The Taiidani Great Attractor


In the patch 1.3.0 this bug was fixed and this thread is no longer relevant, its content will be kept due to historical reasons

And this is the last, but oldest known bug, it actually prevented me from using this map in my tournaments because you can’t even revert any possible damage made by it:

On the right spawn, near the crater there is an area made of solid rock instead of sand, and on it you can find the second and third mining operation of the player who spawns in the bottom right of the map. If you leave a unit near the rocky area, it may be attracted by this mysterious force and pulled to the crater itself which believe it or not, is considered a playable area of the map.

This is important for a series of things:

  • you can’t retire (sell your unit and get 75% of the CU back)

  • You may lose units as heavy as support/siege/arty cruisers

  • And it is place right over the mining operations, denying chances of defense.

Important links:

mehoo’s thread who first noticed it on April 28th!

Here is a link for the replay file:

Units Stuck within the crater:

Units stuck within the crater with retire command, not that they don’t move at all:

Hovering units:

There are also some funny videos/gifs I did based on this replay and my attempt to replicate meeho’s finding:

A Vídeo exemplifying the bug: