The things that need fixing to make Bl4 amazing

i personally feel as others that bl3 is just a waste of development time at this point
and nothing will save it, and here is why

the fundament of this game is lazy and poor.
very simple, and it is visible in how content rolls out.

dlcs YOU PAY FOR lack updates and further expansion like basegame changes. they lack endgame content
why do i not get hyperion style proving grounds for ONLY bots?
why does dlc 3 have no classmods or anything else aside from a 4 hour campaign and some sidequests?

its because its build on this lazy mindset. the breach takedown is FREE content
so just to tell you,
if you payed only basegame, vs somebody who payed for dlc
then the one with only base game gets more bang for their buck then you. because they get also the endgame ■■■■, you get some faulty dlc that is flavor of the week and thats it.

so to make bl4 work

  1. design EVERY SINGLE ENEMY to lategame.
    example, instead of heres a skag he runs at you and thats it, AT ALL LVLS
    how about
    here is a skag, at higher lvls he will do fun stuff like
    catch granades and run towards you dealing dmg to you,
    flank you in a well designed manner,
    a pack will have individual pack members / skag types do strategic stuff.

they also will evolve and have room to become maybe a skagzilla.

if you aproach enemies like this instead of static whatevers you dont end up with higher difficulty means 10k more health. you get packs that work as one enemy. dealing with these is the challenge and with higher difficulty you have to deal with more interesting packmembers and unlocked abilities, such as the ones from dlc 2 who charge up others, and so on.

i think dlc 2 wolves are better skags.

  1. make mayhem lvls in 2 variable difficulties that mix

part 1 is elemental bonus, second playthrough and so on add more bonus for elemental damage, just pack this in mayhem as a bonus scaling. this makes correct gun and gear use waaaaay better.

combined with endgame designed enemies you will have to deal one group of enemies with brain instead of PEW PEW GUN MAKES PEW. or pew pew my peeshooter makes pew pew
part 2 make the mods always do something to positivly and negativly change the game.
mayhem is failed because again LAZY game design.
some ideas

ground is lava, but you jump higher, faster slide longer and also have faster slam animation. this makes you more jump and slide, also touch ground faster and make use of mobility.

big head stays, its a nice one

75% less crit??? okay melee dmg is trippled. easy. melees cant crit anyway. just go full hammer.

90% less DoT?? okay 100% more splash damage. you deal immidiate aoe dmg, it is a good trade of for DoT mobbing weapons vs splash mobbing.

  1. have the game split in sections that have a clear early game, a midgame ( THE MOST OF THE STORY FINISHES RIGHT HERE) and endgame

early game as usual you go through the early 2 parts of a story,

midgame you get to the climax, in bl3 it would be the end of troy

endgame, you finish up loose ends and have a good meaningfull endgame
proving grounds are good, circle is good. but limited to base game and didnt get ANYTHING NEW. why??

we also need one classic raidboss, like for example the one they had in the base game trailers and that isnt in the game yet. that one.

we have a first takedown in the base game, thats tyreen. tyreen the invinceble for bl3 as an example,
we get a whole big raid for her alone just like other takedowns.

so now why? easy, finishing a better cleaner end to troy ONE MAIN ANTAGONIST and then not jumping into tyreen the destroyer would be good.

necrotefeyo was kinda ■■■■ anyway. just split the game and make her an endgame thing. give it more attention. typhon could hunt the proving grounds with us and we connect with him a bit better. this makes us explore more, and have proving grounds be a bit more interesting.

make this takedown unlock after beating all the proving grounds.

3 stackable enemies
have more stack enemies and make it less annoying to stack them, example

1 vermi has a higher spawnrate. simple, or you make it so you inject eridium into the pods

2 godliath deals overall more damage and with better group designs for enemies he has an easier time to lvl up even in higher mayhem lvls.

3 a bot that stacks the scraps of destroyed bots until he becomes a big super bot

4 ratch feeding until it becomes a super ratch

5 skagzilla that eats gear on the ground, speak loot you dont collect and or drop

6 mothrakk i dont rly know, ? use a certain element? charge them with money???

and all of them drop seraph chrystals

okay so we need more rarity and more total gear pieces and less overall legendaries.

1 have 7 raritys, uncommon to legendary for early till midgame.
have pearls as mayhem exclusive gear
have seraphs return as raidboss gear, either from a seraph vendor or a drop from any of the evolved invincebles.
these can easy also be hammerlock challenges. and slaying one or two unlocks the 1st classic raidboss in an arena, with its vendor.

2 have more pieces of gear and split some things. artifacts do alot of stuff, but some are like… okay to make it cool i would need two or so.
so give us melee items and maybe boots.

melee for some options there and enhance what melee does. move some artifact effects here
boots for slams and so on.

we dont even need much, 3-5 legendaries with a few variations in what they can even drop with and done.

cut half the legendaries from the weapon pool, most of them are useless as it is anyway. again move stuff around.

5 annointments,
just make it so you can put an annoint in classmod, artifact, boots, shield or melee…

so we can have MAX of 3 , this makes it easier to see what annoint i want, and farm it seperatly from guns and other stuff. i can way easier go to what i want. and annoints are limited to 3 per character, making it INSTANTLY so you can have more powerfull stuff. also less annoints in the pool that drag gear down

because right now annoints are like slag from bl2…
or make 3 slots you have jsut on you, on the belt or whatever. and its bound to no gear at all. could also replace the 2 new pieces of gear i wanted.

6 have an account lvl for all characters
most characters i dont try because i cant play this game 4 times for 20-30 hours to get em up.
thats as simple as it is.

also give us loadouts that makes it so much better to go through different builds.
also let us reset single skillpoints,
later in the game paying cash to reset is like… yeah we have nothing for money.
just make it simpler. other games do it too. you can do it aswell.

with all of these you already fixed

enemies that can get new perks added as you wish for further difficulty wothout dumbass health scaling. this makes it so much simpler to balance ■■■■ like high endgame. because its all about problem solving now.

you fixed the base game because you have several options for endgame, proving grounds, circle for casuals, stackable raidbosses for explorers and ppl who run around alot.
and a takedown aswell as a classic radboss for the ppl who just want to either run down a bigass 1 phase boss that drops high end loot.
graveward is nice but isnt as worth it. if he and eista had special raidboss pools it would be so much more worth it.

you have also fixed how you farm ■■■■ as you no longer farm a gun and annoint in one, this makes it better for the ppl who cant play 10 hours a day.

also you might add melee gear to make it a lategame option to farm for, this is different then right now where you get an artifact and maybe a gun and thats it.

woth more raritys and gear split up you have a clear split between whats what.
mayhem gear is mayhem gear, and special to that.
raidboss loot is special to that

and everything else is for just running around and lucking out.

also give purple guns a dedicated drop location too… sometimes i want a good q sytsem, hedghog quicky or whatever.
hard to do
if i had a boss who drops one of these more likely i would go for it waaaaaay more. this is one reason why its just not so good to use purples.

and finaly
skiltrees, many say bl3 skilltrees are GREAT
i say there is room for improvement, and that is based on not build for lvl 50 and beyond.

zanes blue skilltree has sometimes only 1-2 options for several tiers. thats bad.
at least make em longer,

and if you are rly cool take the 4 vault hunters we have right now to bl4, add 2 more give them all bigger trees and a 4th one maybe just for good mesure and you can slap 80 lvls on that ■■■■.
thats alot of post launch you have without ANY further stuff you need to rly do.

easy 2-3 season passes with just new classmods and lvl ups.
you dont even need to scale mayhem lvls anymore because there aint no more bonus % health shield armor.

bonus stuff,
start the game with a vendor for mission rewards ANY rewards, missions, mail events ALL ■■■■ you have 1 time per run.

let ava do something usefull for once and let her use our eridium for some weapon enhancements or lvl ups or whatever.

add proving grounds and 1 classic raidboss and 1 stacking boss per dlc
takedowns are as they are now. thats absolutely okay.

but if you have new mobs and enemy types let us fight them, no bandits, no other enemy, just an army of one new typ,
horror mobs
and whatever else you got new from an dlc.
it will make also for something new to do again and again. and something you can do when you finaly do have that good gear

just me

3 was the reason no sane consumer should give them money ever again. I know I won’t be. Friends wouldn’t shut up about how great this game was going to be, boy were they wrong. Mass Effect 3 levels of bad.

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what do you mean by 3?
you mean the stackable enemies?
or the lack of endgame design

Raid garbage is anti-value. More rarity tiers just mean more that ultimately get tossed aside.

so you ignore me saying to toss half of the overall weapons?
thats half of the useless ■■■■ out, and a clear difference between how hard it is to get.

mayhem exclusive gear is CLEARLY harder to get then legendary so its a tier higher, as is raidboss gear

TLDR… Too busy playing BL3 to care for a long winded BL4 post