The status of the warlords mod

How far is the development of the warlords mod i want to play it realy bad and can’t wait

Nobody else than @EvilleJedi could answer this question

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Stuck right now.

Basically waiting on the ‘next’ patch for two reasons

  1. there is a lot of content to move to the HWRM formats and if anything in the ship/build changes it will all have to be redone

  2. the RODOH tool destroys about 45% of the meshes right now on conversion. When the ‘patch’ comes out they need to be HODOR meshes. Ironically I used the maya3 relic tools to build the original hods so all of the hardpoints are trapped in maya .mb files and they would have to be completely redone in 3ds max since the RODOH conversion has issues. another thing to note is a lot of the ships that have issues are the iconic ones like the corellian vessels, TIEs and alphabet-wings

I am considering making a mini mod that just focuses on a few ships to get those right, but it is a lot of work rehodding and rerigging everything let alone bringing it up to better quality

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A long shot, but a trick I’ve had to use for troublesome hods: Open the old hods in CfHodEd3Tangent, resave then with it, and suddenly they go through the RODOH-HODOR pipeline smoothly. At least with the .mad copy workaround.