The -superturbo flag is superuseful for testing

Today I started tinkering on some balance testing tools for sorting out some fulcrum design questions and I remebered Mikali’s Play Balancing Mod and looked into it. It doesn’t look like it quite would get me the data I want, but it did remind me about the -superturbo flag.

This is my prototype testing level, recorded and played back at real time, with the -superturbo flag going. It appears I get about 64x speed on desktop. I’ve also compared the testing data output from non-turbo and turboed runs and it appears to be consistent. If you can automate your tests, you can get a lot of good data in a hurry this way! Hooray iteration!


This is certainly grounds enough for conspiracy theories about Cataclysm Remastered. “Reasonable” doubt rekindled!

Aesthetically, that video reminded me of watching microbiology.

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I am finding that certain of our ships run much slower in this mode than others, probably owing to being more complex ships such as having turrets or weapons that check line of sight, or spawning missiles and such. Still significant speed involved, just not an hour per minute levels of speed.

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It does seem like that kind of stuff could put an exponential tax on the vector/accuracy math gobbledygook. Many, many more tasks per second.

Instead of -superturbo, just use the turbo commands to speed up/slow down the game at will.

See this post, the turbo commands work on the public HWR builds:


The flag lets me fire it up and, combined with mission launching flags, start up the full-speed testing without any inputs besides launching a shortcut. Which is pretty handy for iterative testing.

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