The thing that annoys me the most about Benedict

It’s like Alani after her first week of release, or Galilea during the beta before her nerf. He’s in every single match I play nowadays! The damage buff was a mistake. That’s been established. I can’t recall seeing anyone argue that he needed the extra damage. I personally thought he was in the perfect spot damage wise. Multiple people that I know mained Benedict were a bit thrown for a loop when they heard he was getting a damage buff.
It annoys me more that I see him in literally every match I play now. I played quite a few matches today. Probably 6-7 hours total, and I had one, maybe two matches where a Benedict was not on either side.
Does this bother anyone else? Am I the only person that is tired of seeing the same character over and over again? Or being forced to pick someone who can counter him since none of your teammates pick a good counter, because he’s almost guaranteed to be on the opposing team.
Just thought I’d strike up a conversation about that. Thoughts or opinions?

Wanna know how badly they messed Benedict up?

I see more Benedicts running around now than Pendles.

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All of these benedicts suck though, still haven’t played a random that I felt like was a threat lol


A good ranged character (marquis, Oscar, thorn, whiskey to name a few) counters many many many bad benedicts.

So you don’t need to run a specific “counter” to Ben. Just take note where he is (he’s a big flying bird. Not hard to miss unless in thick of fighting) and chase him out of lane fast.

Now… For the good benedicts… Those you have to fear and fear hard and long.

how could you know that someone else picked him on the opposing team? you don’t see that lineup until before the game starts.

I’ve played tons of PVP and I can’t say I’ve seen one in every match. He’s definitely not as common as an Oscar mike or WF or Miko. I would say he’s somewhere in the middle of BB as far as being picked.

Of all those times, I’ve only seen one guy that was destroying us. It was like the guy was everywhere. It was horrible.

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Because lately I see him in nearly every match I play, and if no one else on my team picks someone who can counter him, then I pretty much have to. Roughly 3/4 of all my matches since his buff has a Benedict on the other side. I’ve been keeping track of how many matches I play that he is not on the other side. If they don’t have one, someone on my team usually picks him, ergo the whole thing about how I almost never see a match without Benny anymore. So far I have seen very few premade teams go without a Benedict since his buff, and usually the guy controlling him knows what they are doing, and in some cases the other team protects Benny like they would a Miko. Had one match on paradise where the Benedict stood on those platforms nearly nobody can get on. Every time I started to damage him I would get jumped by 2-3 members of the other team.
No they don’t always destroy you, but since his buff he’s enough of a nuisance that a Benedict counter is almost obliged to be on Benedict patrol for a decent amount of the match, unless the person controlling him is actually that terrible with him. I don’t see many Benedict’s that are so bad that they are nearly irrelevant. Most of the ones I see know what they are doing, and some very few destroy teams.

Play Reyna then. She kills Benedictus pretty hard with homing shots and basically anything that’s not a defender or brawler or straight tank. One of the reasons I fell in love with Reyna was cause I could roast that chicken super reliably

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This, Reyna ■■■■■ with Benedicts pretty hard.

He definitely did not need a damage buff as well as a health buff because both now increase his survivability too much. He is the most mobile character in the game and in the wrong he can be near unbeatable.