The text is so small it's unplayable

I know this issue has been reported before, but the game has been out for a couple months now and it hasn’t been addressed. The text is so small that I get eye strain within half an hour to an hour, and then I can’t play anymore because my eyes need a break. My TV is 55 inches and I’m sitting up close to it. It’s freakin’ ridiculous! This isn’t my screenshot, but it shows a comparison to how outrageously small the text is.

Now clearly 2K/Gearbox hasn’t fixed this issue despite it being reported numerous times, so I’m asking if anyone knows a way to increase the text size, or if there’s some type of expected day to release a fix since all I’ve ever heard from 2K/Gearbox on this is the traditional, “we are investigating this issue” runaround.


I agree - the text in general is small enough but in split-screen it makes playing the game nearly impossible, even on a gigantic TV. It makes me wonder what size screens the Devs were playing BL3 on that they thought 2pt font would be appropriate? I left a ticket on the issue.

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What did you leave a ticket under? I submitted it under feedback and I got an automatic message that told me to come here to report it instead. It made me feel ignored.

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