The strange life of a Battleborn Bot

So a while ago me and my friends were trying to get some lore challenges done and I had to finish Kleese’s Ride of the Battle Throne which is to play him on every map and I had to do the two capture maps. I had played capture once when the game first came out and it wasn’t really my favorite thing, I played on the desert map and it’s size was way too small but that’s a subject for another time. We usually like to know the map we’re playing on before we actually play it since knowing is half the battle so we stepped into a private game to see what the map was like. We filled it with bots along with the three of us and I will tell you all this now. If you haven’t played a match with the bots create a private capture game and just follow one around. The bots are kind of smart and the fact that they fill whatever role is needed on your team (unlike most players who play this game) is super nice, they pick up crystals and respond to the points being taken with some speed. Now by some speed I mean it, they don’t know how to sprint. I think my favorite thing is watching them at the very beginning of the match before the gates actually open. My ISIC walked around like he was some sort of new born child and taunted about 10 times while slowly looking up. I will say this again, play with bots once. This isn’t a “all of you are bad and need to play with bots to learn” kind of post this is just go out there and see what they do it is the funniest thing ever.


I played Incursion on Overgrowth and had my teams Isic by the center Thrall camp, staring at a shard that spawns near them and ever so incredibly slowly moving toward it, nanometer by nanometer.

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He was being stealthy. If you sneak up on shards, they’re worth more. :wink:


Pro tip of the century :0

Whenever i play with bots, my team likes to kill the Thralls in the middle camp and not secure them…It’s so annoying!