The State Of Battleborn!

As of right now, battle born is declining and at any moment it will cease to exist. Ive been following this game for 2+ years now and played both the ctt in october and the open beta whenever that was and has come to love the game. I play this game at least once a day whether it was playing a pvp match or doing a legendary run. My biggest problem with this game is the community and how they cry about changes that needed to happen and then when they happen they are not happy. Just suck it up, its hard to balance anything in a multiplayer game where player skill is involved.

I think for battle born to be on op again is if they make some drastic changes. I understand BB was $60 when it was first released and then brought down to $40 to compete with overwatch, but i think BB should adopt a free to play model (even though for those who bought the season pass including me will be screwed). But make it so that people buy platinum to use on skins, new story mission, gear load outs, gear banks and what ever else there is to buy that wouldn’t really affect how good someone else is. And instead of saying we are going to xyz in the month of july, say we are releasing x in july, y in august, and z in september, and have it on a rotation(i.e, new char in july, new map in aug, new pop mode in sep, and new pve mission in oct… or something like that so your not just put multiple things out at once and they are all just terrible. You get to focus on something for a month and try to make it the best it possibly can and it gives you time to start thinking about what to release instead of consumer bullying you to release something because they are threatening to leave.

the community has to stop with the bickering and tantrum throwing after the make a change you wan and you don’t like it. One day i was on the forum and i clicked on one of the topics(don’t remember what it was) and all i saw were people complaining about how broken something was instead of giving them ideas on how to fix them. This might be the worst community for any game i have seen. Its just terrible.

I am not posting this to argue with you about every little detail. If you disagree then say why and i might or might now respond.

Please use an existing thread:

to discuss your suggestion. Politely, and without insulting an entire forum, thanks.

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