The state of The Pre-Sequel

Is that it? We get two additional characters, an arena and one story dlc? Is that why 2K Australia was closed? And what about the bug fixes? Co-op play is what makes this series stand out, and with a broken match making system and lack of content, what incentive do I have to keep playing? How likely am I to purchase anymore titles from Gearbox? Maybe my expectations were inflated after Borderlands 2. It’s like getting excited to meet a celebrity, maybe Richard Gere. But when the time comes, I find out its the fake Richard Gere that got a gerbil stuck up his butt. I’m left disappointed and something stinks.

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People still complain about this game. How much do you expect from a game? We’ve had Doppelganger, Baroness, Holodome, UVHM Upgrade Packs, Level 60, Level 70 and Claptastic Voyage DLC.

If you can’t find an incentive to play then don’t.


No. Some of the tax laws in Australia recently changed, and because of that it suddenly became too expensive for 2K to operate a studio out of there. So they closed it.


So you are fine with paying for progressively less content at ever increasing costs? Maybe Borderlands 3 season pass will have only one new vault hunter and no cap increase. We as gamers should drive game development by voicing our concerns and dissatisfaction as well as our hopes and expectations. Developers know this and if they plan to remain relevant, they adjust fire or follow Atari into the asterisked footnotes of history.

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They said it wasn’t going to be as big as BL2 and its not going to be BL3. BL3 is the “big one”, so there will probably be bigger than BL2. BL:TPS is just what we call a filler.


I’ve experienced some issues on the xbox one version. Is that what you’re referring to? If not, then what?

As much as I truly do love TPS, and I do, I simply do not understand why jt is as short / undersupported as it is, after the runaway success of Borderlands 2.

I understand BL2 was hard to top; very good story length with TONS of side missions. High quality DLCs that got pumped out like clockwork. An enormous amount of gear & weaponry, much of the unique/Legendary stuff crazily broken and experimental. Most bosses and unique enemies farmable right off the bat. The list goes on.

Sure, it was a departure from BL1, but you’d really have to be nitpicking to find ways in which it had departed badly.

So why has TPS not met those same conditions?

Ok, toning down the insane, experimental, broken weaponry and gear (and even certain broken characters, a la Sal) for better balance and less unpredictable broken madness?

Ok, that’s cool, but at least let us have the same AMOUNT of weaponry / gear, and have most of it be fresh and new.

Well, sadly, there turned out to be less weaponry (at least Legendary / unique wise) and many of those were let downs or heavily recycled / cloned (however, purple / blue / glitched weaponry commonly outperform their Orange counterparts, so that helps make up for it).

Ok, so, moving on, if we can’t have as much Legendary / Unique gear, at least let us have a game that is as long, or almost as.

Well, sadly, that was not to be the case either; I would say that TPS is AT MOST 2/3’s as long as BL2 (actually way shorter than that if you include all the BL2 / BL1 DLC) and maybe even shorter than BL1.

This is probably the thing that upsets me the most.

The amount of time between BL1 and BL2 was not MUCH longer than the amount of time between BL2 and TPS.

It’s not like TPS had crazy long cutscenes or insane graphical upgrades that needed to be implemented at the expense of more in game content.

Also, for a game set IN SPACE, with easy access to instant interstellar travel (fast travel stations sure do seem a lot like Star Trek style transporters), you literally only travel to two places (Helios and Elpis) and do missions in a very limited number of locations within those two spots.

If you are not going to have us travel to more main locations, at least provide more sublocations and missions at the main locations you provide.

Ok, so moving on again; if we are already resigning ourselves to less weaponry / gear and a shorter game, we can at least expect to be able to refight any of the few unique enemies / bosses that you have given us, right?

Well, apparently not, at least not until 5 months after release, when we begrudgingly patch it in.

Ok, so, with all that, you’ll at least have cool high quality gear drop fairly frequently from the enemies we fight, right?

Again, apparently not. We will make blue / purple drops way rarer, even in chests, and make Legendary / Unique drops even rarer than that. HOWEVER, if you are willing to keep hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of credits on you at all times, you can check Vending Machines to your hearts content for those lovely Oranges!

Ok, ok, ok, so after all that, we’ll at least get some cool Circles of Slaughter and a RAID boss or two, right?

Uh, no…we get two hidden bosses (Iwa and Nel), one of whom is VERY tedious to find, neither of whom provide a very exciting fight. The “RAID boss” is simply a more difficult version of the end boss, who can already create very annoying frame rate issues, ESPECIALLY when playing in a group.
And Circles of Slaughter?

Just one, very short, and only available, at least at first, as a pre-order bonus. And it wont be nearly as long or rewarding as the 3 dollar value CoS provided for BL2.

Alright, so, taking that into account, we can expect some cool DLC, right?

Again, mostly no.

The two characters are awesome and solid, but hell, Borderlands characters had BETTER be!

The Holodome js a big boring let down (but, hey, so was, to a lesser extent, Digistruct Peak from BL2). If you have a HOLOGRAPHIC ARENA that you can have look any damn way you want, be creative with it!

Now, The Claptastic Voyage IS amazing, but, still no RAID bosses, and STILL no proper Circle of Slaughter! I guess you could call the Mutator Arena at the end a customizable CoS with Shadowtrap as a RAID Boss, but, you can’t even access it until you have passed the VERY challenging end of DLC boss.

Finally, i think the whole “Australian-ness” of the game was not understood by many people.

I personally was raised on Monty Python and other British / Aussie comedies, so I LOVE the TPS accents and slang, but I could see how it could be a turn off for some people.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I love this game! Been playing since release day and still have one toon to take from 61-70, 4 to take from 50-70, and my Wilhelm to take from 21-70. Aside from 5 weeks for BL1 around New Year, it is all i have been playing since last October.

I’m just disappointed.

They had plenty of time to work on the game, and Borderlands is their flagship series!

ACM was a huge bust, Battleborn will be a let down (in my opinion) and BL3 is YEARS away, I’m sure.

And this whole “TPS incident” and associated drama (the DLC / Season pass debacle, etc) has definitely polarized their fan base and cost them many players, which will hurt ALL their future releases.

I just honestly cannot comprehend why they did not fully get behind and support this amazing, fun, beautiful little game!

The new concepts they added in were GREAT; oz kits, lasers, Cryo, the Grinder - all are excellent ideas!

Wow, this got long!


They already know the game wasn’t as popular, they have had people on the forums whining about this game since release. They will change what is necessary and not make mistakes like these again.

I hope peopke read my wall of text a bit above this post…

Broccoli said already.


Yeah, and that reason is idiocy on Gearbox’s part, as per the reasons i stated in my wall of text.

Between BL1 and BL2, they made an AMAZING game.

Why should it take TWICE or more the length of time between games (if they were to not have released TPS) to release BL3 to be just as good or a bit better than BL2?

Forget releasing TPS; wait a year longer, release BL3 for both old gen and new gen consoles, and have it be the greatest game ever.

I’d wait!

Also keep in mind that TPS was the first time they weren’t winging it. With BL1 they were doing something never done before: a Looter-Shooter. They had no idea if it was going to work, they changed everything a few months before the set release date, and they weren’t expecting it to sell well. Come BL2, they changed everything again and had no clue if the fans would accept it. They were still getting hate mail from people who pre-ordered BL1 in 2006 who were pissed that GBX got rid of the realism. They had no clue if BL2 was going to work or not, and everyone was second guessing themselves. TPS was the first time they were following a formula, and now they had to find out what makes a BL game good. That’s why they added a few things, got rid of a few things, and kept a whole lot the same. They wanted to see what makes BL good. Did they succeed? That’s up in the air. But I’m sure they learned a bit about what makes BL BL.

Nope. The tech is too far behind. They would be doing BL3 a disservice by making it for old gen.


They need to do that agian, what they want BL to be, not the fans.

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Im starting to think rhat the whole old gen / new gen thing might just be at the core of everything here.

A conundrum; release another masterpiece in late 2014 for PS3 to satisfy old fans (with the next gen consoles having been out for a year already) or release the masterpiece later, just for new gen, and have a huge chunk of the fanbase be pissed off they can’t play the new masterpiece without a steep financial investment?

Maybe the half measures presented in TPS were simply the best compromise they could come up with?

Still, given the amount of time they had, even with new gen BL3 looming distant on the horizon, they STILL could have made TPS bigger and with more to do.

It’s not as if they released TPS as a glorified add on just 6 months to a year after BL2.

It was only 6 months or so shorter than the amount of time between BL1 and BL2.

Whatever the case, they’ve certainly shot themselves in the foot now!

It was 3 years between BL1 and BL2 release dates. They started developing BL2 in 2010 and spent two years making it. They started developing TPS in late 2013/early 2014.

Well, that alone soeaks volumes.

That means that RIGHT AFTER BL1 CAME OUT, essentially, they were like “Ohhh, Borderlands 2!”

It makes me sad that within a few months of BL2 coming out they werent like “Ohhh, Borderlands 3!” despite how crazy popular BL2 very quickly became!

Think of it this way: You got an extra game out of the deal

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Still, it’s stuff I try not to think about…