The Taiidan Emperor is Sleeping!

So after finishing Homeworld 1, I’ve come to an unsettling conclusion. It seems that the Taiidan Emperor fell asleep at the start of the mission, because he doesn’t actually build anything lol. He starts with his three cruisers and two Mdestroyers, plus all those support frigs. He ends with those ships as well, at no point does he construct new fleets to send at me while all the hyperspace reinforcements swing in. Reeeaalllyyy? Did nobody think to make sure that great enemy’s mothership on the final battle of the more important game will actually work?

Also this was particularly underwhelming anyway considering the change in ships. I remember in classic the Mothership would go down to like 20% and that was with six support frigates repairing it, because the Taiidan zerg rush would be so potent. My mothership hardly went to 70% because I wiped out his frigates so quickly, I guess it’s an unfortunate consequence of the new mechanics.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember the enemy mothership never building any ships in the original game.
After the waves are over the player can basically get a well-deserved breath before flying over to the other side and mop things up.

There’s at least a cruiser and two missile destroyers if I remember right, as well as several wings of fighters/corvettes (that are released from the mothership), but that’s pretty much it.

Correct. In Classic once you defeat the initial fleets attacking you and Captain Elson arrives. The mission is pretty much a cakewalk after that.

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I could have sworn he sent in more fleets, though. Because I faced the original rush from the front, the attack from above, to the side, to the rear, from below, and from the far rear. But there wasn’t additional waves from the front.

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Originally there was a wave from the front that appears just as your ships reached the fleet that come from below if you were playing aggressively; this was intended to have the best shot at killing you and leave you panicking when Elson’s fleet arrives; its absence kills the mission.

IIRC at least this particular wave was built by the emperor.

Thank you! I did this mission literally a week ago right before remastered was released, that’s why I felt like something really important was absent here. Glad to know not everyone thinks I’m crazy. >_>

But yeah, while all my ships were dealing with that fleet from the far rear + below that large armada of cruisers + destroyers + frigates never came from the front because the Emperor never made them. It really does sort of kill the tension, because without it Elson pops in and Fleet Intel is like “aaaah we’re being overwhelmed” when that’s literally the only thing on the map lol. Hopefully they’ll get patched in if I spam Gearbox enough… :open_mouth:

Plus, y’know, the whole squishy ship business.

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