The Tactics remastered?

(Chimas) #1

Now that I’m playing the later missions of HW1 I was wondering if we could have more use of randomness AROUND the events that happen inside the missions. Here are some examples:

  • In M11 - the TENHAUSER GATE (BENTUSI IN DISTRESS) mission, the Taiidan ships are spawn in an invisible sphere around the Bentusi harbor ship. It could be a good thing for replayability if the TDN ships are dispersed randomly (through presets) whenever you replay the mission. Because the order of attack matters depending where the Hvy Cruiser, the Destroyers and the Ion frigates are positioned around the Bentusi;

  • In M2 - the OUTSKIRTS OF KHARAK SYSTEM (Rendez-vouz with Khar-Selim) mission, basically you have 3 target options for the first attack of the MSby the Turanics: the MS itself, the Research Ship and the resource operation. The first raid could be set to choose differently every time the mission is played;

  • In M2 and M4, the positioning and path of the Raider carriers could be vary inside a range of choice.

The idea is not to increase the difficulty level, because you won’t be adding more ships, but using the same resources to delay the conclusion of the mission and force the player to diagnose the proper use of force.

By last, the same way you have levels for the AI in MP, you could have the option for “FIXED” or “RANDOM” events in single player menu. “FIXED” means playing the default campaign and “RANDOM” means the SPICY campaign, because many of the early adopters of the game when you release are not first-timers.

(Krnt 13) #2

This is an excellent idea,
Because after you have played the game a few times, things become really predictable, and that takes away the fun, there are many instances that can be random, or even dynamic depending on the player choices.