The Taiidan Story

The Taiidan Story

The exile of the Kushan was an event filled with many different battles. However, the story was told in the Kushan’s point of view. The Taiidan were left to be swiftly beaten and their story was not told. This intends to tell the story of the exile’s return in the Taiidan point of view.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Red= Fleet Commander
Yellow= Captain of scouting carrier
Blue= Crew of any ship, different people.

It was a normal, boring day for the fleet commander. After a fail in a battle against some other factions, he and his fleet were told to go to the Kharak system to watch over the nearby planets.

Anything to report?

Nope. They made us go this system just because we lost a battle? The most boring job ever. The locals never fight and they don’t even know we are here!

Well, it’s not that bad. We never have a problem with fighting do we?

Hang on, Hyperspace signature detected! Mothership size vessel, heading out of the system!

The file says you can attack anyone leaving this system due to some 4000 year old treaty. Call the Turanic Raiders. They said they have found a vessel leaving the system 3 days ago. It was unarmed and easy to blow up, so they did.

Calling them now sir…

Good. Hang on, this file says that the punishment for leaving the system is destruction of planet of origin. Get the fleet ready, this planet will go up in flames.

But sir…

I said get the fleet ready! You know what happened to the last person that disobeyed orders!

OK sir… Fleet in orbit now, prepare for bombardment. Hang on, incoming attack. Not much.

Approaching target… Fire!
Hang on, ships launching from scaffold structure! Shoot at them!
Approaching scaffold now, launch bombs! Target destroyed. Incoming missiles, targeted at our frigates!
Frigate down frigate dow…
Prepare for immediate surface bombardment!
Bomb landed. Estimated instant casualties 98%. Surface temperature 323 and stable. Primary objective achieved.

Planet destroyed. Wait, there are other structures around the destroyed scaffold! Letting 3 assault frigates stay behind.

The Turanic Raiders are reporting failure. They have left to regroup and they suspect the mothership fleet is heading back to Kharak.

To be continued…

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I’ve written quite a bit about the Taiidan POV, and have a few interesting ideas about it. While it shouldn’t be treated as a hasty decision by the crew to bomb an entire world, I do like how there’s a fear-factor relating to disobeying authority, given its totalitarian dictatorship government.

Also, would be cool to include the Kushan surface-to-space missiles doing damage.

I kinda just assumed the Taiidan jumped to Kharak after the Turanics announced they detected a hyperspace signature, and that they were the ones put on ‘guard duty’ so to say, the Taiidan not wanting to sully their hands in such menial work.

Which incidentally brings up what Sparki and I have been talking about, HOW DO WE WRITE THE TAIIDAN?


I think a better question is, how do we write these Taiidani? An entire people is going to have a lot of diversity, I think it’s more useful to consider a person’s place in the universe in more detail than Taiidan vs Kushan.

More to the story at hand, I generally agree with DarthSoban about the bombing. If I were to write a empire-POV account of these events, the burning would be very pre-meditated, and largely unquestioned. Based on the matter-of-fact voiceover and what Cata writes about the whole civil war, I’d think that the people responsible for the burning would look at the people of Kharak as unimportant, and/or deserving it. Loyalist forces in the civil war had no problems killing their own disobedient civilians, so what do they care about some backwater nobodies? Sure, it can be more nuanced than that in detail, but that’d be the theme I think. Add in a helping of superiority and ‘just following orders’ for good measure.

The other thing to think about is if the empire has instant communications or not. I think the story of Homeworld 1 makes the most sense if they don’t, and that’s an assumption we’ve run with for HW:@'s story, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the only valid answer. Just something to think about.


Thanks @DarthSoban and @EatThePath for the feedback!:dukeaffirmative: I will use it next time. Now, back to modding for now as I have work to be doing! :wink:

Yeah, I should mention it a bit more!
But there is this:

I have a feeling that everyone in this short story is 20 years old and that a planetary annihilation was decided and carried out in two seconds.

If it would be a boring patrol, the least the commander could do is to streatch the moment to four seconds…

Look, here’s the thing:

  • Either he read “the file” beforehand, then he’s perfectly informed and so he can decide instantly. He knows what might happen and he knows precisely how to react when it does.

But then he doesn’t change his mind, he doesn’t discover new information as he reads on.

  • Or he didn’t expect it. He’s not informed about his ROE.

But then he can’t possibly decide in the time of a single breath. This would be a major situation, multiple channels of communication would fire up across the whole galaxy.
Then recon, a second confirmation (you don’t even know it were the habitants of the planet who jumped, someone might have been just passing through the system). An initial assessment of the target’s combat capabilities, sreening of the whole sector for interplanetary and orbital traffic. Screening for orbital defense systems…
And even if they went in blind from some reason, this would at least get a mention.
Now this “boring patrol” suddenly turns into a widefleet high allert situation.

What you have here is described as a boring patrol. A commander reads a documment, calls in Turanic Raiders. Reads on and find out he’s supposed to commit a genocide with f*cking ADWs, which captain Elson found to be such a serious matter that he called it a “final trigger for rebelion”.
I mean what if he reads on and finds something else. Then what? “Ups… Hey listen, you blew up the planet already, right? Ehm… maybe you should have waited two more seconds, because… you won’t believe what this file says here in the last paragraph…”

Now let me tell you what I think:

  • Firstly, I presume Taiidans are perfectly aware of their ROE and this is definitelly not the first time the commander read about the planet’s destruction.

  • The use of ADWs is not his idea, it’s part of his rules of engagement for this system and it has been known for generations. This goes from high command and perhaps from the emperor himself. It was definitely not a momentaly idea of “hang on, blow up the planet”, he didn’t just learn about this.

  • All evidence from HW chatter suggests everyone keeps their calm. Like astronauts, his ship may go down in flames and he will recite flight procedures. “Nope”, “hang on” and “will go up in flames” is not the tone of their conversation.

  • Listen to how captain Elson talks. He’s so stoicly badass and he uses the exact amount of words it takes to convey the information, not a single more, and he’s even the good guy.

Think about it, why would he even have the ADWs on a ‘patrol mission’, if he didn’t know? (!)

Imagine Hiroshima written your way: “It’s just a patrol over Japan, you will just… …what that thing? That’s a new bomb, they call it nuclear, you won’t need it… Anyway, here are your instructions, read them after take off, you should have been in the air by now.”


They are the Taiidan! They are always armed with planet killing missiles! :wink: