The state of the Beta Address - From a fan

Hi All.

Firstly, I am an old Homeworld Player from 15 years ago. Relatively active in the community in Homeworld 1. I even modded the RelicNews clanforums for a time.Needless to say my community involvement was fairly high in the old days…

I am absolutely delighted with the fact the game is back and have had great enjoyment in both Single Player and Multiplayer. It lets me relive my youth. So thank you Gearbox.

However, there are a two key issues that need addressing.


Its been said before countless times, Homeworld needs a lobby. Back in 1999-2003 the lobby is what kept Homeworld alive and interesting. The fact you could talk to both friends and rivals without the need of Steam or Teamspeak or even IRC (Who remembers that from the old days). Bring it back guys please. I implore you to work out the coding and help fix this.

The elephant in the room - Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 matches/ Hybrid multiplayer

This isn’t working yet I appreciate (15 year old code that has been stuck together with sticky tape). But this is what needs to be fixed and maybe some hopeful ideas to help you guys understand some of the grumbles out there.

Repair Corvettes/Support Frigates

These do not work. Countless times I have attempted to do the original Corv Walls in Homeworld one (A viable tactic I might add). Unfortunately my support frigates and rep corvettes follow around like lost children. The repair function does not seem to work correctly to the original mechanics of either HW1 or HW2.


The Hmeworld HUD was good and the Homeworld 2 HUD was good but by god THAT sidebar jesus. At least get the function right to scale it properly.

Total imbalance of HW1/HW2 units

Hybrids don’t really work.

Thanks for your time.


Here here. I found the HW1 vs HW2 massively overpowering on the HW2 side, for one basic reason.

HW2 players are not having to re-learning the game, HW1 players are; as so much of the original has changed.

[EDIT] I’d also like to add a point about research, can we not have it back where it is slower but free as opposed to fast at cost? Also the ability when you have multiple research facilities, to research multiple things OR make one faster - not be limited to one faster all of the time!

More gripes in regards to the multiplayer


Homeworld 1 defenders seem OP now. Great counter to HW2 frig swarms however, thats about the only real advantage.

Don’t know how you can say that as they fall like flies for me… True did give good damage but they also die as fast… For me it felt like that this unit plus hw1 faction bombers are the easiest units to get shot down even by frigs and caps…

At least i stopped building them entirely in mp…

The UI is an improvement, but yeahhhh that scaling is messed up.

It should only be making icons smaller once they won’t all fit on a line, not scaling them smaller no matter the size.

How are you not killing them with just a small handful of flak? 3 flak should kill like 30 defenders easy.