The Summer Update Feedback Thread

Rather than all of us creating a new thread when giving feedback from the latest update, I thought it’d be best we keep it all in one place, unless of course there’s one already and I missed it (in which case Mods, feel free to merge/close this thread and point me in the right direction). This way, the devs can get the info they need to actually make changes, rather than having to read mulitple threads

Anyway, here’s my feedback on the recent patch

Give Trial Players more buying options
I honestly feel like just having the option to “Fully Upgrade” is a bad deal for Trial Players. I get the feeling some of my friends would like to play the Story mode with me, but aren’t willing to pay for the whole game. I feel like giving them more buying options would be much better. For example, you could bundle the Story missions into a pack and sell it for $10, split the factions into different packs and maybe do the same with the Ops missions too.

Of course, doing each one individually would be more expensive than buying the “Full Upgrade”, but some people are okay doing that, as they may only want one small bit of the game at a time. I doubt Gearbox would do this (or 2K would allow them to), but I just the more options in this case is better.

Make Flair assigned to Gear Slots, rather than on Loot
I’m guessing the ■■■■■■■ system isn’t going to stay as it is, but I’m also one of those people that isn’t very fond of it. I think it’d be way better if you got the flair from loot boxes, then could freely assign it to any load out slot you choose, with the option to move it later. This would not only allow some creativity, but would also give a good visual cue as to how much gear someone has activated.

Open up normal PvP queues at Rank 10 for new players
I honestly think locking new players away from the rest of us until Rank 20 is a bit of a silly move, because some of those Free Trial goers may have left by then. By allowing them to get to the normal queues sooner, they can play with the rest of us and improve the wait times. Sure, they can still access the Novice queues until Rank 20, but if they wanted, they could jump straight into the normal queues early if they felt ready.

That’s all I have for now.

Everyone else. The floor is yours.


First I just gotta say I loved the update

Good stuff :

It’s free to play, no one can really argue that this was a good move at this point in the game’s life. Hopefully this will draw some new players in and they can see how much work went into this game and it’s not just a generic shooter or lane pusher.

Digging the new apparel
Digging the finishers
Digging the change to legendaries changes, both max rolls and shard cost
Digging the “founders” perks (1000 plat was nice and I just spent all 70K credits I had on packs previously so the 50K was great)

I dont think ANYONE was expecting the above so that was a very pleasant surprise <3

Montana - feeling a bit better since he heats up a bit faster. I dont see as much of an impact from the weatherman nerf as I thought I would so that’s fine.

Bea’s feels a lot better and feels like she is more of a supporter now rather than a heavy disruptor/attacker

Buff to Atti is great, he feels like he can sustain himself a bit longer right out of the gate

There is alot more general stuff such as no NPC crit hits and general enhancements that were great

Bad stuff :

Calling it a “Trial” makes it sound like a limited time offer and would deter me from downloading. Should have called it Free to Play with upgrade capabilities

Flair is tied to gear instead of having its own activation slots. I think everyone agrees this should be changed. I’d like to have a crown but not at the cost of worse gear or wasting who knows how much platinum until I find something up to par with what I have already.

I wish the finishers were everlasting but just hard to find, not unlike legendary gear in a way

General Bots Play - Bot enemies seem broken beyond belief at the moment.

  • they run away faster than KU’s ult
  • I’ve had on two seperate occasions, a Gali and a Bolder just stand in front of me. They werent shielding or anything. Gali on Paradise and Bodler on Outback so it wasnt the game mode, it was just the AI. I literally just flicked Gali to death as Montana
  • Isic’s wards stay after Bot Isic dies

Incursion - Sentry’s dont feel much smarter or any more powerful. I was able to strafe it as Ambra for quite a while with no damage taken. I was in Bots so maybe we had minions there that it was focusing, idk.

Bolder is a walking cheat still :confused:

Final Thoughts :

The game just went F2P and will be drawing new players in. The flair and balances were nice for veteran players but right now I wouldnt be mad if GBX would focus on improving quality of life for new player. Those who have stuck around this long arent going anywhere (unless El Dragon gets nerfed hard again), we’re rooting for BB to succeed and for new players to stick around.


The base game can be had for $10 on Amazon. Could they have an option to buy just the base game for that price through the free trial? Then if still interested they could get the season pass for the ops and additional characters. Base game should still give access to the original 8 missions right? Could play with friends and grind for gear. I guess gearbox wants to push the full game and normally I’d say after 1 year it should include all dlc but bb is a special case

My final thought is that it isn’t summer until the 21st of June… :smirk:


The good
Free to play, various cosmetics, some balance changes, ai changes

The bad
Blanket buffs for attackers and defenders while supports got nothing (how anyone could think that was balanced is beyond me), Alani wellspring nerf was heavy handed, Ambra damage amp nerf

Some additional feedback from me. I’m honestly starting to think the WHOLE thing should’ve been free. I really enjoy playing Story mode, but with so few people actually playing that part of the game, it’s kinda sad. I know they will probably be shifting focus away from that area because of the Trial, but I would just like to see more people playing it.

Also, this game is in SERIOUS need of optimisation. A friend of mine was having to set his resolution to 640x480 to get it to run properly, and he can run Overwatch at a MUCH higher resolution (okay, he’s running a laptop with an Intel HD chip, but that does say a lot when you think about it). Not to mention I’ve heard a lot of people in Steam reviews complaining about the download size.

At this point in time, I would honestly say, work on getting more people in and getting the game running better, rather than throwing more ■■■■■■■ at it and hoping for the best.

Also, I think full on F2P would be better in the long run. GearBox will just have to get the artists working on some new skins and maybe get the design team on working on some more heroes.

What say you, @Jythri ?


In the OP’s defence, temperatures do hit 30 degrees clecius here. Might aswel consider it summer already. lol

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Good thoughts. I personally agree with you on wanting to go full F2P. It’s not something the development team at Gearbox is in control of, though. So…keep your voice out there and asking for it. A lot of the correct people are watching this discussion, and hopefully, we can continue to remove barriers to entry to Battleborn.

I’d love to get his specs. With the Winter Update in January, we moved to 60FPS on consoles and the PC got a major boost across the board, putting it in a very good playable rate for competitive play, even if it’s not the most optimized game you’ll find. I believe most of the issues we have are on specific hardware now. When we get specific reports with actual specs, we can try and troubleshoot those problems.


You got a tough job bud
Thank again for all you and your team do

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I was just clowning around; it’s been in the eighties damn near all week here in Chicago as well. I don’t know what that is in Celsius, because i think i was too busy being stupid in highschool to retain that knowedge.

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About 85°

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My thoughts is that the Update was “good” for what it did, but not good enough to get people overly hype about anything. Veterans got almost nothing new and exciting, although the promise of new and exciting things in the future is what we seem to thrive/survive on, so there’s that.

Then when thinking about Battleborn all I’m interested in is pure unadulterated numbers; “How many players are playing?”

I don’t think the ■■■■■■■ “Free Trial” is at a point where it’ll RETAIN a lot of players, a bunch will stay, but not all or many. The game lacks something that will keep the players coming back for more…


This means ELO-based match-making and RANK PROGRESSION. I have come to accepting that Battleborn won’t do well as a game unless it implements a Ranked Game Queue with ELO/Skill based matchmaking.

People want to come back to a game in order to STRIVE towards something, in F2P games that translates to Progressing in Rank and having Challenging and COMPETITIVE games against players within their skill group. Until Battleborn delivers this VERY crucial element, it won’t be more than a game people play when they have nothing else to do.

I also hope that the SERVERS are being constantly monitored to see if they’re handling the traffic of people properly and efficiently. Nothing sends people to “uninstall” a game faster than an unplayable game due to catastrophic lag and other related server issues. You want more people? Make sure your Servers can handle them comfortably.

Disclaimer: I didn’t reread or edit most of what I’ve written. I take 0 responsibility for any misspellings, grammar issues, and/or erroneous opinions expressed by me.


Thank you for the very quick reply Randy. It’s always nice to know that the devs are listening and willing to reply.

I’ll try and get my friend’s Laptop specs to you when I can. I know he’s running something with an Intel HD graphics chip in it, but I’ve got no clue on the rest of it.

Also, forgot to add this in my last post, would it be possible for us to get individual game mode queues back at some point? I know we probably won’t see that till the player numbers go up, but I’m forever hopeful :wink:

Anything is possible, of course. And as you see, we’re listening and watching the queues to try and give the best experience possible. What my biggest hope is with increased stable population is that we can justify a true re-work to matchmaking, from the ground up. At that point, I would probably move us towards a system that allowed for “preferential” queueing (ala Rocket League), so you could queue and find only the things you had personal interest in.

Our ■■■■■■■ goal, though, is to not get over-ambitious with the population increase. Long queue times are really bad for our game, and I think the inconvenice of occasionally playing a game mode that isn’t your most favorite is the lesser of two evils here. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a one-mode guy, myself (Meltdown: Classic, if I have to be completely honest), but I’ve enjoyed some great Capture and Face-Off games with the mixed queue.

Again - anything is possible, but I really want to see how new players respond to the mixed queues before we change course.



The bad:

  • MASSIVE lagging [fixed]
  • Minions not fighting each other [fixed]
  • Kelvin’s sublimate sometimes does massive damage (over 2K)
  • Shane & Aurox’s fetch is broken because it doesn’t always fetch
  • Alani’s 3 stack Wellspring nerf is too harsh. Please dial it back up a bit.

The good:

  • The game feels smoother
  • The nerf to Orendi’s ult is fantastic. Its use now requires skill.
  • The new Galilea is great. This is where she should have been at launch. I’m not saying she is perfect but she is finally at a good baseline w/ a well defined role.
  • The nerfs to Beatrix is great
  • The trial version and its on-boarding for new player system is great. But, I think CR20 may be too low a number to let them into the general population, at least on PC. As someone who has been playing w/ and against these new people I’m ■■■■■■■■■ that CR20 is not enough.

The fantastic:

  • Being able to click through the 2K logo/splash screen on PC!

Thank you and your team for all the hard work and grace (especially on your part because you were really the only one engaging w/ us in a meaningful way to keep us in the loop about what was happening) w/ which y’all weathered the MASSIVE amounts of hate that was sent y’all way on these here forums during the development and certification of the update.


Thanks @studdugie

I agree with Kelvin. He’s a wrecking ball right now. Probably not just sublimate, but there are some gear builds with him that are probably more effective than needed.

We’ll look at Fetch. Might need a tweak.

I’m hearing a lot of cries for Alami. We’ll certainly be discussing it over the next week.


Bring us back to the good old CTT day Randy!


Fair and true points on everything else

We all need to be focused on what’s best for the future and the community not just the now and the individual

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Will supports be getting a blanket buff like the attackers and defenders?

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May I ask if the balance team is done with Mell for now? When her venom was made effectively non-damaging in the Winter Update, we were told that this was the prelude to a major rework (one that couldn’t be done via hotfix), so it was a surprise to see that no patch-delivered changes arrived for her. This is especially surprising as she was on the recent shortlist of characters who could expect changes in this patch, and given that she has several helixes that have become irrelevant or barely-functional under the new venom paradigm (Frag Canister, Contagion, the double duration canisters, etc - all clearly designed around the previous damaging concept for venom, although granted these were also undesirable options before)

Also, I realize I’m probably the most predictable poster in town (red bar, Mellka, red bar, Mellka), but I do admire the hard work that’s gone into all aspects of the game - it can’t be easy being the captain of this particular ship. Much respect.


I agree. I remember seeing Galilea and Mellka as the two prime targets of the patch. What they did with Gali was amazing, but Mellka? What happened?