The state of sniper rifles in Bl3

So, this topic might not get much attention with all the drama around the level cap increase, but I wanted to remind GB that sniper rifles are still in a very sad state in this game and should be buffed.

I just don’t understand why they have to be so weak compared to how they were in previous games. I mean, a sniper rifle should be a gun that fires slow but hits hard and is very accurate, with limited ammo. But snipers in BL3 are basically useless. The only sniper people use is the Lyuda and that’s basically a machine gun.

Just bringing this up again because I feel GB has been radio silent about the state of snipers and has never mentioned anything about if and what they’re planning to do about it.

Would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this.


Someone has already mention this but I agree with your sentiments. Time could had been spent with this rather than spending with that other update. I don’t think this would be on the roadmap (immediate one).

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I agree. I used them initially but when it became apparent that they were pretty useless I haven’t used them since.

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I will use them leveling up. But once i hit end game, they are worth nothing more than what the vendors will pay for them. Maybe the one attached to this new event will be worth something.
But yeah, Buff, or add a sniper skill tree to a character or 2, or add a sniper character, something.

I tried sniping with my FA Fl4k using 3.4k base dmg Muckamuck, but even with 25% dmg from grenade throw, amp from Version 0.m and 200% crit bonus from FA stacking, I was having trouble breaking regular enemies’ shield.

You can 1 hit if you stack enough overkill dmg, but that can be done with any gun, not just snipers. Sniping is definitely viable in M3 and below, but it is near impossible at M4 I think.

I’d like to test it with god roll items like one shotter shield, 4K+ dmg Muckamuck, It’s piss grenade with 25% dmg on throw etc…

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No other way to say it, sniper rifles are entirely underpowered. I have always had a sniper rifle in my weapon rotation until this game.

R.I.P. Pimpernel, you were my favorite


Snipers are way too situational this time around.

I can do real damage with a Firestorm in the Cistern and Instinct but it takes an ASE +50 incendiary equipped and a spiritual driver/elemental projector. In terms of pure DPS I’m not sure it’s worth the ammo cost but where I’m using it there’s plenty of down time to swap it out when it’s empty

Outside of the Firestorm I’ve really only had success with a Headsplosion (and limited success at that) and the Solecki Protocol.

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How are you using them that they don’t meet your expectation?

My advice is to get a Gamma Burst Monocle, and a Red Fang Class mod. I can do a Monocle run of Athenas on M4 without anything even attacking me, almost.

Sniper rifles are statistically inferior to other weapons. A Jakobs SR will do 50% more damage than a pistol at the cost of 1/10th the fire rate. In the end they do 15% the potential DPS. Even if the pistol is shooting very slowly and missing a lot, it will still be superior.

Previous games, sniper rifles had very large crit modifiers to compensate for this. Normal ones had 4x(instead of 2x), and Jakobs ones had 5.2x. In this game they seem to have something like 2.15x crit bonuses.

So you not only have to get headshots, you don’t even get rewarded for it.


Sniper rifles need to have the damage of fully charged ION cannon but with the caveat you need to do a headshot or hit a crit spot.

Sniper rifles are my fave weapon in first person shooters. I’m very good at it (I use mouse though). This is the only game I played where the sniper rifles suck, where I suck at sniping, and where I use a d-pad for aiming.

Ive been 1 shotting a ton of stuff with Jakobs snipers on Mayhem 4. Mostly with the Muckamuck, Headsplosion and Monocle. It takes a dedicated build but they do a ton of damage.

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There are a few outside the Lyuda that I’ve found useful (Monocle, Antimatter) but even those need to be anointed to work in M4, and the ammo pool for snipers is so low they’re not viable for mobbing or most bosses.

The ammo pool thing really bugs me, it’s like, there are so few strong sniper rifles and even if you decide to keep one in your weapon slots, there’s a really good chance you’ll run out of ammo. In BL2 I was able to run a full sniper loadout on Zer0 for Critical Ascension mobbing–and that was a very ammo hungry build. I STILL didn’t run into the ammo depletion problems I experience using ONE sniper in BL3. :frowning:


…so are they incapable of one-shotting enemies, or is it more that you don’t like how they fit within the context of the other weapons (and they are otherwise quite capable of traditional, ranged, one-shot kills)?

Impressive. And with Zane of all people. Was this sniper annointed?

Ya SNTL cryo with Radiation and Shock ASE. You don’t really play mayhem 4 without annointed gear, at least not with a sniper :smiley:

Just need to replace the useless legendary snipers with something more viable. -cough- Good ol Pimp - cough-

Which ones are these?

Did I say either of those things? Don’t put words in my mouth.

Sniper rifles are statistically inferior to other weapons. That’s a scientific fact.

Different types of weapons should play differently, but offer the same comparative results. As sniper rifles do not do so, they are inferior to those other weapons and are infrequently used, especially at higher difficulty settings.

The obvious solution would be to increase their critical damage until they equal their counterparts.

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I found them to be fine until you activate Mayhem, after that you’re gonna need more specific guns, and skills to make them useful again.