The Third Annual "UNOFFICIAL" Hunt 2019

(shred) #163

DAY 12

Black Hole - 7 Points
This is HEV-y (Assassin Skin) - 1 Point
Space Knight (Soldier Head) - 1 Point
Unreality (Assassin Head) - 1 Point
Gunerang - 7 Points
Angled Mosquito (Siren Skin) - 1 Point
Candy Corn (Gaige Skin) - 1 Point
A Misfit (Gaige Skin) - 1 Point
Lavender But Not Brown (Gunzerker Skin) - 1 Point
Dark Knight (Assassin Skin) - 1 Point
Vault Burst (Siren Skin) - 1 Point
Dark and Light (Soldier Skin) - 1 Point
Your Eyes Taste Like Cheese (Psycho Skin) - 1 Point

Today’s Total:
(1 x 11) + (7 x 2) = 25 Points

Overall Total:
530 + 25 = 555 Points

Not much got done but I did get some more heads/skins.

Started off with no luck from Dukino’s Mom. Even gave me a world drop Bee for some reason…

Then moved on to a couple of other bosses, including Bunker. Who very kindly gave me 2 heads + a Gunerang from the gun.

Also got a general stalker skin from Henry when I was trying to go for the final head.

(LootHunter) #164

i’m grinding to a halt now. usual tubby hell…always the same.

spent hours yesterday getting nowhere. did get a blockhead at last, but Fire Bee just will not appear, Conference Call and oddly enough no Cracked Sash.

Shame this might be the last hunt? I’ve definitely learned better ways at progression this time round.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #165

We will have to see what the future brings with BL3. The Hunt may be bigger and better if BL3 was added to it. :+1:

(Idle Phantom) #166

As long as they dont meds it up like they did with TPS

(Geomason) #167

That’s what I always thought…cool loot there DaRTH

(LootHunter) #168

i can’t even think about it, not after last years madness lol. If they don’t announce it at Pax, then i’ll have it in my head it’s next year. Or i’ll go to a hypnotist and have them brainwash me…

Loot Train time. I NEED CLASS MODS!!!

(LootHunter) #169

really pants rng for me… had so many Leg Siren from LLM’s and chests and Leg Binder from tubbies and grenades other than Fire Bee. I have 5 days before Division 2 starts, then i’ll be knocking it on the head.

3 = Blockhead
2 = Law
7 = Leg Berserker
5 = Leg Sickle

Previous = 714
Added + 17
Running Total = 731



Legendary Killer 5
Quasar 7
Fire Bee 8
Legendary Berserker 7
Hyperion Assassins skin (Siren) 1
Emperor 7
Badaboom 7

previous 797
total 839


Legendary Titan 5
Legendary Gunzerker 5
Legendary Ninja 5

previous 839
total 854

(LootHunter) #172

@volesprit - I’ll hand it to you as you seem to be out there now. RNG beat me off a few days back, so i went back to playing Anthem after the patch.

I just kept getting the same drops over and over and at that point I’m happy to quit.

Last item to add on:


(Carlton Slayer) #173

Yay, I got a point!

Rasta-nefarious- 1 point
Current total- 18

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #174

3 - The Rough Rider
3 - Magic Missile (Blue x2)
2 - Fireball
1 - Geary-Mechromancer “Fragger” Head (drop by Butt Stallion)
2 - Lightning Bolt
7 - Leech
5 - Fire Storm
23 - Sub Total
114 - Grand Total


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Highlights and full stream (except when the twitch feed fails):

How not to Loot Hunt YouTube Playlist

(Carlton Slayer) #175

Fire A Crowded Building- 1
Lyuda- 7
Current total: 26
BTW, do the Creeper skins specifically have to say ‘Minecraft’?

Edit: Just checked the score sheet and realized the Creeper heads have a spot so add 1 more point for the Crafty Zero Head. Current total is now 27.

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #176

Not that I have ever seen one, but the O.T.D.H. Loot Map for Caustic Caverns show all the Creeper skins are labeled “Minecraft” except for Krieg’s which is “MINE MINE MINE MINE”.


Legendary Catalyst 5

previous 854
total 859

7 Omnd-Omnd-Ohk, no Twister

(Carlton Slayer) #178

Thanks but I just checked- I found a Creeper head for Zero, not a skin…

(Going Down The Road Feeling Bad) #179

5 - Chain Lightning
7 - Legendary Siren Class Mod
12 - Sub Total
126 - Grand Total


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Highlights and full stream (except when the twitch feed fails):

How not to Loot Hunt YouTube Playlist

(CommanderDouchebag) #180

It’s been a long time since last update. Work schedule is clutter as frag.
And so, eff day counter too:

Breath of terra 4
Norfleet 8
CC 7
Leg gunzerker 5
Geary heads (Axton, Maya, Zer0, Sal, Krieg) 1x5
Sham 7
Rex 3


Total: 35 pts