The Terrible Jumper’s Tips for the GTD Platforms

OK…I suck at jumping. Not my thing…got no “ups”…am too old, slower, hand and eye not as quick….


And I get frustrated as hell with the GTD when, after a 40 min slugfest to get there, I fall off a damn platform or miss a jump.

But I have gotten “better”… realizing better is a relative term, and thought I’d share my hard won knowledge with other fellow “crappy jumpers”.

Now you wunderkind players…the ones that zip through the takedown and laugh and bitch that it’s too easy……whelp…guess this thread is not for you.

But to other awful jumpers like me…here are some very easy to remember tips.

  1. Three words…Super Soldier Shield. Gives you added speed and jump distance and just makes the whole process so much easier and forgiving…trust me.

Other ways to get speed boosts to assist in jumping and mantling are listed below per @thesuicidefox but be careful NOT to over use. About a 20-24% boost similar to what the Super Soldier provides is best. Too much will make it more difficult to control….not less:

a. Craders EMP5. Any level. Any anoint. Doesn’t matter.
b… Any level 65 artifact with movement speed bonus stat. This is one of the few bonus stats that can come double. 12% is nice. 24% is really nice.
c. Any shield with Vagabond augments. It can spawn up to 3 times on any Hyperion shield (including Old God, Gas Mask, and ReVolter). Triple vagabond augment on a purple rarity shield is called Scout Shield.
d. Spiritual Driver if you play Amara. But this can be overkill if you already have points in Mindfulness.
e. Double Time Moze Skill in the Purple Tree gives a 12% speed boost at 3\3

  1. There is a pattern to the glowing platforms I’d never noticed. Understand the pattern and the whole process just becomes much easier done.

Platform glows blue
Platform fades to dark blue solid
Platform glows blue
Platform becomes invisible

Time your jump to start immediately after the platform has become invisible and upon the FIRST glow blue. SOOOO MUCH EASIER! Because now you can literally see the target the entire time of jump and landing.

  1. On the platforms after the first set of crystals….forget about trying to ride across without clearing all enemies. Just jump off or miss the first platform and clear the house out. Why worry….go down and lay waste then come back up and do the jumps in a casual fashion without worry or distraction.

  2. Don’t make any jumps with a rocket launcher in your hand. While the move speed penalty only applies to Vladof and Atlas launchers , they take up a lot of screen real estate and could distract you . Best just never jump with them.

These tips have made an already long and sometimes frustrating experience so much more enjoyable…at least for me.

Now if they’d just fix the damn rewards so they were even close to commensurate for the toughest content in the game and the longest to finish ….

But that’s a topic for a different discussion.


use Zane,
deploy clone before jumping…


also don’t hold heavy weapons, it slows you down.

Only RLs by certain manufacturers slow your movement speed. Torgue, for example, does not. Vladof does IIRC. I can’t remember about COV and Atlas as I don’t really use those.

@johnrr6 I was very frustrated with the jumping BS for a long time as well. Now that I have completed the GTD maybe 30+ times or so (more? less? :man_shrugging:t2:), I think I kind of have the routine down and I fail very infrequently now. So you do kind of learn over time, I agree. But I definitely still rage-quit on the rare instances where I do fall, which now seems to only be 1 out of say 10 times or so.

Yup…needs to be added to my tips…good call!

Rocket Launcher move speed penalties apply to: Atlas and Vladof.

They do not apply to Torgue or CoV.


Added a tip on Rocket Launchers…thanks….good catch.


I think you also have to be absolutely perpendicular to the platforms when mantling as well which when you can’t see them makes it hard sometimes. I don’t feel like testing that theory since I fall enough as it is.

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Eliminate not seeing the platform with my Tip #2.

Totally changed everything for me once I realized the “pattern”

  1. Craders EMP5. Any level. Any anoint. Doesn’t matter.
  2. Any level 65 artifact with movement speed bonus stat. This is one of the few bonus stats that can come double. 12% is nice. 24% is really nice.
  3. Any shield with Vagabond augments. It can spawn up to 3 times on any Hyperion shield (including Old God, Gas Mask, and ReVolter). Triple vagabond augment on a purple rarity shield is called Scout Shield.
  4. Spiritual Driver if you play Amara. But this can be overkill if you already have points in Mindfulness.
  5. Speed Demon mayhem modifier.
  6. Super Soldier shield and a level 1 impact grenade of any kind.

Good stuff

Let me work this into the initial thread.

One question, do you think too many speed bonuses might actually be detrimental?

Super soldier gives like a 20% speed boost. It might be a bit more but it feels like more than a 12% boost.

And the Super Soldier feels like “the sweet spot” for jumps.

Too many speed boosts might make you over control especially with guys who just aren’t quick on the keyboard or controller. But I’m open to your thoughts.

Moze can also get an additional 12% speed boost from the skill Double Time in the Purple Tree.

Also, why the level one impact grenade? You lost me On that one…

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Yes too many is bad. Just EMP5 and an artifact with movement speed is enough honestly.

However to do some skips you need to stack them all.

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Good stuff!

I am going to insert your suggestions as an alternative to Super Soldier which I think is the absolute easiest to acquire, hit’s the sweet spot needed….and not roll specific at all.

But I don’t believe it is base game available…you must have the DLC, I believe, but not sure, so your additions are great.

Still am clueless why you mention a low level contact Grenade? Some kind of grenade jumping?
Oh and Speed Demon Mayhem modifier requires a kill…then gives a huge boost. Just don’t think that one is practical.

Hey John here’s another hint when I have to jump I bind my jump key to right mouse click temporarily,
much easier than searching for the space key ( normally I have action skill bound to my right mouse)

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Kudos to you john (and others) for again helping out the community.

I know that didnt add anything but it needed to be said :yum:


Well…may not have added anything but made me smile and feel good.

And thanks for that.

After 2020…I haven’t done enough of that.

Again, thanks!


Thanks for the tips. I’m exactly the type of player you’re talking about and honestly gave up trying after falling so many times. I now have a reason to try again. Much appreciated.

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Now i just deploy my clone for speedboost and when i fail i have a backup :rofl:

Thank for the tips! But if you REALLY sucks as me here a BIG OUT OF MAP SKIP (no rocket jumping) of ALL platforms after last crystal set (all characters, no requirements; Scourge will spawn):

Note: in my video I explain step by step but in Italian; if you are interested I could add an English recap in description or trying to add subs for the only one bit tricky step. I don’t know if automatic translation/subbing is available.

Other video to skip mobs area before last crystals set with Moze and super simple super speed glitch for Moze (still valid) again with step by step explanation for consistent activation:

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Some minor tips I use when taking people through the GTD. First set of platforms(after defeating all guardians til they stop spawning) You can just walk onto the first 2 platforms, no jumping necessary. The first one if you walk off the left side of the cliff leading to platform 1 its pretty noticeable when you take your time. Then, from that platform walk off the back left of it as it passes right next to platform 2. Too easy. Small jump onto #3 when #2 reaches the end of its forward progress and then you can even walk off that into the spire with the slow momentum from the platforms movement.

The 2nd platforming area after the 2nd crystal phase, and then guardian rush is pretty easy too. Highest, left point is where you wanna start the jumping. From that point, creep up to the edge and spy the first platform. You should be about( I believe, sorry doing this from memory) just right of center on that tip. Run forward, keep holding forward the whole way after jumping from the edge, and you will land dead center. Once you get it that once, it’s hard to miss after that. Timing for the 2nd and 3rd is up to you but pretty straightforward, and mantle up. The last set before Scourge is a tiny, and I mean tiny, first jump, then take your time. Unless your Zane, then proc your kill skills with your Cannon and use violent speed to just skip those 1st and last platforms altogether.

My best advice, play it on a lower Mayhem level a few times to get these down first. I fly through this takedown now with any modifiers on M10 at whatever pace my teammates can keep up with. Also, be Zane, he fast. Good luck Vault Hunters! Look for me on PS HardAndNasty is my handle

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