The state of regen

Anything focusing on skirmishing favors regen in my opinion

Depends on the character you’re playing in my opinion, playing as a galilea/boldur regen is insane(more than max health imo) because while they raise their shields they’re regaining health.

Against a stun heavy comp you’re not getting away without a rescue in my opinion, regardless of how you stack it.

Burst heavy I think would favor someone like Montana/attikus with regen builds. They naturally have high health pools, once they’re getting all the regen from gear/helixes they’re going to be able to take the initial burst and assuming a healer is on the team and not far away they’ll most likely get the heals to bring them back

@AncientBelgareth can I ask for a thorn damage opinion from you?

Wrath of the wild at level 10

You can crunch it any which way you’d like for it to boost its damage including using gear/helixes to maximize it. I’m looking for fastest burst of damage


I find regen to be helpful on all maps and modes, but for a mode, it would have to be face-off, where if you need to go back to base and heal, you need to deposit your masks or risk losing them to the enemy team. And for a specific map, I would have to say Monuments where the healing machine is useless unless the enemy has a Pendles on their team. Otherwise, if you have to go back to it you’ll be able to teleport back to base and heal that way and you’ll probably be healed faster than waiting for the machine to heal you.

In my opinion, enemy team comp doesn’t change very much. Even if they are CC heavy, it all depends on the character you’ve chosen. Three stuns in a row will kill almost everyone that doesn’t have an insane health pool/damage reduction, like Montana or Kelvin. Stacking max health gear on characters like Marquis doesn’t have much effect. If anyone gets close, you should either have your birds prepared to defend you, or a bubble to provide an escape. If you have neither, then you made a mistake and let them get close.


By fastest burst, are you asking what the most possible damage would be from your own gear and helixes?

And should I include the numbers from the 1st tick of blight that they will most probably take from receiving getting hit by WOTW, since by ten it will put a blight pool under them as well?

Either way I’ll need an in game dummy to make sure of the numbers after I do the math, because I don’t like to publicly post numbers without testing 1st to be 100% sure of the accuracy. Especially on Thorn. Curse changes the way so many things work. For instance. A cursed arrow launched at an enemy BB that crits them has a crit multiplier of about 50%. A cursed arrow crit on an already cursed battleborn however has a multiplier of about 35%.

On a side note. Why hasn’t Gbx made it so a splitscreening friend can go on the opposite team in private match. It would make number testing SO much easier, cause one could test numbers on a dummy without having to make somebody sit there while you do your thing.


Also on topic.
I use health regen on most characters that I play. I hate teleporting back to base, and more often then not I don’t trust my healer. It’s not often that I’m actually on a team that has a player that really focuses on healing the team.


From gear and helixes preferred, I was thinking of the level 5 helix that boosts the damage on cursed targets and skill damage gear

No need to go super in depth for this unless you’ve some reason to doubt your previous data(I’m all for accuracy but I’m lazy also)

Main reason is I’m using wrath of the wild as a good example of burst damage.

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Give me a day or so. Just to make sure of everything. I don’t want to give off false numbers


@lucasatlive after bel gets back to us with his numbers I’ll adjust my answer accordingly(this actually might change me answer for some characters so be aware)

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Yes. Hellyeah does it too and said he has gotten spoiled by it, it’s just that good to give up on Caldarius.


Regen is better on characters who are hard to hit, each bullet they miss means hp for you.

Hp gear is to good, 910 max hp is a lot.

In the end its all about your style, there is nothing wrong on getting 21 regen and 700hp.

Characters who are front/middle liners benefit a lot from those stats while middle/back liners benefit from attack. This doesnt mean a fat marquis is bad! He will survive a lot more if dived.

In the end all depends on your own style and the way u want to play.


Ditto. Some characters can get away without it (all supports that can self-heal, Attikus w/helixes, Whiskey w/helixes) but otherwise it is absolutely essential imo unless you are running with actual dedicated and competent supports which is only ever in premades.


The only character I use health regen on is Montana because he’s just a HUGE walking health pool and gets even more with his helix choices.

Everyone else I feel I’m better off just teleporting rather than try to stay in a fight and chance being killed and have to wait to spawn back at base any way.


regen is good in pubs, where you arent taking focus/burst fire, and cant rely on a healer.

in coordinated play more health is that much more you can tank to make the enemy exhaust themselves on you - so your team can then collapse on the defenceless foes, and you should have a healer to fall back on then.

basically, with regen you seek to avoid damage and stay present as long as possible skirting in and out of battle. with max health you expect to get dumped on by people capable of both aiming and coordinating.

they are for different plays, but even so max health is still useful in pubs, whereas regen is not as universally useful in coordinated play.


From my expeirnce:
it’s purely contextual IOW depends on ones strat. And there are many factors to consider.

  1. It’s a recklessness to always rely on support, in PUG matches for certain. It is simply impossible for a healer to stand behind everyone. So, at least some of the squad members need health regen. Prime example: all rangers.

  2. You are a half healer, so you either fight and heal yourself or not quite fight and heal your teammates. Say Alani: her specifics cause her to actually benefit form regen gear as she will be able to gain Osmosis stacks and heal teammates more often.

  3. You operate on your formation’s wing, flank enemy, harass enemy waves, yank rather than strike, take their aggro from time to time while your healer supports the main group. Prime excample: Ernest. So, you either retreat often for Healing station treatment -leaving the flank uncovered- or …that’s right, use health regen gear.
    And so on, and so forth.


So just going by math without actually testing these numbers in game for accuracy, the absolute most damage one could do just with WOTW at level ten to a single target with only your own personal helixes and gear is 1597.124. This is with level five left (ew) the Lorain skill spike, and two pieces of gear with skill damage as secondary. If I really looked through all the gear, there is a possibility that there is a piece that could be used to increase it further, but this was just kinda spur of the moment, and I didn’t have the time to look to in depth. Of course this is heavily dependent on the chance that Lorain skill spike will activate. If it did not the damage would hypothetically be 1228.55

Technically one could probably do higher damage with the exact same setup, if one manages to actually crit the ultimate. I do not know how much crit effects the damage of this skill though, so I won’t even speculate, because it is very unlikely to actually happen.

This is of course the extreme. It’s unlikely to happen in game very often, because most thorns don’t spec for the Lorain skill spike. Let’s look at the bolas instead, because it is more commonly seen, because of its reliability, consistency, and it’s powerful as ****.

If one used the bolas and two pieces with secondary skill damage with left level 5, this is what one could hypothetically do. 1383.35. Still high damage.

This is still a setup one is unlikely to see however. Using a loadout with three pieces of gear that increases skill damage is unlikely to be seen on most thorns. Mostly because you are giving up health regen, which is a must have on thorn imo. Also very few people actually use the level five left helix, because it doesn’t have near as much damage potential as the bleed.

I would never use either of these loadouts personally. I’ve been having lots of success not using skill damage at all on her lately, and instead focusing on attack damage. My prefered loadout nowadays is a zero cost shard gen, blue (or purple with attk secondary,) health regen, and either purple attk with health as secondary, or symbiotic gauntlet as my last piece.

With that loadout my arrows hit pretty hard, but level ten Wotw does 937.5 damage.


i used to stack skill damage on my thorn. like two months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes just don’t use regen on phoebe cause she dives too…

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