The state of regen

Ok this has been bothering me for awhile. To regen or not to regen.

Personally I love it. It helps you stay in the fight longer and it can save you a teleport. When going against skilled players whose names we all know in high level play, I don’t see it much. Or even at all.

I see more max health and shield strength than I do regen. Can some skilled players share their thoughts on why other options are better?


So when you get chained CC you survive, if you dive… you come out alive, if you get chased… you make it to safety. Regen is nice but it won’t heal you fast enough in the above situations I stated unless everyone turtles around.

I only use regen on BBs that benefit greatly from it, for example, Galilea. She has helixes that give her regen and if you add regen gear, it helps a lot.


So basically if a character does not have high natural regen then it’s not worth taking up a gear slot?

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Health regen’s fantastic. I can barely go without it myself because of what you mentioned, and the fact that you replenish your health when roaming, collecting shards etc.

I dont know what context you’re thinking of, but at least while together in groups, they tend to have a healer they can trust (in Incursion), which means it may be abundant and simply better to focus on other things which may benefit the particular character you’re playing.

The same players often stack max health to;

A) Increase the chances of surviving CC-chaining.

B) Increase the chances of surviving high damage bursts.

To my understanding, those are at least the primarily reasons.

It also got a bit more forgiving to not run health regeneration in Meltdown since they added the tier 3 supply stations right off the gate now, especially Paradise. But I still really love health regeneration, but I’ve slightly moved away from it by principle to make my loadouts less generic & homogenous.

Hopefully that’ll suffice for now, I may’ve gotten something wrong :no_mouth:


Correct… I mostly play melee characters and I’m naturally an aggressive player so I guess it comes back to your type of play style but yes… that is my personal rule of thumb regarding regen.

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I wear max health for characters like Benedict to try and stay in longer, I usually pay close attention to my healthbar so I try not to overextend. I play a more dive-push Benedict where jumping from target to target is my thing, spearheading pushes and having enough health to duck behind my teammates who follow me up. The LLC max health rare with more max health when shield is down has literally saved my life countless times.

Max shield is great with characters that get bonuses from shields: Ghalt phoebe shayne deande.

Health regents on certain characters doesn’t do much, IMO, to offset high dps meta characters like boulder, thorn and Kelvin.


Max Shield is mostly played on Kleese and Deande for the extra Burst. Health Regen or not is mostly a thing wich some like and some dont its mostly reliant on the player and his preferences. I personally couldnt play reyna without it. Has such value on her.


Depends on the character you’re playing!
For example, I don’t get regen on Attikus because he gets 35 hp/s at level 5 and has a decent amount of health. (so I run more health and damage reduction).

Deande and Kleese benefit defensively and offensively from shield capacity, so that’s why I run it there. (and occasionally max health secondary on Deande because of her lifesteal).

Marquis shouldn’t be taking much health damage because of backlining, so I use Atk dmg (w/ atk spd) + Atk Spd (w/ shield cap). Back line Marquis should be able to snipe a lot of damage and take a step back for shield recovery then move back into firing position. (avoid taking health damage).

The rest of the characters I play, I use regen on (I.E. Caldi and Ghalt).


I absolutely love Regen. I had it on every loadout even BEFORE it got buffed :stuck_out_tongue: I think it’s great because it heals you throughout fights. If you come out of a 10 second fight with 100 health then health regen has saved you, because throughout the fight it has healed you for 210 (blue eldrid regen gear). Regen saves lives. Although I do usually use a lot of secondary max health gear. And I don’t have that damn LLC vest :frowning:


I find regen great on certain characters, mainly Deande, Mellka, Alani, and Miko. When playing a tank, that regen isn’t going to get you very far since you should be soaking up damage and Max Health or Damage Reduction would serve you better. As for why I enjoy it on those characters, it helps with their survivability.

Deande can be dangerous with Calculated Risk, which also leaves her open to damage to her health before she can escape, so health regen can patch up the little damage she took without having to move to a healing station, returning to base or needing a healer.

I play Mellka more as a harasser than an assassin, I tend to attack and do a respectable amount of damage and retreat before it becomes risky. I would prefer to make two or three enemies retreat and heal instead of focusing one and killing them. With that in mind, I stack max health to keep me in the fight longer and health regen to get me back in the fight faster without having to retreat to heal.

And as for Alani and Miko, I love it on them so I don’t have to worry about needing to heal myself a much. Alani’s self-heal is bad compared to her ability to heal others. Her wellspring is barely noticeable on her and her riptide heal is bad in general, while her geyser is great but is better off being used on a wave of minions. While Miko can heal themselves from Level 2 right helix, Heal Thyself, but that takes away from her left helix, Regenerative Aura, which I find nice for a nice little heal for a wave of minions and helping other nearby allies that you are not healing since another one is in more of a need for it. Otherwise, you have Biosynthesis, which I prefer to save and use when healing an ally in a bad situation.


Taking Dragooooon in without regen makes his tights buckle.


I love regen gear, it’s in pretty much all of my loadouts. As people have stated before however, it does depend on who you’re using as I feel that not all characters need it. I don’t use it at all on Deande and Rath, instead I spec for max shield/skill damage and movement speed respectively.

Tanks on the other hand, it’s a must for me. I’ll also run regen on the more brawler like characters such as Attikus and Phoebe, I tend to stack it with max health gear on these characters. It really can make the difference in encounters sometimes. Damage reduction also gets an honourable mention here.

Regen is superb when it’s stacked with regen helices too. On some characters, you can get crazy amounts, and it definitely makes them a lot more difficult to kill.

With characters that prefer to stay towards the back and out of harms way, like Benedict or Alani for example; I’ll only take one piece of max health gear and regen rather than stack it. I feel that because you’re not overextending and diving the enemy team as much, the max health isn’t as important, but the regen can help you recover whilst still poking safely from a distance.


As a squishy melee main, max health works wonders on characters like dragon and rath, especially dragon. The DR he gets through his passive and helix at 5 allow the max health to soak up even more damage. With my build I get 910 extra max health, with all the DR that max health is effectively around 1300 health added. CC chains and burst damage are all of a sudden much less of an issue.


That’s about 24 seconds of regen in my full regen loadout for melee, not counting blissbeast legendary which makes it about 13

I personally like regen for slugging it out because it feels like all that can take me down is really powerful burst which I can normally account for


I just can’t stand CC chains and health regen does almost nothing for putting up with that. Sure, if you’re going up against a more passive team health regen works wonders, but being able to dive a low health target, secure the kill, and get out alive is just too good for my play style.


I tend to stack regen either on el dragon and pendles, or attikus/boldur/Galilea

Pendles can disengage at will

El dragon once I hit level 5 I can gurantee I will outlast the enemy and safely escape

The others already are tanky so I just make their sustain ridiculous


Anyone else run regen on Caldarius? I think it’s almost necessary considering how much diving he does.

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I didn’t list my ranged regen characters, caldarius and mellka both I stack regen on

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This isn’t targeted just for you, but for everyone in the thread. I just felt like chipping in right now, and you had some good quotes.

  • You can boost both, you don’t have to focus just on one. Personally, a lot of my loadouts have 420 health and 7-21 health regen. But I also mainly play in places where I don’t have a reliable healer, if one at all.
  • Damage reduction also boost health regen, just like it boost hp. On El Dragon with 35% damage reduction, it takes enemies 54% longer to kill you, so that also means health regen will heal you 54% longer as well.
  • Max health has diminishing returns as well. The longer it takes before you get back above your normal health pool, the better health regen becomes.
  • And while percentage wise health regen is better on low health pool characters, it does have its merits on the tankier ones as well.
  • If Ambra is healing you with her 64 hps and you equip a 14 health regen gear, you essentially raise her hps by 22%. And is part of the reason healing received gear is so bad.
  • And unlike health regen, I’d actually advise against running max health on high health pool characters. Not to mention, running gear with a max health primary stat is kind of a waste if it doesn’t come with something special.
  • Etc…

Very good points from all. Leaves me with a lot to consider. For the time being I’ll make two builds, one with regen and one with max health.

Can we talk about game modes and maps? Does regen help more on certain maps? Also, same question but with max health.

And enemy team comps can factor in as well. If you know you’re playing against a stun heavy comp, which would be better? Same thing when playing against a burst heavy comp