The Surrender button Again

I frequently see more surrender in a match i cant finish my challenges or get my normal xp and credit in a match because they surrender in 2 minutes i really want them to remove the surrender button for a time.


Bot battle is the remedy to your pve achievements, lore and rewards in a pv(e vs b?) territory.


I am starting to agree that PvE players should be able to do all lore solely in PvE. As a mosty PvP player, its annoying to have people on your team who arent actually playing the game, but just doing their own thing while we battle 4 or 3 vs 5. And they wonder why we vote to surrender?

Do people who are lore hunting realize how rude they are being to their teammates? Maybe not given how many forum posts I see complaining about surrenders. As long as lore hunters need PvP, there needs to be a surrender option so actual PvP players can move on to the next, hopefully real match.


Exactly! It’s why I detest how pve accomplishments are tied to a pvp environment.

Most of the complains towards surrender and/or players that leave derive from pve players trying to complete their lore, achievement or get more credits. They are not there primarily for the enjoyment of a good pvp match.

I think that goes a tad bit off-topic, but I see what you mean.
Though I don´t think PvE-player have a common opinion on surrender as you decribed, I guess many players have problem with the concept of surrender/surrendering.

PvP is a simulation of war.

What is a war? Formost 2 parties in a struggle, with basically 3 possibilities how the situation can end:

  1. Victory
  2. Defeat
  3. Surrender

These are the 3 most basic consequences for side A & B.

Now if we give it a thought, most wars end in the surrender of the weaker side. Though the side who surrendered feel defeated, total complete defeat/destruction is very rarely the case.

That´s why Battleborn PvP-matches end often the same, the weaker team surrenders. In my opinion this is only a logical consequence of it being a war-simulation.

And yes, sometimes it annoying and it gets in the way to complete daily quest and stuff. But thats the same for all of us, no matter if PvE- or PvP-player. It a legit part of the game.

Just remember: War, war is always the same.

PS: my keyboard has a bad day, “S”-key refuses to work, so sorry in advance for the typo-calypse

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I like that analogy. It suits this game very well.

As far as the lore challenges are concerned, it would be grand if all challenges could be completed in Bot Battles. As it stands, certain ones don’t proc (…again), thus creating the odd scenario like @LinkZeppeloyd described.

For surrenders themselves, that’s just something you have to deal with in MOBA-style games - sometimes you get games where people want to fold 20 seconds in, and sometimes you get those games where the other team completely bounces except for one or two people but they keep going until they get those 6 red letters. Happens in games like Smite and LoL all the time.

I wouldnt surrender if all five teammates were fighting and losing together. That can actually be fun and you can sneak in some good kill/taunts on the winning team (followed by their entire team jumping on you and ripping you apart during your epic taunt of justice).

Im talking about surrendering when a) your team is down players due to DC or leaving; and b) one or more of your teammates are just not fighting, helping with objectives, and might as well be a DC/leaver. BB is well balanced for 5v5, and not at all for 5v… less than 5. Its just kinda lame at that point. Waste another 20 minutes on that? No thanks.

I see what you mean. It feels so BS when a team in draft picks a bad comp that you couldn’t help with, and now they want to surrender. I think the surrender option should go away. You see one person get rekt and now they want to surrender. It builds bad habbits, and kills the fun. Matches don’t last long anymore, and that sucks. For questing, I don’t care. But for recreational fun, I hate surrender.

Completely undestandable, my point was entirely to say that surrendering is okay in such circumstance and just part of the game.


I see what you mean, but in my experience most call for surrender get ignored or the team votes against it.
Especially in cases as you mentioned

Plus many surrender votes often go unnoticed when 4 of 5 are actually in lane fighting.
What I try to say is, its a election, more or less democratic. It could be worse.

In some cases a little communication can help too, in case you think a surrender vote is made to early or out of the wrong intention.

“No retreat! No surrender! NO MERCY!” and theres a good chance the rest will follow in and vote against surrender. (Or they´ll yell back at you…)

The call to surrender before your first sentry has even been touched is rather annoying. Finally won a tough match but having to continuously vote against surrender is bad. I can see the merit in the surrender option however putting a limit on how often it can be used or 1 call for surrender per player would be helpful. Half the time the call to surrender comes out at their first death and continues

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Errm, isn’t two first like inherently connected to one party surrendering? Unless there is a third option where everybody surrender :wink:
I mean, the in contrast to the game war goes on not untill one party is defeated as this had to be like on one party everybody’s dead and it never happens (a war can last 100 years and die of old), but untill one party surrenders. That’s the major difference reality vs game.
But maybe you meant a single battle. A battle can be won, lost or end with surrender thus submitting to be a loser - also there is a fourth option, no winners, a stalemate. Just like a game.

This would be really a great thing! Its extremely annoying when 1players goes idle and literally spams surrender votes…

Yeah, the analogy fits definately better with battle instead of war.


I dont think there is a way around surrender. People can still just alt+ f4. I think they should just make all lore PvE accessible, and hope that people who are in queue for PvP are really there for PvP.

i hate doing it but ive done it. the worst was with ghalt’s first blood. i played a lot of pvp games and just bum rushed in the beginning hoping to get a kill. most of the time i got killed or just fed the team. at least it was in chaos rumble which tends to be less competitive. but at the time there were no other options to get lore done nowdays, yes id agree it here are people running around in pvp trying to get lore only then id tend to be more annoyed. now that i bot battles are around i feel ashamed i wasted so much time in pvp trying to grind first blood.