The Third Annual "UNOFFICIAL" Hunt 2019

(CommanderDouchebag) #21

If by “force-quit” you meant Alt+F4/Dashboard - it’s not allowed, i think.
At least, i didn’t saw someone used this thing on “official” event.

Oh, and sign me up, too!

(Is this thing on?) #22

Ah, so there was a missing “can’t” in that text! OK, I get it now - no dashboard farming of vendors.

(Idle Phantom) #23

It was in response to the message before where someone asked what can’t they do I think that’s where the confusion came from, my bad I should have made it clearer

(Idle Phantom) #24

Also I don’t think @DaRTH_FuRioN is competing this year


Pretty sure I saw a post of his saying he was doing the Official.
btw, Sun knows already but I’m unable to participate this year - but I’ll be watchin’ :wink:

(Idle Phantom) #26

Ahhhh @Jefe booboo :-1:, nahh I’m joking hope all is well and not for any bad reasons.

He played in it a bit but not much, he is going to be going hard into anthem and division 2 so he wants to concentrate on them

(The doc is in.) #27

I’ll play along but I don’t intend to get competitive.
I mean… I’ll probably play along. Unlike the veterans I still have tons to do with my regular character.

That’s how I understood it too. Apparently not. ok
Probably got sidetracked going from one question to another. Looking back at the “rules post”. The difference between “regular vending machine” and “alternate currency” is clearly stated.

(Idle Phantom) #28

what platform d you play on

(The doc is in.) #29

On PS4

(Idle Phantom) #30

just added you

(LootHunter) #31

Yes i did. But the forum event is bad timing, Anthem starts this week and i’m pretty sold on the Division 2 which is early March. So imma passing sorry guys.

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #32

I’ll join in.

My problem with the new rules will be trying to remembering to check the heads and skins, because I usually ignore them if I already have them.

(Selling England by the Pound) #33

Best of luck to everyone, I won’t be participating, as stated previously, since it’s not really something I can commit to. Also i’d probably get bored after an hour :laughing: but I hope it all goes well for everyone who is participating.

(shred) #34

I would have to start a bit later than usual because timezones and I also have Uni

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #35

Not a problem guys.

(LootHunter) #36

Dude! Hi and how are you? I’ll enter now. Just for funnzies as Anthem is broke as hell and i just can’t play it anymore. Gonna leave it until April. So will play Division 2 but thats mid March.

How many on PC?

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #37

Yes! Glad you are joining in the fun. XD. I’ll add you. Not sure about the system everyone is playing on. So far it’s same participants as last year.

P.S. I am going to pm you about Anthem. :frowning:

(Selling England by the Pound) #38

Of course Anthem is broken, it’s Bioware. It’s pretty much standard for them.

(Carlton Slayer) #39

I’ll be getting a somewhat ‘late’ start- RL stuff for family always comes first. Since this includes loot from raid bosses guess I’ll be starting a new Sal :grin:


I want to participate