The Thread of (Your) Amusing Words/Phrases

Forgive me, I suck at descriptions, but given how thoroughly we seem to be mangling Webster’s Good Book, I thought this would be a good, if not entertaining, idea. In a nutshell, these be a collection of your applied words/phrases as well as your…creations. Who knows, this might even be bookified one day.

  • terrain fail: the situation where one does not pay attention and finds themselves suddenly going from solid terrain to anything but.
  • alco-help: alcoholic therapy, usually for something really bad.
  • Perpetual Energy Machine: “That had too many syllables. Apologize!”
  • “Buster Wolf?”: Those who’ve played “King of Fighters” know the real question.
  • ‘fun’: Actually not.
  • horribility: Long story short, it’s looking…bad.
  • “Die hard”/“rise from your grave” (in combination) – pretty self-explanatory.
  • badass – from “Borderlands”
  • can – toilet; from “Dexter’s Laboratory”

Some things I’ve got into the habit of saying over the years:

  • Tap a kidney (in place of “take a piss”)

  • Balls (in place of the word sh**)

  • Bishop (in place of the word bullsh**)

  • I tend to replace the word “one” with “buck” a lot. If I was to describe something that is 130lbs, I would usually say “a buck thirty.”



My mom and I have adopted a lot of stuff from Arrested Development for common usage, but the biggest one is that my son, and consequently everyone when he’s around, calls her Gangee

I’ll be watching my speech for any quirkiness to add

Forget the cat and the buttered toast – we got Torgue! Also, +balls, tho I think that maybe spun out from “nuts”; still used in the same context.

Also, the funny part(s) aside, I picked up:

  • gratzie – from “Inglorious Bastards”
  • da/spasiba/tovarich – from Tom Clancy novels
  • aye (=yes) – from Montgomery Scott
  • dammit – from Dr. Leonard McCoy
  • merci

It’s a weird mix, huh?

Looks good to me. I’ve picked up game and movie stuff that I use as well. Sometimes things just stick with you.

There is a pretty big difference between my spoken and my written English. One phrase that we use here (maybe elsewhere?) that cracks me up every time I hear it is, “your guys’ didn’t used to be…”.

One I hear and never use myself: “my thing is, is…” when someone is talking about what they think.

Being a California native, “dude” is universal language. No more, no less, just, “Dude.” says almost everything in every context. Not everyone here uses it like that to be sure, but it works.

There are a number for urinating and sex (although ‘tap a kidney’ is pretty good), but ‘drop a deuce’ still makes me laugh for defecating.

[quote=“FunkJunkie, post:3, topic:1552626”]Arrested Development[/quote]I’m literally watching this right now. :laughing:

Between TMNT and The Big Lebowski, ‘dude’ is pretty ubiquitous for 90s kids

For some reason, the word “bloke” greatly amuses me. And tend to use it in reference to a male person when I have to type or speak in english.

And the word “toon”, I used to only use it in regards to Borderlands, but it seeped over.

When I use it, it’s either for long memory recall (“Duuuude…”) or disgust (“Dude, no.”)

Also works as an interrogative (dude?), interjection (dude!), or expression of bewilderment (duuuuuuude)

…and those, tho I think I use them less frequently.

Also, it may be worth mentioning that I read TVTropes, so I may pick some stuff up there.

Those uses pop up most frequently now when I’m with a couple of friends I grew up with, wenfall back into the old familiar patterns

  • [insert action or thing] fail – when the inserted functions in unexpected ways…or not at all. There was a video posted here about demolition fails, there’s things elsewhere about wardrobe fails…you the get picture (and grammar fail).
  • NOTE: Landing fail isn’t strictly for aircraft landing properly – may also apply to sitting down on the can when the seat is up.
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It’s too bad we can’t post more…vulgar phrases, because I’ve invented quite a few due to road rage/life rage.

Omg you said that with such restrained awkward politeness I thought for a moment you were English!

:slight_frown: You’re not a Surfer. Only Surfers litter their language with indiscriminate ‘dudes’… or so I thought.

It’s actually a long while since I heard your voice, though I do remember it being Californian from a Peak run with @johnrr6.

I’m not always sure what my speech sounds like to other people, and I imagine Americans receive it differently (as indeed do the Irish; my accent is cut glass and there are parts of Belfast I would be very wary of talking).

Of course, being properly English I would never dream of mentioning any impolite actions or vulgar functions and try hard to repress their existence altogether :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Denial: Some state in the USA that everybody a) has never heard of, or b) claims does not exist.
  • (to) crack: to open
  • furball: a very messy fight.
  • I/O (gaming): for “input/output”;, meaning damage dealt vs. damage received in a given time. Positive/good I/O means dealing more than you’re receiving; negative/poor I/O…

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:16, topic:1552626”]You’re not a Surfer. Only Surfers litter their language with indiscriminate ‘dudes’… or so I thought.[/quote]The main reason I don’t surf is because it never seemed like fun (especially after snowboarding on big terrain, so much of the waves I see seem rather small), but the fact that the size of the waves that look entertaining to me come with a big risk of death/dismemberment keeps me away.

I think many (most?) people in California (probably much of the west coast) use it, if only a little? Even our CEO says it sometimes. It is the most populous state in the union (and the third largest by size), so it’s hard to generalize. I think the stereotypical surfer lingo, namely their their slurred language, comes from the movies (not that legions of them aren’t stoners and actually speak like that, but I think that’s less of a thing now). “Dude”, however, stuck around. This commercial, for example, shows it fairly accurately being used in context:

RFP: from the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” TCG, for “removed from play”. Has surprisingly universal applications.

Tekken: from “Tekken 6”, specifically, applying to a melee combatant hitting their opponent(s) with a long and fancy combo, usually including a launcher and at least one mid-combo bounce/slam. So managed by Superman bouncing that ball…:

  • “Jetski’s and Handjobs” - Meaning that everything is just the best.

“Man, I went 4-0 in the magic tournament today. Just opened my pack, and after that everything was Jetski’s and Handjobs” (Penny Arcade)

  • “Good times, Great oldies.” - Meaning either that everything is “ok” or horribly bad when used sarcastically.

“How was your day?” “Good times, great oldies.”
“God, work sucked today. Boss was up my ass and linda, that bitch linda…” “Good times, great oldies huh man?” (Drunk History)

  • “Why must you be the screen door on my submarine?” - Seriously man, I was having so much fun with that and then you pooed all over it.

“DUDE! I THINK I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE A WORKING JETPACK THAT WONT SET YOUR SHOES ON FIRE!” “You forgot to carry the 1.” “… Why must you be the screen door on my submarine?” (Venture Bros)

  • “Sorry highlander, looks like you’ll never live to see the quickening.” - When something dies before its time.

“ALRIGHT! YES! OUR ELITES ARE ON! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUSH THE ALLI… they’re all dead.” “Damn, those highlanders didn’t even live to see the quickening.” (Venture Bros)

  • “I hate X more than mayonaise.” - Showing an extreme displeasure towards something.

“God, I hate WBC more than mayonaise.” (The Whole Nine Yards)

Palpatine: from Sheev Palpatine, “Star Wars”; to throw lightning from your hands.

Death Blossom: from “The Last Starfighter”; to fire in all directions.

Palpatine Death Blossom: to throw electricity in all directions. (Did this with my Warlock/Stormcaller in “Destiny” last night. :smiley: )

Mowing the lawn: things in your path literally dying as you approach/progress, akin to your lawnmower consuming things in your path.

Palpatine, Mower of Lawns: self-explanatory.

Navigation(al) Failure: Not watching where one’s going. Can sometimes be a tragic understatement.

Scruffy: one who cleans up after others.

Inside/Outside the Box: A difference in perspective or experience:

An example of experience might be food tasting differently from person to person.

An example of perspective might be like 1st person and 3rd person – from inside the box (1st), what you see/think might be radically different from what someone else sees from outside the box (3rd). Case example, the USAF pilot who landed his F-15 Eagle with catastrophic aerial damage, and was not aware of the extent of the damage:

Bleeding water: sweating a lot.