The struggle of the update

I get people are frustrated in the new patch. I’ve noticed things are rougher but it seems there are some things I’ve noticed that might make your life a bit easier.

As Moze,
Prior to the patch I had replied on my Atlas Q assault rifle for just about everything. Even on mayhem 3 I wouldn’t swap out to another damage type or weapon unless I really had to melt some armor. Shields weren’t really much of an issue and health burned down without much thought. Assault rifles seemed to be the staple of everyones builds. I wholely believe they require a damage boost while the other types of weapons seem more viable. (Except carrier)

Since the patch, I have had to dig in my bank and be more careful in what I’m picking for my builds. Now I run a COV pistol with shock damage, a sub with corrosive damage and a shotgun or a torgue assault rifle with fire damage. My last slot is saved for a launcher. I run radiation grenades as well.

I find I have to cycle for damage types, not only to survive the fights, but to save ammo. I read about how mayhem 4 is nothing but making the enemies “bullet sponges”. I truly wonder how many players actually take the time to swap damage types. I’ve also noticed enemies now have a higher output of elemental damage. I have had some shields drop that some massive annointments, and boosters. I feel like the game has ramped up, from a damage standpoint. Swapping damage types is necessary to mitigate that damage. The terror builds are still viable. Now there are more items available that create terror instead relying on the ghosts. It’s another avenue to look at for your builds.

I’m not completely happy with the update, but it makes the game a challenge. If it wasn’t a challenge, it would get pretty boring and I would move on. I have found success after getting smacked down repeatedly, pouting my way back to sanctuary and digging into my bank.

I guess what I’m getting at is, before the patch, I had become pretty laid back while playing BL3. It’s nice that they put me back on the edge of my couch and made me think about what I’m doing and dig a little deeper into the game.

I hope this post gets some good input for adjusting to the game and less about complaints. I’d love to hear some advice and tips for what you have found to help you.:blush:

Here are the guns I currently run:


If you want to have some fun, get a Pojectile Recursion (Maliwan legendary shotgun) with Fire damage, stack on the DPS skills, making sure you get Drowning in Brass and Experimental Munitions. Then go to M3 Cistern of Slaughter where you’ll wipe out the early spawns with a single trigger pull and often kill most of the Rakks without actually shooting at them. Take a Corrosive Tina’s Hippity Hopper and the armoured enemies will evaporate too. All you need after that is your favourite non-elemental bullet hose to kill the Prismatic Rakks, a Cryo Polybius (to do the cryo kills and tediore kills secondary objectives) and a solid Melee weapon (for the melee kills optional objective).

It’s a hoot ;).


I love my decaying barrage ar with mine sweeper com. Terminator shotty and westergun for close quarters. I did not notice an increase in difficulty with the update.