What do people think about this?


lol good stuff. However Super Scout as a bug has already been trademarked and fixed last century. Maybe you can coin Nitro Scout?

Sigh You had to tell me that AFTER I made the video and artwork didn’t you? :unamused:

Lol I wouldn’t worry about it. Probably < 5% of the whole HW player base ever knew what super scouts were. It was patched in like 1.2 or something like that.

Have you tried transfering the scout back to another player and having them boost again, see if it continues to increase the base speed? Or just boosting on top of the existing boost?

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good find peg.

If either player attempts another speed boost the scout returns back to the speed with only Vaygr upgrades applied (600) once the boost runs out.

Interestingly when recreating this issue with a group of scouts, only some appear to retain the ‘Super’ status of 780.

  1. Have a Vaygr ally fully upgrade fighter engines

  2. Take 5 scouts and pass them onto the Vaygr ally whilst they are speed boosting.

  3. Have the Vaygr player pass them back to you and wait for the boost to expire.

Result: a few ships will retain a speed of 780.

I’ve tried to identify the cause of this but the number of ships affected seems to be random. Bizarre. :neutral_face:

Sounds like boost expiration might be bugged. It also may not be upgrade-related, try passing a boosted scout to Hiig and see if the speed gets ‘stuck’ without upgrades.

This sounds like a completely legitimate strategy. joke. Ship transfer has a ridiculous number of issues, nice find P3G4SU5. Probably affects anything with active abilities and transfer.

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Keep it up, you’re gonna make a fine troll on these forums. The one everyone ignores all the time.

I’m not sure who it would be best to direct this to so I’ll leave it in your capable hands. :wink:

After a lot of testing with @momoguru I believe we’ve narrowed down the cause for the speed to be kept at boost level.

When a HW1 scout is given a movement order with abrupt change in direction (90deg or more) the speed boost bar begins to recharge before it has fully depleted, leaving the scout in the boosted state.

We believe it may have something to do with the ship getting confused by the negative values of newly assigned movement coordinates, and this is causing the boost to begin recharging prematurely.

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yes, it took us awhile to narrow it down. but what we think is happening in the code, is this.

the scout is moving to a xyz vector. the speed boost is activated and the speed jumps from 400 to 520. then if you give the scout a 90 degree or more move order, the scout speed in relation to its position changes so drastically, that for a split second, the scout is moving in reverse. the engine thinks the scout has stopped and decided to turn off the speed boost, and begin recharging it. but the scout didn’t really stop moving, it just went backwards or sideways fast enough to drop it’s forward movement below 0, (like sliding does). the condition that checks to see if the speed boost has run out, never returns true, so the speed modifier remains. is it possible that there are 2 separate condition checks that handle this? one for the recharge that is based on a value of its forward movement on the 3d vector, and one that is based on the actually value of speed boost timer. this makes sense since the speed does not go back to 400 since the recharge bar never depletes.