The Top Gear/Grand Tour official thread

I was wondering why there was not a TG/GT thread here xD

Hammond on coca leaves better be in that!

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TGT is… real damn good so far.

I assume anyone who cares enough to see this thread already knows what happened to Chris Evans on the “new” Top Gear.


Oh, man, I have to get my hands on Amazon Prime or whatever at some point. I really miss these three idiots.

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I’m loving it so far, I just have big gripes with Amazon’s player. Its quality sucks and it keeps showing the UI despite the mouse not moving. Still, worth it to watch these three idiots again.

I’ll wait until a dutch channel has the rights to airing TGT.

Er… won’t this be never? I can’t remember the last time a streaming service’s show got syndicated…

I was thinking the same thing. Amazon wants people to watch it on their service to earn themselves money. And I assume a lot of people share my mentality:

There’s literally no reason for Amazon to take it anywhere else right now.

Thought that subject was a no-no to mention here actually, but it is an option worth mentioning when compared to their video player.

Is it? I’ll report myself to find out, cause Im curious. My co-workers Plex has become the best TV service that I subscribe to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Heheh, I have Plex on my FreeNAS machine, here at home. It’s very convenient to have, honestly.

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Yeah. It either means biting the bullet. Or that other thing that’s considered illegal in most countries.
And I rather not continue on this topic because yeah. Might break forum rules.

Let’s end it on this note, then.


That all? Here’s a 10 hour version:


Or we could you know, steer this train back onto the correct creek.

I don’t travel a lot.

But TGT does!

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Curiosity about the appropriateness of posts should lead to a pm with a mod, as opposed to posting it just to see what happens.

To be fair, it was already up cause I wasn’t aware. Could have deleted and sent a PM I guess, but reporting myself seemed like fun.


Why am I following this thread? How did this happen? Boo! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll suck you in hattie. You know it to be true!