The state of borderlands 3

Hello, my first post and I am typing on mobile, so sorry for any mistypes. Anyway, I was thinking about the current state of the game. What do you guys think?

i aren’t think gbx save dis me outie

They’re in the tough position of having a bunch of almost game-breaking bugs (UI scaling, splitscreen issues, incorrectly functioning anoints), but also a lot of clamoring for new content such as raidbosses, more/better proving grounds and slaughters, and improving arms race.
What they do have is decent, I just wish the skill system was more robust code-wise, so that there weren’t a bunch of bugs with them.


All I’m sure is that this game is going to make a bunch of people think twice before they mindlessly buy from gbx because of this game.


I for one am one of those people :sweat_smile:

And although I didn’t pre-order it… Just because this game had pre-order I’m never pre-ordering any game ever again…

What’s next, BL3 with gacha? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I enjoy it, which is an improvement over this summer.

I wish it weren’t so buggy so more of my friends, who left because they were literally unable to play it without crashing, would consider playing through the DLC campaigns with me. Reported bugginess with DLC5 is also why I didn’t buy it…the game is finally in a place where it’s stable on my console and I don’t want to risk that by installing new content.

While I’m not particularly pleased with how endgame is playing out, that’s secondary to game stability. I can ignore game imbalance, even if I’d prefer things to be different, but I can’t ignore the game crashing when I try to join a friend’s game. :frowning:

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Well, I created a set of polls to see what people thought about certain topics that I have been seeing the past few months. I tried to keep the polls civil in the topic descriptions and choices, so they might not reflect people’s feelings, per se. However, it might help to add to the discussion as it covers things that people may or may not want to see in the game.

I would otherwise contend that people seem to be playing BL3, despite what you might read in some of these forum topics (including some posts of my own that have been somewhat less than celebratory towards the game and/or some of the choices that GBX has made in design). So I don’t know what that tells you about the state of the game.

Borderlands 3 Live Player Count - How Many People Are Playing Now? (

Borderlands 3 - number of players (PlayStation) [Archive] (

Borderlands 3 - Steam Charts

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Out of that 200K, I’m sure less than 30k actually turn on the game for more than the first campaign.

*From Steam Charts:

Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players

Last 30 Days 6,948.2 +1,219.6 +21.29% 15,189
November 2020 5,728.6 +133.5 +2.39% 15,189
October 2020 5,595.1 -3,110.0 -35.73% 10,199
September 2020 8,705.1 -168.4 -1.90% 18,328
August 2020 8,873.5 +87.8 +1.00% 23,377
July 2020 8,785.7 +1,651.7 +23.15% 17,781
June 2020 7,134.0 -7,839.2 -52.36% 18,514
May 2020 14,973.2 -7,200.6 -32.47% 34,315
April 2020 22,173.8 -30,951.2 -58.26% 49,479
March 2020 53,125.0 - - 93,597

This is the raw percentile of players, and currently it stands at around the top 3,000 games played by Steam users.

Those 10k-50k userbase drops and their respective 30% 50% drops per month on average is notable as hell. It’s not gonna go up to 50K players per month again, at this rate.

annoints ruin the game. just being in the game and also at end game when you NEED them.


I can’t even play because the game crashes if I try to download my character.

Come to think of it, its not the game that pushed me away. It was Gearbox.

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We’re at a point where anointments don’t really seem to matter all that much

So I think GBX is going to shift from the 2/300 % Increases in the future (I really hope they do)

Atm I’m feeling the scaling is what caused the problem to begin with and anointments where a band-aid.

An other problem with scaling is that weaponscaling applies to items on drops and do not scale with mayhem level like skills do.
If they would just remove scaling from items and balance mayhem scaling to go allong with it… Then the gated items would be something to work towards…

Now everybody can get their hands on scaled weapons without even playing… Actually beating the purpose of mayhem scaling.