The Third Annual "UNOFFICIAL" Hunt 2019

(Idle Phantom) #41

Yay Darth and a few others are joining us :raised_hands:, can’t wait to finish work and get normal mode done in one sitting :muscle::muscle:

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #42

You’ve been added. Welcome to the Hunt!

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #43

Everyone, good luck farming !

(LootHunter) #44

think i’m going to learn from past mistakes, and just power run the story modes before doing item hunts. I never did learn to properly speed run story mode, so gonna use this as a test bed. During the Loot Hunt i managed to get quite high up but i spent too much time getting to a high level.

May the Loot be with you. - “Loot Skywalker”

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #45

I have that problem, too.

I changed my profile name from “I open all boxes”, but during the past week of testing, I couldn’t break that habit. It’s like playing Gaige and not reloading.

(LootHunter) #46

aaaaaaand we’re off :smile:

1 = lascaux
7 = bonus package
7 = fastball
7 = harold
7 = hornet
7 = logans

Previous = 0
Added + 36
Running Total = 36


(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #47

Is it too late to sign up? If not I would like to.


(Idle Phantom) #48

@zer0blivion not at all the more the merrier

(CommanderDouchebag) #49

Hooooboy, let’s get this scrap started!
I’ve decied to change my approach to Hunt aswell - less focus on normal mode farm, more rushing to UVHM. Still, got some drops today:
Hornet 7
Bonus package 7
Tinderbox 3
Harold 7
Lascaux 1
Gwen’s head 2
Slagga 7
Maggie 7
Gub 7
Sledge’s shotgun 7
Pandemic 7


Day 1 total - 62 pts

(Idle Phantom) #50

nice start mate lucky loot midget drops how many runs were they

(CommanderDouchebag) #51

Gub and Sledege were at runs 3 and 7, i think. Guess i was lucky. inb4 jinxed myself lul

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #52

You’ve been added. Good luck!

(shred) #53

NOW I can start!
GL Everybody

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #54

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!.

(Idle Phantom) #55

finished normal mode thats enough for one day will do points and pics tomorrow as 1:35 am here lol

Flynts Tinderbox - 3
Lascaux - 1
Unkempt Harold - 7
Gwens Head - 2
Slagga - 7
Badaboom - 7
Conference Call - 7

Total - 34



Rather than using the code, just use the icon :

What happened in your previous edit was that you copied all and pasted all which puts the image codes in-line. Each image needs to be on a separate line.

(Idle Phantom) #57

cheers has been a while since using this so much to format

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #59

7 - Thunderball Fists
3 - Flynt’s Tinderbox
7 - Unkempt Harold
1 - Lascaux
7 - Fastball
25 - Total


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Highlights and full stream:
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(shred) #60


Flynt’s Tinderbox - 3 Points
Bonus Package - 7 Points
Lascaux - 1 Point
Fastball - 7 Points
Gwen’s Head - 2 Points
Slagga - 7 Points
Logan’s Gun - 7 Points
Veruc - 7 Points

Today’s Total:
1 + 2 + 3 + (7 x 5) = 41 Points

Overall Total:
41 Points

Done for the first day, almost finished Normal Mode, only some story missions left, might rush through those quickly next time I’m on so that I can start TVHM soon with a super speedy Maya.

I did find a Harold from Lee, but I forgot to screenshot it though, oh well, I will be going for another one later so I’ll screenshot it then.

Got myself some good gear to carry me through Normal mode, however the world destroyed my rocketer, so now I am kinda struggling until I get a decent higher levelled absorbtion shield.

(shred) #61

Wait, it’s the purple ones that count? I thought it was the legendary ones. Pretty sure purple only drops from Jack, which can only be killed 3 times in one playthrough. @Sun_Tsunami