The Tale Of A Million Disconnects And An Unlikely Friendship

So I had a match…
We had one of those super anti incursion people but he actually stayed, but someone disconnected right in character select for seemingly I suppose internet reasons.
BUT, then, 2 friends i were in a skype call with d/c’d because one of them d/c’d and the other just quite because it was gonna be 3 v 5 but i chose to stay for no reason.

but were were down 2 v 5 and then the incursion hateing guy d/c’d XD
AND AS RATH I CHARGED INTO BATTLE VALIANTLY, and just kinda did nothing and stared at them as they shot at me cause i saw no point in attacking =3=

But then the incursion hating guy reconnected owo
And THEN, we both just kinda made friends with the enemy =w=

me, him, Deande and El Dragon just kinda chilled in the little base area between the 1st and 2nd sentry taunting and jumping at eachother.
Never before have i wanted an all chat, GEARBOX GET ON THAT!! >3<
I wish i had recorded the match, i tried alttabing to turn it on but it was doing that we’re thing where it wouldnt’ let me in the desktop so i decided not to and make due with these screenshots, enjoy:


I’ve tried running out into the open against enemy players (usually ones who are playing the same character) and taunted to get their attention to just have fun like this. They always just kill me and move on. It’s disappointing lol. But I’m glad you found some like minded people to just have fun and enjoy the game with!

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So there is good in the world. That’s the sort of one-sided match I think we all wish we could have, where the other team just chills and not try and beat the other team for the hell of it. :slight_smile:


I’ve had times where I’ve made friends with an enemy player to then have my team come in and kill them, sad times.

Only time I’ve ever seen this kind of stuff is in the Imperial City in ESO. When we ran around in a group, we’d sometimes just leave solo enemy players as we knew they might be questing or other stuff.

Good to see though, and yeh shame you couldn’t actually talk, but that could open up too much exploiting if it were possible.

Well to be fair they still destroyed our sentrys we just didnt stop them and even joined in to the extent we could >~>

So they didn’t stop, El Dragon and Deande did though and we just chilled in the base thing XD

Sadly Orendi never got the memo lol…
I let her kill me in the beginning (Well not her specifically i just didnt fight back against the barrage and she got it)
But when they destroyed our 2nd sentry she randomly started coming at me >~>

Still, most got the memo and we all have fun, even the incursion hater said it was nice owo

kinda disappointing to see the pc version is plagued with as many disconnect issues as I seem to have with the ps4, especially since they seem to have a lower player base. One of these days maybe they will get their crap together and people wont disconnect as much…Im hoping.

Aw, I love players like this that take note if the game is extremely lop sided and are gracious in their victory… But of course, someone has to finish it up, haha.

Did you message the players afterwards? If not, next time you should send them a polite ‘thanks for understanding/not hunting me down’ or something, messages like these can really make a players day. (And even gain in game friends to play with)

Keep an eye out for their gamer tags, incase you cross paths again! :slight_smile:

I’m actually shocked. Nice people still exist, seriously. Wow… I guess I’m jaded since every lopsided match I get stuck in we are hunted and murdered or trolled until it’s over.

Having guys or gals like that would be a nice change. Kudos to those folks for being sporting and understanding.