The Summer Update Feedback Thread

Haven’t played the update yet, still downloading the patch. My bandwidth caps reset at midnight so I’ve got a Battleborny weekend ahead of me.

I’m going to continue EdenSophia’s pattern of being ridiculously predictable in my posting. (Split-screen, lore, split screen ops, lore)


Are there any plans to improve the split-screen experience? It is rarely, if ever mentioned, so I would love to know from the source if I should stop daydreaming.
Notable issues:

  1. The splitscreen layout itself. Nobody likes it. It needs heavy reworking or at least the option to play vertical split.
  2. Split-screen players needing to buy two copies of each ops to play. $20 USD for season pass is an amazing deal even after exchange (CAD). $40 hurts.

I will likewise cap this by saying you guys are amazing and I admire everything you have been putting into this, even when sentiment has been against you.


Please, please don’t just give her back some Wellspring heal power. In my opinion, you’d just be feeding back into the Defender + Alani cheese, and that’s already working just fine. I’ve been hacked up by Boldur + Alani since the patch, which was just about as bad as the new Attikus + Alani. Wellspring + Leap = Attikus Escape Pod, which he tends to deploy after murdering two enemy players in under 5 seconds.

I’d be in favor of a minor buff somewhere else – give her a little more HP, or give her a little extra healing received, something that benefits her survivability, not that of her charge.

@EdenSophia: I don’t play Mellka, but I want to see her change too. All the Mellka players I’ve seen on PC just play the same boring loop – dive, harass with pistol, dump Ult, while holding the other two skills in reserve so they can fly away when HP gets low. They rarely get any traction, and I think that has a lot to do with what you’re talking about… too many pointless Helix options, leaving no room for diverse play.

Then again, they’ve left “Divebomb” and “Multiloader” in Benedict’s Helix. Divebomb is practically pointless, and Multiloader is nigh-dysfunctional, and that still sticks in my craw. I just hope this quasi-F2P thing brings enough money and interest back into the game to see Mellka overhauled. I mean, she is the first character new players use, right?

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Fixed that for you


I doubt we are done with Mellka, but there aren’t any immediate changes planned for her. Right now, our priority is to watch how the entire meta settles out with the changes, and prioritize character changes and updates from there.

  • Melees are now having an easier time diving sentries, not harder.
  • Sentries are targeting players through walls and shooting at the wall
  • the 15% DR from non-players on defenders seems a little heavy handed in combination with a lot of the buffs we’ve seen on melees
  • I would like to recommend some sort of anti melee shove attack to get melee’s off of sentries as they can currently tank the sentries, turrets and minions quite effectively, and without substantial hard cc, they will have an easy time taking down the sentry
  • I think the ■■■■■■■ situation could be remedied with the introduction of % health damage on some assassins to really cut away at high health tanks. This would also help separate “fighters” from “assassins”
  • minions/thralls start walking past sentries sometimes
  • Ghalt’s Hook and Shayne’s Fetch are getting caught on invisible spots preventing players from getting pulled to them. I can supply some footage of this from my stream if that would help
  • flair shows up on invisible characters
  • With the increase in platinum costs, a daily challenge adjustment would be nice
  • I think some sort of default gear loadout players can pick could help show players what kind of items they should use on a character. It could just be 3 unflawed commons.
  • 15% Reduced build cost on supports to match the attacker and defender buffs?

EDIT: @Jythri Do entities created by players (owls, rifts, sunspots, scraptraps) ■■■■■ as non-player sources of damage? Do attackers do 15% more damage to these while defenders take 15% less or are those objects considered part of the player?


As a note, a couple of the major Benedict mains on ps4 swear by divebomb since it gives him lateral mobility.

  • Yep, the changes to the sentry targeting seem to have made things worse
  • Does the 15% DR for defenders apply to dmg from sentries, too? Boldur and Kelvin :frowning:
  • Minions/thralls will sometimes go to the 2nd sentry now when the first sentry is still up. This happened to me twice in private 1v1’s with bots filling other 8 spots. Two thralls, a fat bot, and 2 waves of minions all pounding on the second sentry (no dmg obviously) while I was having trouble making a dent in the first (no wonder). I don’t know if this is a new behavior bug for the minions, or it is just showing up because the first sentry isn’t targeting them properly (which would aggro them). Either way, this is pretty bad. Probably won’t happen as much against real players that would target them before they got past the 1st sentry, but could still happen.
  • 1st sentry health meter now is full after first sentry goes down (maybe only when 2nd sentry takes dmg?)
  • Selecting a non-default taunt will reset back to default if you leave the taunt selection tab (or something like this)
  • Bots seem a bit more stupid than before? Can’t tell for sure, since they always seem a little randomly stupid.
  • New Kid Ultra bot was trash the only time I picked him for my team. Walked back and forth in the 1st sentry area doing absolutely nothing (almost?) the entire game. 0 healing, 1k damage. Pendles seems ok. Beatrix not very good.
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Oh I just saw this post when I’m about to get out to somewhere. Ok.
So here are my most wanted list,for now.

-While choosing loadout,it should be able to tell you about gear data when hovering mouse to the item. Not everyone (well,I’m the one though) can remember about what this “sword” and “bottle” thing can do,and let alone the Legendary effects too.

-It should have the way to sorting the gears. Like,which one can give me the reload boost,which one can enhance my attack damage,etc. Or at least sort by gear type like “Sword”,shard generator,“boots”,etc. Viewing for each item is ok but it could be better if something makes me able to look at them much faster,ha ha.

-Speaking about character rotation,it could be nice to put some details like which characters are in free rotation now (in-game details).

-Maybe some tips for character specifics while waiting for the match to begin? Like,Deande and Mellka’s hidden quick melee skills (air kick and sliding) or Rath’s right click attack to reduce shield faster. Not everyone knows the existence of Reddit. [I know Reddit first time from something that is completely unrelated to games.] [PS Why not try to do something like an in-game button linking to the Reddit’s unofficial wiki. I don’t know what to say as I’m not good at complex computer things like servers,algebra or sort, but it’s like Total war Shogun 2’s. Yes,I played that game too]
Think about it like Borderland’s loading screen tips but on choosing character screen instead (or while waiting for respawn). I think as of now the information of BB’s characters are nothing but just skills alone (like I just discovered that Benedict can’t gliding while using his Hawkeye). Does not need to explain every single thing,just something that could change the way the player plays especially Mellka’s indefinite sliding and or unique gameplay mechanic such as Galilea’s corruption.

-It should have confirm button when playing alone (OPs,story,bot battle,etc.) since once you confirm to select the character, you can’t cancel it after the time passed. And I think it’s not really a good reason to wait for another 30 seconds for the game to start. I think once you choose character,gear loadout,skins,and taunt,it could have some ways to skip the wait time.
-Maybe some in-game word glossary wiki should be good too,for beginner friendly. Such as damage reduction,recoil reduction,etc. for both positive and negative. It should not be voiced by Nova to save the voice actress cost.
-Oh and maybe some marketing in Asia especially in Southeast Asia should be nice too. +Adding Asian server could be nice…[just say what I thought though so I hope that’s ok].

I hope this feedback help!

Gotta show off that flair! :sunglasses:

I think flair is a surprise cosmetic feature that no one realized they wanted (which is something Gearbox is great at doing). There are a couple of standout ones too and going by what I’ve seen of the data on them. They should be something that they can add new ones without a huge time investment like with designing new skins, the only real bottleneck being that they have to set their location on all 30 characters per item.

It will be interesting to see what other ones they come up with and also whether they add more ways to set them. You could maybe add a UI option on your gear page where you can preview the flair models and also apply your desired flair to a piece of gear with platinum. Or at the very least add a way to reroll which one you get since you have a like 1/30 chance of getting the specific variant you want.

As I’ve mentioned in places and on social media, you could also add a new flair type called “Masks” where you could start feeding in other GBX IP such as Borderlands ones like Handsome Jack’s mask, a Psycho’s Mask, Nisha’s hat. There are fans of both series that would really love a bit of crossover between the games and these flairs seem like a good way to do that without a huge time/money investment.

Some other requests I’ve seen including Attikus’ Fedora, and I want a Fez like the one seen in on Marquis on one of the Career Titles!

It’s super refreshing to have a sudden wash of new life into the game, I just hope it continues to rise to a point where the game can exist without all the doom and gloom when the developers put their heads down to work on more updates!

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Divebomb is the lesser of the two evils, but if it’s only getting real use as a mobility skill, then they should turn it into a pure mobility skill. Ditch the damage and knockback, have it activate faster, drop him faster, and recover faster when he hits the ground. Make it more like Burst Propulsion, only with a built-in downward push. Maybe even remove the two-step aiming element.

In the same spirit, it would be nice if it buffed his quick melee during the dive, so I could claw people in the head. That + Liftoff damage would be an interesting way to burst damage, and it might actually have applications in PvE.

Still, I haven’t used it since they patched the Divebomb bug, so I’ll give it a try. Maybe it changes his hitboxes enough during the dive that it makes him less vulnerable when heading to the ground. Still, it will be hard to give up Tailwind. On PC, you can turn pretty hard in the air with a mouse, faster than max sensitivity on a gamepad, and Tailwind only enhances those jukes. Gamepad limitations might be a factor why Divebomb is preferred on console.

Then again, it’s not like PC is the, shall we say, preferred platform for Battleborn. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dive bomb tip: you can cancel the recovery animation if you jump at the right time (I think it’s right after you land). You can also use your skills to cancel the animation. Preferably lift off but hawkeye if necessary.

@Garrus_Sniper can tell you more.


Shall I shout Divebomb’s praise to the heavens?

Didn’t show up for my Oscar Mike.

Sure, @Qmzn would probably learn more about it from you than me.

What happens if I prefer flight speed?

Divebomb’s landing animation can be canceled with a double jump from anywhere aproximately 1-1.5 seconds after using the divebomb to right before he hits the ground. The former is usually a mistake as it cancels the lengthy dive of divebomb too early (which can result in it being ineffective or the Benedict in question dying as he canceled his escape very early). The opportune time is right before hitting the ground, it cancels the animation and allows you to straighten yourself out and continue to move. I prefer this to be an escape only move, very rarely putting it to use offensively, unless a crucial kill on an out of place healer/squishy is needed during a key push. Doing this technique allows you to aim better than you would if you just used Hawkeye to cancel it, the double jump also gives you a little more flotation to land said Hawkeye on an enemy as Benedict has a lot of superiority on opponents that he has leverage on.


Nothing, Marquis and Thorns usually shoot you a lot, but that’s usually not an issue I have as I Divebomb for life

The good: Almost everything, feels really good to play again.

The Bad: What everyone has been saying, and the Lack of a Mellka Rework that was said to be coming from 4 months ago.

The really Bad: Um, the jealosy that us console players can’t swap through the log in screen. Make it happen @Jythri!

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Alright, just checking to make sure I wouldn’t get burned at the stake or something.

Realized yesterday when I played split screen that on the menu the second player can’t insert SHIFT-codes. Before the update it was always possible and when there were new codes I would add them for both. Now I have to log out with the 1st player and log in with 2nd in order to insert the SHIFT-key. I know, small thing but super annoying :slight_smile:

PS: great work with the update! Looking forward for fresh players!