The stuff in the virtual (or real) box

Don’t see discussion of the actual contents of the game purchase, so here we go (merge if I missed it). Looking at the max purchase packages.

  • They are annnouncing 4 DLCs right off the bat. So we know we’re going to get lots of hours of playing right out of the chute.
  • Three cosmetic skin packs, mildly interesting.
  • Toy Box Weapon Pack sounds like a new version of the gearbox weapon set you started with if you bought a premier version of BL2
  • XP and loot drop boost mods sounds like they’re giving us the kinda useless vault hunter relic again, and including something like Moxxies Endowment (gotten from the good bad and mordecai) at the start.
  • Buttstallion stuff. A weapon skin. Something called Butt Stallion weapon trinket which is intriguing because that sounds like you can customize the appearance of guns with trinkets. And a Buttstallion grenade mod, let’s speculate on what that might do.
    In the diamond loot box ($249, yes I did preorder it cuz I’m obsessed);
  • Gold weapon skin pack that are applicable to all guns in the game, which supports my theory that gun appearance is customizable across all guns.
  • Bunch of physical stuff like maps & figurines.

I have 2 of these preordered, though I’ll probably drop the pc. I can’t wait though.

And dang it, some of the physical stuff does give more clues, like these;
Sanctuary 3 snap model So Sanctuary is getting at least a cosmetic overhaul (so “3”). Might, as some have speculated, be in full ship mode to travel to other planets.
Cloth galaxy map Galaxy implies, at least to me, that there a more than 2 other planets to go to in BL3. I could be way off on that, but you don’t make a galaxy map for 2-3 planets, do yah?

Sanctuary 3 is the actual ship. It’s your hub world between worlds.

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if you pre-order any edition from GAME in the uk then you get a free physical psycho mask that looks amazing

I think this is a uk exclusive sadly

aw man i totally want that mask. i wish i lived in uk

have you seen the Instagram post about it?