Welcome fellow SWORDSPLOSION! enthusiast. Here we all gather to worship the one true Borderlands god, The SWORDSPLOSION!.

Here we discuss how great the SWORDSPLOSION! is, Post videos of epic SWORDSPLOSION! feats, Recount tales of hilarious SWORDSPLOSION! fails, Create challenges based around the SWORDSPLOSION!, etc.

In order to join the cult you must do one thing first. Fight Terramorphus solo, get him within a sliver of health and then kill yourself with the SWORDSPLOSION!(this cannot be done in NVHM). (Post a picture of you dying as proof if you can)

Also anyone who joined the Flakker cult must go on an ethnic cleanse by fighting a favored Hyperion boss using only the SWORDSPLOSION!(please produce a picture). And finally declare your love for your new god the SWORDSPLOSION!.


High priest: @Piemanlee, @Kurtdawg13
High priestess:
Senior members:
New members:


I cant upload pictures with my phone so a video from my youtube channel is gonna be the next best thing.

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To use a famous quote from Star Wars:“Do it.”


Later school is SWORDSPLOSION!!! Blocking me.

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I see 50 views, but not 50 posters. Hmmm, perhaps the admittance challenge is too challenging? If so I may lower to simple killing yourself with the SWORDSPLOSION! and post a picture of it. I’ll leave this decision to you ‘viewers’.

PS: because of this new enlightenment, I have changed my explosive Krieg’s name to The Prophet.


Video uploading as we speak.

Btw can I get a mention in the op for being the first member?


Of course I’ll add you here in a sec. Congratulations your now a high priest.


Video btw I’m not really converted I didn’t change anything

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Blut needs to be informed of this if any of his members try to leave lol jk

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I want in! Just got this. i didn’t have it at OP8. SWORDSPLOSION suicide footage coming soon…


I can say that was the first time I’ve ever died to terra on purpose lol


It’s glorious @Kurtdawg13.

@Piemanlee we all must make sacrifices for our faith.

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I hope this will suffice. :wink:

Well done newcomer. May your new found faith serve you well.

I’ll add you later.

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Thank you Prophet of the holy SWORDSPLOSION! :blush:

It already has! I love this Shotty! Not only is it epically EXPLOSIVE! It is aesthetically pleasing. I’m proud to strap this on my back and Mob around Pandora. I actually have a little footage of me SWORDSPLOSION’ing a Leg Loot Migdet before visiting Terra. :smile:

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Which character do y’all think is best with the SWORDSPLOSION!!? For me I’d say Acton with Maya being 2nd


@Kurtdawg13 it does my heart good to hear such closeness with the holy one.

@Piemanlee do not forget that Krieg too has many perk buffs for explosive damage.

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If you haven’t seen Zero Bore with it. You are missing out, my good friend. :wink:

That being said, I have not made any conclusions, as I still have to test it with Sal’s off hand with a RL in the main. Might be pretty OP. needs testing. But back to my original statement. BORE! :smile: I am pretty sure that is because of SCIENCE!

Yeah but I’d rather play melee krieg. It can be good on him thou

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@Kurtdawg13 one can B0RE with the SWORDSPLOSION!? As the Prophet I should know this.

@Piemanlee This is understandable. One does not simple turn down the ability to make people explode into a bloody mess by punching their face.

EDIT: so should I add Kurt as a highpriest or a newcomer?

@Maliwankenobi I just noticed your post and this is all I can say: Never mention that heretics name in here ever again!

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