The top topics on steam are all about stuttering

Seems the game has some weird issue with some people getting really bad hitching/stuttering.

Does anyone know what causes this.

I submitted a refund request and they responded saying they understand and are asking for my invoice number to issue the refund, but I’d like to find a fix.

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Depends on the stuttering. If I forget to turn off my protein folder when I start the game: total stutters. Some players get mild stutters with a raw install of Windows. Some stuttering has been solved, some hasn’t. A common one appears to involve the Echocast Twitch Extension (which is on by default; turning it off will fix it).

If I’m in the middle of a game and Internet connection drops and picks back up? Game straight up hangs for several seconds though while SHiFT takes a SHIfT.


It can’t be fixed, the stuttering is tied to the fact that the BL3 executable has a massive amount of DRM embedded in it. This game is constantly “phoning” home to Gearbox servers and hogging your resources unseen in the background
Also BL3 is horribly optimized and runs poorly except on the very top ultra gaming computers…long story short, the current gen hardware we have on console and P.C is simply not powerful enough to run a game like Borderlands 3…a lot of people won’t admit it, but it’s true…Look how well Borderlands 2 ran on all systems and you will see what I mean

It’s the same with Cyberpunk 2077…our current level of hardware is simply not enough to run the latest games

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Hi I don’t know what protein folder or how to turn off Echocast Twitch Extension means.

I keep wasting money on lemons. It is really bringing me down lately. This year I’ve blown money on 3 games that had issues. I have found fixes for two of the games though so I spent hours looking for fixes on this game’s issues.

@Redfeather75 - depends on your hardware. You’re going to get it on lower-end hardware regardless. I’ve seen reports of stuttering on up-to-date gaming machines, but I don’t know how well they’ve been addressed (if at all).

You can opt out of the Echocast stuff in the game’s options (under Social, I think. Not at my gaming PC right now).

This is misinformation at best. A simple examination of network traffic (or even disk usage) would show this isn’t the case.

So I just played a session and it had very little stuttering.

Last thing I remember changing was TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride to 0 in the GameUserSettings.ini

Could there be a connection or is it just coincidence.

edit: I just noticed that my TextureStreamingPoolSizeMB setting in GameUserSettings.ini is set to 2000. That looks like 2000MB for streaming. Since I have an 8gb card shouldn’t it be higher? Anyone know much about this stuff?

It’s funny cause Godfall has all these same problems as Borderlands 3, Gearbox and Unreal Engine, name a more iconinc duo xD, cause Borderlands 2 has it’s fair share of performance issues as well.

It’s either the two DRM’s, some “ahem”, group of people found the game has two, Denuvo and one “in-house”.
Or some problem they have with Unreal Engine, because this is UE4, it’s a good engine, and it’s still updated, but it’s still and old engine, and i don’t think the RTX 2000 series should be suffering to run these games, hell i would argue not even the 1070 and 1080 should be as well.

I don’t know a huge amount about it but this thread looks helpful. I would imagine any tweaks would be experimental and relative to your own hardware:

25% of your card’s total VRAM might be a sensible limit given how much memory might be required for other tasks. Up to you to play around, I think. I get stuttering, but mine’s 100% being CPU-bound (Intel i5-3570K - great CPU, pretty old now. Capped out on CPU usage every session to the extent my 1070 isn’t seeing any load about 5%. Older / less-CPU intensive games use the GPU just fine).

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Thanks for that link Gorbles! Even though that is a different game, reading the topic is teaching me about these kinds of .ini tweaks. Since I got an 8gb gpu I’m itching to change my TextureStreamingPoolSizeMB to 6144 now and see how that plays out.

EDIT: I don’t think that setting is using my GPU’s video ram. My game never started and stayed on a black screen. During that time my video ram never went above 1gb. My regular ram went up to max though. :flushed:

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Just to add that there was a deep-dive on the issue posted earlier this year or late last year, from someone who looked at a bunch of different games all on UE4. The engine inherently struggles with keeping a smooth frame rate while texture streaming on games that push the limits that way. So a developer ends up with a trade-off: longer load times at the start of a map, or stuttering during game play. Whether players can mitigate those choices on their systems is going to depend on what settings are available to tweak. I do suspect that there’s a bit more going on than just texture loading issues, though.


I run a Folding at Home client (very CPU/GPU intensive). I don’t have it set to share much with other programs, so if I forget to stop it when I start the game, the game lags (though no fault of its own). If that doesn’t sound familiar, you’re almost certainly not running it.

To turn off the Echocast extension (seriously worth a shot as it’s worked for some others), start the game, select a character to get into the game, back out to the Social menu, and hit the last icon on the right to find the control:


^ Adjusting the frequency of social notifications may also help.

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I wish this game used the same engine division 2 is using. I play that game as well and it’s really smooth considering the complexity of all the streaming open world environments.

On the Epic store you can add a command line to disable texture streaming. Seemed to help on my machine but the load times suuuuuuuuuuuck.

It also didn’t completely remove the stutters…

Curious how well the game runs on the PS5. Pretty much done with pc gaming I think. Spend 800 dollars on a video card and countless hours tweaking settings for games to still act wonky or just stop working entirely. Also… ■■■■ Windows!

Building a computer is more then just adding a GPU :wink:

And there’s allways Linux haha :innocent:

I build a PC to run BL3 and after disabling some stuff in the graphic settings the game runs smooth and never crashes for me…

So, have you tried updating your drivers? Is there anything hogging your RAM? How’s your CPU doing? Have you tried tinkering with the in-game graphics (there’s A LOT… I think I spent an hour trail and error but managed to have the game run smoothly)

In my case, texture streaming was the big culprit in stuttering and hitching. The nuclear option is to just turn off texture streaming entirely by adding this command line argument to BL3’s launch options in Steam or Epic: -notexturestreaming

Boom, no more hitching. But the tradeoff is, loading times (Claptrap dance and map load screens) go up dramatically since the game loads up all the textures at once rather than dynamically as you travel through the map (which is what can cause the stuttering.) Using this always uses the highest resolution textures available no matter what you have set in the in-game options so it may be too much for your system if you don’t have a lot of system and/or GPU RAM to spare.

There was that other option I tried (the TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride tweak in the .ini) and that had worked OK for a while, but after a certain patch, while it still solved the stuttering problem, I started getting ugly texture thrashing (I would look at an object, and its texture would flash between blurry low-res and sharper hi-res textures). So I took that off my list of solutions.

I have noticed lately, though, that the game is performing a lot better for me than it has in the past, without using any tweaks or special options. I’m just running it straight, no tweaks, and there’s not much hitching anymore. I don’t know if the last patch fixed anything, or if it’s an updated GPU driver doing it, or a combination of both. Either way, I’m not complaining (right now.)


I gave this a spin to see if I noticed a difference… loaded Skittermaw Basin (since it’s a big map) to see how long it would take. 45 seconds with that option set, 17 without. I’ll finally have time to read the full text of some of the Tips of the Day. :+1:

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Always looking for the silver lining: :+1:

Is there a way to lower texture resolution that the game uses. I don’t need high resolution textures at all. I’m fine with lower resolution. Smooth action is better than screenshots. :blush:

edit: Oh is it this line…