The State of Bug Hunt

(Phage) #1


Nice to have a consolidated presence for the A:CM community - hopefully gearbox will hear some of our die-hard members out (few as we may be).

Christmas is coming, and it’s at this time of year that I have more time than usual to play video games. Naturally I reinstalled A:CM and fired up bug hunt.

Personal frustration

Then I remembered:

  • how, upon completing a couple of the maps on Ultimate Badass with
    other forum regulars, the game reported I had in fact completed it on
  • how each time I died with no cash, my living teammates would struggle
    to fight off the horde, despite having multiple thousands of $s at
    their disposal - unable to call me back in
  • how the aliens - tough to kill and fun to fight as they are - would
    very often get caught in the map, leading to sometimes 15 minutes of
    waiting for the last one to appear.


I would still like to see some of the bugs fixed (hunted? -lol?), what are the chances of getting anywhere on this?

(Jake Armitage ) #2

I would say zero.

Gearbox and SEGA airn’t playing nice in the sandbox at this time.

even before then, neither were chomping at the bit to patch this game BEFORE the class action suit.
What ya got is what ya get. I can’t recall a game that was fixed 2 years after release. Skyrim took a year to figure out the DLC for PS3, but that was hardware issues, not software. Well…kinda not software. More learning about the hardware and pulling an Apollo 13 and making an air filter out of a lunch bag and vacuum hose…but that’s neither here nor there.

I always wanted a patch to start bug hunt alone but have people be able to jump in at a later time. as it is now, you HAVE TO wait for someone else to play co-op

(Damien Azreal) #3

@307 I can’t recall a game that was fixed 2 years after release…

Serious Sam 3 is still getting patches. :stuck_out_tongue: And that’s long after it’s 2011 release.
But yes, post-release support for A:CM is pretty much over.
The game does still need more attention to fix other issues, but, SEGA isn’t going to okay additional support at this time.

With the success of Alien: Isolation… SEGA are focusing heavily on it. Trying to sweep A:CM under the rug and forget about it.
And GBX can’t simply create updates for the game without SEGA’s approval since SEGA own the game.

(Jake Armitage ) #4

Is it getting “real” patches? Or is this community mods?

(Damien Azreal) #5

At this point, the only hope would be community mods/fixes.

The days of official support updates and patches are over.

(Jake Armitage ) #6

I was referring to serious Sam. Is it getting official patches? Or are they nodded efforts?

(Damien Azreal) #7

It still gets official patches from Croteam.
Even with the Talos Principle just getting released, and them working on Serious Sam 4, they continue to make updates and tweaks to Sam3.

(Jake Armitage ) #8

Geez…and we had a hard time getting the 3-4 consoles got…