The thing that GearBox and the rest don't seem to understand

As far as i can tell, more niche dedicated drops like the clearvoyance are almost never dropping. But that could also just be my general “luck” :smiley:

Some of the difficulty I imagine is the ability to replicate issues.
Have read many times for example about crashing etc on ps4, however I have never experienced this which suggests it’s not something which everyone has, and perhaps it’s simply a minority issue. One would envisage it would be difficult to get to the bottom of this type of issue if that’s the case.

That’s a bold claim given those who are happy with the system wouldn’t start topics stating their view, whereas folks unhappy with it do it in abundance it seems, and even then its a small sample number wise of everyone who plays the game.

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I got the masher one a fear days ago, not the best anointment, but that was a slow farm before mayhem 10. I believe some guns are legit just tougher to farm due to purposeful lower drop rates. Just to make it so its not super easy to get everything.

Yes, things that have been reported as a known issue like that are things that the company needs to fix. But people are reporting that there systems crash the moment they hit play. Another reason I know it is hardware is because sometimes the crash is so bad that my xbox itself has issues. The other day my friend got a little too excited with the recursion and my xbox menus didn’t even want to load to allow me to shut the game down. If it was just the game, than xbox menus shouldn’t be affected by it, but it was Because my issue is the hardware itself. I’ve seen reports where two people in the house have two different Xboxs and years of them, one crashes a lot, the other never has an issue. Some people say they never have an issue with an original, while others say theirs crashes all the time but they upgraded to the S and now don’t crash. But some say the S crashes all the time. The issues that get reported and are known issues of crashing that get fixed in a hotfix fixes half my crashes. My xbox crashes a LOT of games randomly, so I don’t blame Gearbox at all. I blame my xbox causes its old and poopy

Each patch and hotfixes has its bunch of no sayer, but we’re talking a x10 occurence with M2.0.

I’ve never seem that many people complaining about it (For example, M4 wasn’t popular with everyone at launch, but it was not even remotely comparable to the backlash M2.0 have caused)

Saying that the monocle is fine with a +300% damage annointement (Once again, this annointement is stupid and need to be nerfed massively, or other need to be buffed to its level) just mean that balancing the monocle ought to have received a damage buff of 300% from a long time now in short …

You bitch that people complain about spitscreen, but it’s one of the feature of the game available since launch, and people have complained about it since Day 1. What have been done? Nada.

Call us client, or costumer, whatever, we’re paying. What you seem to accept as “normal” for a video game company would never be for any other type of entertainement : Sorry, the park is open, full price, but only 30% of it is accessible cause we’re doing repair.

Balancing weapon by boosting their damage up to some standard isn’t even remotely a challenge in term of code (changing their gimmick would obviously require to imput work, but changing a value don’t). But they don’t care.

That doesn’t show it’s a hardware issue? If the game pushes the console harder than it was designed to go then the result will be a crash of the whole system, not just the game. That demonstrates the game is causing the system to operate outside safe parameters


the game obviously design to be m3 and 50 lvl , it just people keep asking for something like another lvl cap and more mayhem level . the circle goes on ( balance > unbalance > balance )

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I think you replied to the wrong person, but regardless let me just say that if you’re in the habit of rewording polite responses to you a having a “bitch”, I don’t think you’re looking for a discussion. You’re looking to vent, and I don’t want to help you out with it.


The SNTNL needs to provide more value than being a means for applying 100% cryo damage. Seriously, how many players use SNTNL for something other than annointed weapon damage. All that stupid drone is good for is allowing us to equip weapons that have the cryo 100% SNTNL annoinment.


Dude, my Xbox has crashes so hard from other games that I’ve had to FACTORY reset it. Meaning by by to all the games. I can’t play Overwatch or Skyrim (mods because theres a few I use just to add a bit more perks and spells, but they update to a point they crash my game and sometimes my system). Luckily Borderlands 3 hasn’t gotten to that point yet, but it is getting close. I know because my factory reset issues usually start after my xbox tells me there was an issue with save files. Which started happening after this last patch. I am trying to save up for a new xbox for this reason alone. Also, like stated before, its an original day one xbox that was already used and my friend seemed a bit too eager to sell it for a new one, meaning it already had issues. So yes, hardware.

Also people having issues are the only ones making mass posts. You know how CRAZY some of y’all are when you come to complain about things? A dude went off in the comments of a social media post about the Mayhem 2.0 breaking his game so much that his Fl4k can’t heal past a certain % of health and how they need to fix their game because its so broken. And someone commented asking if he had a front loader on, and he did. The Borderlands Community has a knack for blaming the company for their issues. Hell you guys, the community people, almost got me to never reopen BL2 years ago when I played with some people looking for a 4th. Cause I was using the “wrong build, with the wrong weapons and doing the wrong things.” Gamers in the recent years have been getting a bit intense when it comes to the games, and its sad because it ruins companies. TPS did so bad and got such garbage reviews and attacks that it made the company go bankrupt before it had a chance to even fix the problems and give more content. So, as a person who actually loves Gearbox and understands they are just trying their best, especially since they are WORKING FROM HOME, I just wish others would stop being so attacking towards others and them and just understand that they are trying.

Fish slap + cut purse + drone restores ammo to you.
It’s piss + drone for free damage increase on the enemy.
It’s not much, but it’s something.

It’s probably the HDD in your XBox that has the issues, I’m not familiar with the internals or OS but I’d assume a factory reset does some sort of defrag and marks bad sectors.

If as you say it’s been “Joggled about a bit”, well again not ideal for traditional HDD’s so if you are on a budget I’d consider sourcing a replacement HDD. Probably get one many times the original capacity for buttons these days.

Just a thought.

I mean I don’t know what any of that means, but I also want a new Xbox because it struggles with framerate a lot as well, and its just time to upgrade. I know that the super new xbox will come out soon, but I know none of my friends will get anytime soon, so I just want to upgrade what I got and hopefully get a higher storage. All my games except like 5 are digital but I have only 250gb. I can have like 4-5 games on it at once, which sucks

That’s what I’m saying, buying a bigger Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and installing it in your existing XBox would be far cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

It would probably solve your framerate issues as well.

2TB HDD £50

Oh lolz. Hmm, I mean it might? But at the same time I’ve been keeping about 30% of my xbox free of space and I still have issues. Cheaper yes? But I just want a new one.

You can have that free space but if the drive is old it will have bad sectors on it that cannot be used and this wasted space is not necessarily taken into account. I only have 3 main games on my 500Gb drive in my PS4, BL3 - 69Gb, Destiny2 - 114Gb, AC Odyssey - 79.5Gb I have 100Gb free space but stuff will still hitch from time to time.

I understand the easy solution of replacing the whole thing but the only hardware you need to blame is the drive. :grin:

You misunderstand. I’ve already said that it may be down to hardware in some cases, as it appears to be in yours. But it’s not always down to hardware, as my example shows, and you only have to look at the number of posts not just here but on other boards to realise that there is an issue with the game.

For instance, there were a number of reports of XB1Xs crashing, but not XB1S. Can’t remember the specific technical issue but there was something that conflicted with the X that wasn’t present in the S. That’s a software problem as it’s the game causing the issue in that instance.

I agree with you for the most part that people are too quick to blame GBX for anything at all these days but as I put in my original post I’m normally one of their bigger defenders on here. However that doesn’t mean that they are infallible and for some of the console issues I’m afraid that’s a tech problem of their making. They even admitted recently that drones caused an issue with some consoles which is something they should have known before release as they know what the hardware specs are. And unfortunately with regard to XB1X specifically there have been fairly constant issues since the game’s launch and that is something that sits squarely in GBX’s court. That doesn’t make them evil, but it is their responsibility and something they shouldn’t have allowed to happen if they’d done the proper coding and testing.


Couldn’t agree more. I started playing mayhem 2. OH-NO! and after about 20 minutes of play and seeing I didn’t know which level the gear was dropping at, then reading how things aren’t scaling, game crashes with certain characters, (you see where I’m going with that.) Long story short, the game has been shelved until further notice. Looks like after they made their big windfall and enjoyed the money, they forgot about the player base and now throw crumbs at it. Typical.

This is not how system memory works. Your HDD doesn’t effect frame rate or menu lag. It will effect load times. The game is using too much system memory, and that isn’t on the HDD. You could fill the HDD entirely and the game should still run just fine.

As for your claims about old hardware: I replaced my PS4 five months ago, and the brand new PS4 Pro was just as bad as the previous PS4. It’s not hardware. It’s the game having too much going on for the RAM to handle.


From what I recall there were a few Mayhem modifiers wreaking havoc as well. First week after patch I could not even play anything above Mayhem 6. Since hotfix things are much better. PS4.