The Toby Advice/Help/Discussion Thread!

Okay, so with Toby being one of the six characters kicking off this week’s free trial rotation, and getting the idea from @vagrantsun, here is the hot new place for players of ANY skill-range to ask for advice on Toby!

So, without further ado…


@vagrantsun, @Moostacho, @Luck_Mod, @lemuren97, and @Ashbweh.





For some really helpful Toby advice for beginners, be sure to thoroughly read post #33 by @Moostacho, and posts #46 and #54 by @vagrantsun!

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I’ll break this thread in by asking any of the other mains if they have ever used the “Poor M-Pulse Controller” (seen below) on Toby, and if it is any good for additional lane-clear in PVP.

Having minions that are typically clumped together in a wave explode for 67 damage apiece sounds pretty decent, especially with Toby’s Heartpiecer helix, or when one of his mines is damaging all the minions in the group simultaneously. Anyone try this out yet? What about in PVE?


As the best Toby main on PS4: ahem I would like to say, Yes, I have tried the Impulse controller in PvE. It is amazing. In PvP it may not be as good as the Double Hugs and uhh double/triple Legendaries is a bit against my morals for the most part.

Yea, in PvE it is godly good. I recommend it.

Fun Fact: Toby is 1 of the 2 characters I’m currently playing to finally level up to 20.


Cute Cute Adorable Flippers Cute Flippity Flip Adorable

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You main Toby? Sorry for not including you in my pinging-

Retracted. :expressionless:

It depends on the legendaries for me. No one cares if you stack movement speed, cooldown and crit damage on Toby, haha. Still, i can’t give up my attack damage needle for that. Thankfully, i have an extra PVP gear loadout for Toby, so i can try it out in that one; i’ll just replace the maximum health monocle i currently have (for enemy comps with big crit-boxes) for the Poor M-Pulse Controller.

Thank you; i’ll replace my Vigilant Power Scouter with that in my PVE loadout, at least.

What are Toby’s weaknesses and how can i counter the adorable ■■■■■■■?

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Well, being called “adorable”, for one; so you are already on the right track…

As to counters, i think the other mains will agree with me that "Marquis, Whiskey, Ghalt, Thorn and Beatrix are Toby’s 5 hard counters (Beatrix being barely so, because she is able to hit Toby through his forcefield passively. Still, it is a matter of some debate). Soft counters include any character with a gun, in skilled hands. The biggest would probably be ISIC, Caldarius and Mellka. ISIC, because his wards give him a temporary period of immunity from Toby’s railgun with Reflecting Wards, where it can seriously screw you over if you fire at him; the wards reflect his mines too. It is a matter of some debate as to whether or not ISIC can be considered a hard counter to Toby because of this, but i personally consider the two of them to be a wash, because Toby’s high-damage crits absolutely SHRED ISIC when his wards aren’t up. Caldarius and Mellka can harass Toby endlessly with their mobility and his large crit-box, so it is important to not overextend when they are on the other team, ad they can chase kills easily against him; Thorn too.

Above all, do NOT let Toby “set up shop” with his forcefield, and stay in lane uncontested. Without focus, Toby is the biggest force to be reckoned with in Battleborn, and he is inarguably the highest damaging character; a high-risk, high reward artillery battery. At the very least, keep his forcefield down, and you strip away both his biggest offensive boost, as well as his biggest defense.

Any other questions?


The only other question I have right now is what gear stats do you look for when building Toby?

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Attack damage is #1, as Toby deals the highest damage in-game.

I’d say that health regen is #2, as it allows Toby to regain lost health while his forcefield and shield (ALWAYS take the 240 extra shield on lvl. 3), weak as it is, protect him. Staying in lane is EVERYTHING with Toby.

I’d say that skill damage or cooldown are tied for #3, as his Arc Mines are the strongest AOE skill in the game, and you can’t go wrong with boosting their damage or cooldown. Core Discharge is also one of the strongest ultimates, and magnificent for lane clear. Just be wary of the 2-second wind-up, the 50% reduction in movement speed, and your positioning when using it, as ranged characters can shred you in seconds with your crit-box being that easy to hit. There is a reason Toby ulting used to be near-suicidal before the damage buff…

You also can’t go wrong with crit damage in PVE, if you learn how to aim. It’s useful in PVP as well, but not as good as the aforementioned stats. It is also worth noting that attack and reload speed are a waste on him, as he doesn’t benefit from them. In fact, gear with negative reload speed stats are ideal on him, for the reduced shard cost.

Also, if you didn’t notice, i added a bit more to my last post.


Can you also tell them not to auto pick him in Capture and Face Off?

Tell you what… I’ll agree to do that, if YOU agree to make a constructive post. :slight_smile:

Also, Toby is one of THE strongest picks in Capture since the changes to it, because he can quickly reach lvl. 4 for the CC on his mines, which is arguably his strongest helix, and which allows him to guard points extremely well. Also, taking the lvl. 2 30% movement speed helix on his forcefield, in tandem with his boosters, allows him to quickly capture/escape points.


I haven’t used it on Toby specifically, but it works wonderfully for anyone specifically targeting minions in my experience(I used it on Kleese and it made my bouncy mortar strikes against minion waves even crazier)

The AOE size I never got a chance to measure but it seemed to contribute

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Sorry, but I dont agree with you on that. Yeah, he does a lot of damage and has has a good CC on lv 4, but he easily gets countered on capture. I really don’t think he’s a viable pick on capture.

Then you haven’t seen a good Toby. Period. Capture is HIS mode since the changes.

By who? Who takes Marquis, Whiskey or Beatrix on Capture, a mode that is favored by melee and mobility characters? At worst, you’ll see Ghalt or Thorn, who you can outrun easily. Mellka and Caldarius are more of a threat to Toby on Capture, and i DO see them, but it’s still the usual Ambra, S&A and Pendles Capture meta. All of whom Toby destroys with his stun mines.

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Cam you play a midrange Tobster
You should try my theoretical Tanky Tobes build!
Hinges on taking the DR at lvl 5, keeping it up and stacking shield & DR gear
I’m doubt it’s gonna be a thing but It would be cool to se/hear how it works out for an experienced User


Sounds intriguing, and i HAVE wanted to experiment with Panic Mode… I’ll give it a shot when i figure out what gear to use.

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If it helps
it doesn’t go online till lvl 5
so you can use an expensive DR piece to stack with PanicMode



Instead of shield maybe try health regen/DR, regen acts as another soft DR anyway(enemy dps is reduced by the amount you’re regenerating per second) as well as providing sustain by letting you heal by ducking under cover.

@HandsomeCam I leave the decision in your capable hands just felt I’d point out this alternative

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I’ve never played around with DR before, so it’ll take some trial and error for sure.

Since i play “hit and run” Toby, i should really try a movement/sprint speed build too…

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My “DR build” is regen/hit and run, works well for hit and run,

The one I’m gonna try with Toby to report back on is:

Veil manipulator(legendary shard gen adds health regen up to 10.5 at 1000 shards),

rare syringe with more regen after 3 minutes

and epic DR with regen

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Toby is a cute fella

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