The Summer Update Feedback Thread

You got a tough job bud
Thank again for all you and your team do

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I was just clowning around; it’s been in the eighties damn near all week here in Chicago as well. I don’t know what that is in Celsius, because i think i was too busy being stupid in highschool to retain that knowedge.

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About 85°

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My thoughts is that the Update was “good” for what it did, but not good enough to get people overly hype about anything. Veterans got almost nothing new and exciting, although the promise of new and exciting things in the future is what we seem to thrive/survive on, so there’s that.

Then when thinking about Battleborn all I’m interested in is pure unadulterated numbers; “How many players are playing?”

I don’t think the ■■■■■■■ “Free Trial” is at a point where it’ll RETAIN a lot of players, a bunch will stay, but not all or many. The game lacks something that will keep the players coming back for more…


This means ELO-based match-making and RANK PROGRESSION. I have come to accepting that Battleborn won’t do well as a game unless it implements a Ranked Game Queue with ELO/Skill based matchmaking.

People want to come back to a game in order to STRIVE towards something, in F2P games that translates to Progressing in Rank and having Challenging and COMPETITIVE games against players within their skill group. Until Battleborn delivers this VERY crucial element, it won’t be more than a game people play when they have nothing else to do.

I also hope that the SERVERS are being constantly monitored to see if they’re handling the traffic of people properly and efficiently. Nothing sends people to “uninstall” a game faster than an unplayable game due to catastrophic lag and other related server issues. You want more people? Make sure your Servers can handle them comfortably.

Disclaimer: I didn’t reread or edit most of what I’ve written. I take 0 responsibility for any misspellings, grammar issues, and/or erroneous opinions expressed by me.


Thank you for the very quick reply Randy. It’s always nice to know that the devs are listening and willing to reply.

I’ll try and get my friend’s Laptop specs to you when I can. I know he’s running something with an Intel HD graphics chip in it, but I’ve got no clue on the rest of it.

Also, forgot to add this in my last post, would it be possible for us to get individual game mode queues back at some point? I know we probably won’t see that till the player numbers go up, but I’m forever hopeful :wink:

Anything is possible, of course. And as you see, we’re listening and watching the queues to try and give the best experience possible. What my biggest hope is with increased stable population is that we can justify a true re-work to matchmaking, from the ground up. At that point, I would probably move us towards a system that allowed for “preferential” queueing (ala Rocket League), so you could queue and find only the things you had personal interest in.

Our ■■■■■■■ goal, though, is to not get over-ambitious with the population increase. Long queue times are really bad for our game, and I think the inconvenice of occasionally playing a game mode that isn’t your most favorite is the lesser of two evils here. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a one-mode guy, myself (Meltdown: Classic, if I have to be completely honest), but I’ve enjoyed some great Capture and Face-Off games with the mixed queue.

Again - anything is possible, but I really want to see how new players respond to the mixed queues before we change course.



The bad:

  • MASSIVE lagging [fixed]
  • Minions not fighting each other [fixed]
  • Kelvin’s sublimate sometimes does massive damage (over 2K)
  • Shane & Aurox’s fetch is broken because it doesn’t always fetch
  • Alani’s 3 stack Wellspring nerf is too harsh. Please dial it back up a bit.

The good:

  • The game feels smoother
  • The nerf to Orendi’s ult is fantastic. Its use now requires skill.
  • The new Galilea is great. This is where she should have been at launch. I’m not saying she is perfect but she is finally at a good baseline w/ a well defined role.
  • The nerfs to Beatrix is great
  • The trial version and its on-boarding for new player system is great. But, I think CR20 may be too low a number to let them into the general population, at least on PC. As someone who has been playing w/ and against these new people I’m ■■■■■■■■■ that CR20 is not enough.

The fantastic:

  • Being able to click through the 2K logo/splash screen on PC!

Thank you and your team for all the hard work and grace (especially on your part because you were really the only one engaging w/ us in a meaningful way to keep us in the loop about what was happening) w/ which y’all weathered the MASSIVE amounts of hate that was sent y’all way on these here forums during the development and certification of the update.


Thanks @studdugie

I agree with Kelvin. He’s a wrecking ball right now. Probably not just sublimate, but there are some gear builds with him that are probably more effective than needed.

We’ll look at Fetch. Might need a tweak.

I’m hearing a lot of cries for Alami. We’ll certainly be discussing it over the next week.


Bring us back to the good old CTT day Randy!


Fair and true points on everything else

We all need to be focused on what’s best for the future and the community not just the now and the individual

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Will supports be getting a blanket buff like the attackers and defenders?

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May I ask if the balance team is done with Mell for now? When her venom was made effectively non-damaging in the Winter Update, we were told that this was the prelude to a major rework (one that couldn’t be done via hotfix), so it was a surprise to see that no patch-delivered changes arrived for her. This is especially surprising as she was on the recent shortlist of characters who could expect changes in this patch, and given that she has several helixes that have become irrelevant or barely-functional under the new venom paradigm (Frag Canister, Contagion, the double duration canisters, etc - all clearly designed around the previous damaging concept for venom, although granted these were also undesirable options before)

Also, I realize I’m probably the most predictable poster in town (red bar, Mellka, red bar, Mellka), but I do admire the hard work that’s gone into all aspects of the game - it can’t be easy being the captain of this particular ship. Much respect.


I agree. I remember seeing Galilea and Mellka as the two prime targets of the patch. What they did with Gali was amazing, but Mellka? What happened?


Haven’t played the update yet, still downloading the patch. My bandwidth caps reset at midnight so I’ve got a Battleborny weekend ahead of me.

I’m going to continue EdenSophia’s pattern of being ridiculously predictable in my posting. (Split-screen, lore, split screen ops, lore)


Are there any plans to improve the split-screen experience? It is rarely, if ever mentioned, so I would love to know from the source if I should stop daydreaming.
Notable issues:

  1. The splitscreen layout itself. Nobody likes it. It needs heavy reworking or at least the option to play vertical split.
  2. Split-screen players needing to buy two copies of each ops to play. $20 USD for season pass is an amazing deal even after exchange (CAD). $40 hurts.

I will likewise cap this by saying you guys are amazing and I admire everything you have been putting into this, even when sentiment has been against you.


Please, please don’t just give her back some Wellspring heal power. In my opinion, you’d just be feeding back into the Defender + Alani cheese, and that’s already working just fine. I’ve been hacked up by Boldur + Alani since the patch, which was just about as bad as the new Attikus + Alani. Wellspring + Leap = Attikus Escape Pod, which he tends to deploy after murdering two enemy players in under 5 seconds.

I’d be in favor of a minor buff somewhere else – give her a little more HP, or give her a little extra healing received, something that benefits her survivability, not that of her charge.

@EdenSophia: I don’t play Mellka, but I want to see her change too. All the Mellka players I’ve seen on PC just play the same boring loop – dive, harass with pistol, dump Ult, while holding the other two skills in reserve so they can fly away when HP gets low. They rarely get any traction, and I think that has a lot to do with what you’re talking about… too many pointless Helix options, leaving no room for diverse play.

Then again, they’ve left “Divebomb” and “Multiloader” in Benedict’s Helix. Divebomb is practically pointless, and Multiloader is nigh-dysfunctional, and that still sticks in my craw. I just hope this quasi-F2P thing brings enough money and interest back into the game to see Mellka overhauled. I mean, she is the first character new players use, right?

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Fixed that for you


I doubt we are done with Mellka, but there aren’t any immediate changes planned for her. Right now, our priority is to watch how the entire meta settles out with the changes, and prioritize character changes and updates from there.

  • Melees are now having an easier time diving sentries, not harder.
  • Sentries are targeting players through walls and shooting at the wall
  • the 15% DR from non-players on defenders seems a little heavy handed in combination with a lot of the buffs we’ve seen on melees
  • I would like to recommend some sort of anti melee shove attack to get melee’s off of sentries as they can currently tank the sentries, turrets and minions quite effectively, and without substantial hard cc, they will have an easy time taking down the sentry
  • I think the ■■■■■■■ situation could be remedied with the introduction of % health damage on some assassins to really cut away at high health tanks. This would also help separate “fighters” from “assassins”
  • minions/thralls start walking past sentries sometimes
  • Ghalt’s Hook and Shayne’s Fetch are getting caught on invisible spots preventing players from getting pulled to them. I can supply some footage of this from my stream if that would help
  • flair shows up on invisible characters
  • With the increase in platinum costs, a daily challenge adjustment would be nice
  • I think some sort of default gear loadout players can pick could help show players what kind of items they should use on a character. It could just be 3 unflawed commons.
  • 15% Reduced build cost on supports to match the attacker and defender buffs?

EDIT: @Jythri Do entities created by players (owls, rifts, sunspots, scraptraps) ■■■■■ as non-player sources of damage? Do attackers do 15% more damage to these while defenders take 15% less or are those objects considered part of the player?


As a note, a couple of the major Benedict mains on ps4 swear by divebomb since it gives him lateral mobility.

  • Yep, the changes to the sentry targeting seem to have made things worse
  • Does the 15% DR for defenders apply to dmg from sentries, too? Boldur and Kelvin :frowning:
  • Minions/thralls will sometimes go to the 2nd sentry now when the first sentry is still up. This happened to me twice in private 1v1’s with bots filling other 8 spots. Two thralls, a fat bot, and 2 waves of minions all pounding on the second sentry (no dmg obviously) while I was having trouble making a dent in the first (no wonder). I don’t know if this is a new behavior bug for the minions, or it is just showing up because the first sentry isn’t targeting them properly (which would aggro them). Either way, this is pretty bad. Probably won’t happen as much against real players that would target them before they got past the 1st sentry, but could still happen.
  • 1st sentry health meter now is full after first sentry goes down (maybe only when 2nd sentry takes dmg?)
  • Selecting a non-default taunt will reset back to default if you leave the taunt selection tab (or something like this)
  • Bots seem a bit more stupid than before? Can’t tell for sure, since they always seem a little randomly stupid.
  • New Kid Ultra bot was trash the only time I picked him for my team. Walked back and forth in the 1st sentry area doing absolutely nothing (almost?) the entire game. 0 healing, 1k damage. Pendles seems ok. Beatrix not very good.
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Oh I just saw this post when I’m about to get out to somewhere. Ok.
So here are my most wanted list,for now.

-While choosing loadout,it should be able to tell you about gear data when hovering mouse to the item. Not everyone (well,I’m the one though) can remember about what this “sword” and “bottle” thing can do,and let alone the Legendary effects too.

-It should have the way to sorting the gears. Like,which one can give me the reload boost,which one can enhance my attack damage,etc. Or at least sort by gear type like “Sword”,shard generator,“boots”,etc. Viewing for each item is ok but it could be better if something makes me able to look at them much faster,ha ha.

-Speaking about character rotation,it could be nice to put some details like which characters are in free rotation now (in-game details).

-Maybe some tips for character specifics while waiting for the match to begin? Like,Deande and Mellka’s hidden quick melee skills (air kick and sliding) or Rath’s right click attack to reduce shield faster. Not everyone knows the existence of Reddit. [I know Reddit first time from something that is completely unrelated to games.] [PS Why not try to do something like an in-game button linking to the Reddit’s unofficial wiki. I don’t know what to say as I’m not good at complex computer things like servers,algebra or sort, but it’s like Total war Shogun 2’s. Yes,I played that game too]
Think about it like Borderland’s loading screen tips but on choosing character screen instead (or while waiting for respawn). I think as of now the information of BB’s characters are nothing but just skills alone (like I just discovered that Benedict can’t gliding while using his Hawkeye). Does not need to explain every single thing,just something that could change the way the player plays especially Mellka’s indefinite sliding and or unique gameplay mechanic such as Galilea’s corruption.

-It should have confirm button when playing alone (OPs,story,bot battle,etc.) since once you confirm to select the character, you can’t cancel it after the time passed. And I think it’s not really a good reason to wait for another 30 seconds for the game to start. I think once you choose character,gear loadout,skins,and taunt,it could have some ways to skip the wait time.
-Maybe some in-game word glossary wiki should be good too,for beginner friendly. Such as damage reduction,recoil reduction,etc. for both positive and negative. It should not be voiced by Nova to save the voice actress cost.
-Oh and maybe some marketing in Asia especially in Southeast Asia should be nice too. +Adding Asian server could be nice…[just say what I thought though so I hope that’s ok].

I hope this feedback help!