun mode” where dialog isn’t waited on to trigger quest steps. It would just start that audio and then trigger the “after dialog” event half a second later.


That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Seeing as you can currently skip certain dialogue lines using echos scattered about the map, hopefully we can get a button that plays an empty echo and skips the current quest dialogue.

Ideal Dialogue skip is just a button hotkey that can skip any dialogue line, main quest or side quest or even echo line from any gameplay position.


While I applaud people that do these speed runs as it takes someone with a massive memory and considerable brain power, both of which I DO NOT HAVE, it just doesn’t make much sense why one would want to do it. I guess it has to with the name recognition among the other speedrunners? How large is the speedrunning community? Do people specifically select a game knowing they’re going to speedrun it?

I watched a speedrun of The Outer Worlds last week and was blown away at how fast everything was happening. Maybe I’m too old, being 61, to rationalize it in my feeble brain.

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I’m sure a cutscenes skip and dialogue skip would help speed runners, but I’m not sure why this is a higher priority than optimization. Do speed runners not invest any points in action skills or guardian rank? I’d be interested to know how much time was wasted waiting on menus to load, because at least dialogue and cutscenes are reliable in duration. Kinda hard to compare runs when the menu is the way it is.

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Optimization is also an issue, but in terms of having an enjoyable speedrun, dialogue and cutscenes waste so much time that worrying about menus is easily an afterthought that doesn’t matter as much. Dialogue and cutscenes are reliable and static, sure, but it’s definitely more time wasted/frustration overall when considering how many save/quits need to be done to skip dialogue.

In my own gameplay I do want the inventory menu optimized, hell I’d accept a text-only UI if i could, pure functionality over flashy thumbnails when I can identify a weapon faster from it’s name than it’s skin/shape.

and to answer the question, yes speedrunners do select action skills/spend skill points as the game progresses much faster if you have either movement speed skills or buffs to kill enemies faster.


For me, speedrunning definitely has the most rush when it comes to acquiring world records, or finding new skips that can save seconds of time, but those seconds could be just enough for you to achieve the fastest possible time in the whole world. The recognition is also nice for twitch streamers, lots of people have started a twitch career by livestreaming their speedruns.

It’s also just fun to complete a game super fast. Like a personal milestone.

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I can kind of see your point about QOL issues with some content that can’t be skipped, but I have a really hard time losing sleep on the amount of “world record speedruns” exist for this game. It’s such a niche segment of players as to be meaningless to the rest of us that just want a fun Borderlands game to play.


Speedruns don’t make a game


Speedrunning BL3 isnt going to happen in this game. It’s impossible to have a solid run with a level playing field. The load times between planets are variable depending on the day. Immune anointed can create situations where they chain immunity and you can’t deal damage consistently to progress. The npc characters go off on their own if you don’t follow them. If you teleport to another area too early, the npc bugs out. (I had Typhon de Leon stare at me when he was supposed to give me the iridium fabricator). Usually you wait for things to happen in the story line before you can access them (wait for tannis to finish talking, then wait for the prompt to continue the dialogue, it’s inconsistent). I’ve opened a chest and fallen through the floor randomly.

Bottom line, this game isn’t able to speed run because the gameplay is not stable or consistent and doesn’t currently have an even measurement of gameplay.

P.S. I’ve been working on speedrunning this storyline for over a month and have not had a consistent run with 5 playthroughs on M1-m4. If anyone else is trying to speedrun, I’d love to compare info.

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I disagree. The dialogue is by and large more entertaining than the cutscenes. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to skip it.

This is a great point. The waiting for dialog problem was huge in TPS, and I think it may have gotten worse in BL3. Lots of people complained about this for TPS, and Gearbox learned nothing from the complaints of their player base.

My thoughts (which I shared during TPS) are that BL1 got it completely right. The story took place in the Echocasts… you listened to the dialog as you played. It was a great system because you were entertained by the dialog while you shot things.

I was hoping BL3 would return to this system, but… “follow Typhon”.

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You choose a game you like. You play it enough and you start to remember where to be and when to trigger the next mission item. You read or watch shortcuts for the maps so you can skip little sections here or there. For Borderlands 2, they use an early version of BL2 because of certain overpowered skills that make your character extra fast or extra powerful. You hope for some legendary drops that could potentially save you lots of time. But you generally don’t farm for them because of the time investment.

The story was more fleshed out via the side missions and echo recordings. But it basically had dialog play as triggers from missions and such. But also sometimes just text on the quest turn in.

The main difference is that you usually saw your next map waypoint immediately. And there wasn’t all that much to wait for.

i alt+tab out and browse the internet while waiting every damn time some idiot wants to tell me a story :sweat_smile:

this game realy has a lot annoyances…

It still affects Borderlands 3 because many of us play a lot of characters and playthroughs and don’t want that to take longer than it really needs to. So it bugs me, but it doesn’t bug me as much as the guys trying to record speedruns.

Pal, I have already been through through the entire story seven times. Finished TVHM on three of four characters. So any changes that are made in this department don’t affect me. Too late.

Added: as for people who speed run specifically, I could not care less about them. What helps them doesn’t help me.

The issue is the triggers themselves. BL3 is far from the stability of the previous games. We are still finding bugs all the time. Recently I was stuck when Balex was in the floor in the family jewel. Another time I fell through the floor in Pyre of stars when I opened a chest. GL speed running that lol.

just sitting through all that story BS keeps me from playing any of the other vault hunters ATM :sweat_smile:

let allone do it 7! times :exploding_head: (playing TVHM the first time was more then enough for me haha god that was painfull sitting through the twins ranting every 3 seconds… at least when jack spammed your echo it was funny and great)

Then it’s like, “well, hold tight folks, gotta save, quit, reload”. Ouch.