The Tidal Wave: does it suck?

I got this Jacobs Legendary shotty and thought it looked like it could be good. However, using it is…weird? Half the shots seem like they do good damage but the other half the time the projectiles seem like they go right through the enemy for no damage? Am I missing some element of how this gun works or is it just bad or what? I mean the projectiles are sort of weird and bounce off the ground but they seem to miss completely even almost point blank. I don’t get it.

Where’d you get it? I’m down to do some experiments if I get my hands on one.

I’m pretty sure I got it as a world drop from Demoskaggon.

Same… From the Skaggons. I might have an extra. I got one with crazy crit damage like 100% I think.

It is unfortunately one of the worse legendaries it isnt consistent enough in its damage output other shotguns are much better every time I see a tidal wave I leave it because I’ve never been able to consistently use it

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Why is it so inconsistent though? It doesn’t seem to have an effect that would make it miss 50% of the time. I wonder if it’s bugged? I should clarify that I do realize it has 56% accuracy but even low accuracy weapons don’t just miss at point blank range…especially shotguns (in my experience).

I don’t think its bugged its a returning shotgun from BL1 and to be honest it wasn’t the best then either

Yes you get it from T.K. Baha.

On paper it’s always looked like a good weapon. However I found in actual practice it ends up lacking because of the pattern and pellet behavior caused by the red text.

Honestly, if you are the type who wants to be whispering into your enemies ear and smelling their aftershave, its amazing, especially if you go for Fl4k with his Guarenteed crits and returning ammo on crit. It has great damage if you get the right bits for it, and its great just cause T.K Baha.
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Well that was sort of my issue with it. Even at point blank range about half of my shots don’t seem to register at all with it making it really bad. When the shots land it feels good but if every other shot is a wiff…not so much. That’s why I thought it might be bugged.

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Haven’t had that issue. I used it quite a bit for dealign with bosses and got great damage from it.

I found one that’s 551x21, yeah, 21. A monster on my CQC Amara.