The Third Annual "UNOFFICIAL" Hunt 2019

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #1

Yes, it’s that time again Vault Hunters! Interested in a 2 month long hunt? This year I’ve added Heads and Skins.
No awards given, just bragging rights and you would play by the honor system using uploaded images. Bottom line, this is going to be a laid back, fun event.
The event will begin on February 25, 2019 @ 10 am EST and run thru April 25, 2019 10 pm EST.



  • You must CREATE A NEW (BL2) CHARACTER and utilize it for the duration of the competition.

  • You must use gear found during play through.
    Drop lobbies and/or gear mules prohibited.

  • You must COMPLETE “Talon of God” on Normal Vault Hunter Mode.

  • ONLY ONE (1) ITEM Per Slot. No Duplicate Items for points.

  • You may read only (console players may dashboard) farm to obtain certain items while leveling up a character, only for those items with gun rolls. You may not Alt F4 / Dashboard to farm items like the Treasure Room Questline, etc.

  • World Drops ARE ALLOWED.
    This means that if you find an item on this list by killing a random enemy, opening a chest, from a Legendary Loot Midget, etc., you ARE allowed to count this item towards your progress.

  • Items from Slot Machines ARE ALLOWED.

  • You may buy the RAID BOSS SERAPHS from NVHM/TVHM Seraph Vendors.

  • Legendary Items from the Torgue DLC Vending Machines ARE ALLOWED (must buy these with Torgue Tokens).

  • Legendary/Pearlescent Items from vendors in the “Item of the Day” ARE ALLOWED (do not have to buy, just screen shot of item).

  • No Badass Rank.

  • No Experience Point Exploits.
    Including Test Dummy EXP Farming.

  • Classic Hunt Rules Apply as far as Exploits/Glitches.
    This includes bans on Damage Transfer via Pimpernel/Ahab or Flakker/Ahab, Morningstar Critical Hit Stacking, Respec Machine Rising Sh0t Stacking, Buck Up/Gaige Glitches, Amp Shield Damage Stacking, Axton Co-Op Speed Glitch and no Out of Bounds.

    The usage of the Unofficial Community Patch, any patch that changes the drop rates, QoL mods, or any other mod, is prohibited.

  • Co-op play is allowed as long as your partner follows the rules above.

You can keep track of your progress with the 2019 Hunt Checklist. The checklist is here:

2019 Unofficial BL2 Hunt Checklist

I suggest to print a hard copy of the checklist to record your findings.

Please post your findings with a screenshot and place the appropriate point value next to it. Keep track of your points and I will tally them as well. At the end of the Hunt I will post the results.

PM me or post here if you want to participate and I’ll add you to the spreadsheet.


Vault Hunting 101: A Guide To RNG and Loot!

BL2 Basics For New Players

The X Guide To Farming Loot

BL2 Loot Maps

BL2 Gear Locations and Loot Pools

How The “Vault Hunter’s Relic” Really Works

BL2 Head & Skin Master List


PS4 Screenshots

PC Screenshots

Xbox One Screenshots

(shred) #2

Awwww yeah

(Carlton Slayer) #3

What about the loot train? Can you count only the gear you find on the initial play thru of the Headhunter pack or is farming allowed?

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #4

Farming Loot train can be used.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #5

Good luck everyone!

(Idle Phantom) #6

hell yh sign me up im so pumped for it this year, i was watching loads of the hunt last week so cant wait

(The doc is in.) #7

What’s the date again? Oh :poop: !
Needed a change of pace but not what I was thinking for THIS afternoon!
Count me in.
Only question I’d see is maybe a clarification on this.

I think I get it. Can farm for a different Pimp ect. But what CAN’T I do. Not 100% sure. (Beside the Leviathan fight.)

(Idle Phantom) #8

if you pick up a doctors orders echo you cant dashboard to get it back your stuck having picked it up

the biggest one is the loot rooms though as they have loads of chests it just its just unfair

oh and when buying seraph items from vendor and tourge items, as you could ‘buy them’ take this pick of them in your back pack and the dashboard and repeat for the rest

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #9

The 25th of February.

(Idle Phantom) #10

anything i missed @Sun_Tsunami or that you can think to add

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #11

No. Since Dr. is on PS4 he really isn’t going to be able to do the issues of “wrong” farming anyway.

(Idle Phantom) #12

dashboard is so long on ps4

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #13

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Not worth it on console for a Hunt.

(The doc is in.) #14

DOH! :man_facepalming:
LOL At least I have the chart already downloaded…

So that mean I (we) don’t have to collect “full funds” for each and every items?
(Sorry. I’m new to this.)
That’s cool.
Feels like we should at least have sufficient founds for one. Is that what you’re saying? Sounds right to me.

(Idle Phantom) #15

(Sorry. I’m new to this.)

dont worry we all were at some point, i was listing what you CANT do

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #16

The premise is fun, but I’m never certain when I can play, plus I tend to get sidetracked in-game. I’ll probably just watch on from afar!

(Idle Phantom) #17

Well it is 2 months long so plenty of time to get side tracked in-game @Kuolemanlaakso

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #18

Not really, considering the competitive element.

(Idle Phantom) #19

Each to there own I guess mate, would love as many people as possible to participate

(Is this thing on?) #20

I am not sure I completely understand this. I have to have the crystals/tokens to buy the item, but then I can just force-quit to avoid a save and use the same crystals/tokens to buy another item?