The TPS Vault Hunters Get Shafted!

You gotta feel bad for the TPS Vault Hunters.

Wilhelm - goes full robot, gets much taller, much less powerful. Gets (possibly) poisoned by Jack and ccxsacrificed to allow the BL2 VHs to procure the trojan horse battery (when does he defeat the original VHs at New Haven…before or after TPS?)

Nisha - starts her own town, loses her broken OPness, and gets gunned down by the BL2 Vault Hunters.

Timothy - on the run, hideously in debt, unable to change his face from that of a man he undoubtedly hates.

Athena - somehow becomes so much less powerful that regular Crimson Raider (or is it Crimson Lance?) troops can capture her so she can provide exposition.

Fragtrap / Clappy - you all know his fate!

Aurelia - the only unknown. Maybe she got bored and moved on to new ultra rich pursuits.

Raw deals (almost) all around!

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Well, Athena was captured by Brick and Mordecai, wasn’t she? Those guys are badass!


Dialogue in the Holodome tells us that Axton captured Aurelia shortly after the Eridian “halts” Athena’s execution. Axton brings her back to Sanctuary because “a war is coming and you will need all the Vaulthunters you can find”.

And is Timothy the doppelganger killed in Opportunity?

Instead of sending two of her best men to capture Athena, and risk losing them, Lilith should have sent Janey. Athena would have come.

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brick and mordecai are not slouches, and would be able to put up a serious fight against athena, pptentially even defeat her. but i like to think ( keep in mind there is np evidence to support this ) that athena, ultimately allowed herself to be captured, realising that she would have to kill them in order for them to leave her alone.

as for the shadow trap, i personally believe that he didnt actually sacrifice himself but just “unleashed his energy” so to speak, within claptrap, essentially merging with claptrap. this would account for his delusions of grandeur, and the fact the he thinks he is jacks arch nemesis, despite allegedly having his memory wiped. i aldo believe the upgrade you give clappy in bl2 is essentially the fragtrap upgrade, but since claptrap was freed from hyperion control, and since i believe shadow trap merged with clappy, he didnt have the desire to use it for “evil”, let alone even understand the extent of the upgrade.

and aurelia. do they actually say they tried to kill her? i was under the impression they simply met her on eptah while vault hunting, and then got the message saying to return, and where told to bring aurelia.

No I don’t. I don’t have to feel bad for anybody.

Nisha’s a sadist. Fck her.
Athena went against the morals she had in the Knoxx DLC to help make Jack powerful, then hid in a cave while he was ravaging the planet instead of helping the Raiders fight him. F
ck her.
Aurelia’s a rich-bitch. Fck her.
Timothy has a way out. He can always detonate the bomb in his face if he so wishes. Imagine the S.O.D. song Kill Yourself.
Wilhelm is a merc who’s addicted to surgery. F
ck him.
Jack was a lying powerhungry sociopath before TPS. F*ck him.
Didn’t care when I killed Falicity.
I didn’t feel bad when Blood and Roland died. Because BL2 was my first BL game, and I didn’t have time to become attached to them like other people had.
I am the unfeeling bastard!

Here’s who I feel bad for: Claptrap, Lilith, and Mordecai.
Clappy is the only truely morally good character in the series, and everyone hates him.
Burch made Lilith and Mordecai addicts, but despite tons of complaints, only fixed one of them. However, there is no proof that she was using eridium in the Tina DLC or the Crawmerax headhunter DLC. I think I might be the only one who believes that she hasn’t used since Jack forcefully pumped her full of it.

don’t forget Roland who is shot in the back and killed. Also Tina’s backstory is kinda sad too.

Don’t forget Ted who doesn’t get enough recognition.

ive gotta say it.

lilith screwed over jack, and maimed him in an unnecessary personal vendeta, which ultimately lead to her love interest being murdered, which she blames on other people whom she then attempts to kill. f*ck her.

mordecai wallows in his own self pity after being dumped and becomes a drunk who cant get good intel or actually keep his companion safe. f*ck him

claptrap kills hundreds of people by doing what he was explicitly told not to do, and then instead of actually helping, is careless and sets a church on fire killing even more innocents. f*ck him.


i didnt feel anything when blood or roland died either, despite playing the heck out of bl1, because i saw it for what it was. a cheap attempt to make you dislike jack. and because i hate what they did rolands character in bl2

Nope. Different guy apparently. Someone official said this. I think it means we might see the Jack doppelganger in BL3.

Wilhelm did NOT become weaker.

He actually is pretty much practically invulnerable at the stage in BL 2. The only thing that made him killable is the poison. Shooting laser out of his eye. A huge mortar. 2 Surveyor Drones. Ability to shoot a flare which deploys Hyperion reinforcements. No more flesh. Extremely tall. (this actually makes him more vulnerable, but it makes him scary)

Also, this song fits Nisha:

Notice this line

Also, Flames said “You have to feel bad,” so that triggered the smart ass in me, and I was just harsh out of spite


hehe i figured so :slight_smile:

i knew you liked lilith, and i cant stand her, so i couldnt resist getting that in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know. I can tell you were spiting my spite

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i dont know why i found that line so amusing, but i did haha

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The real problem is, THEY WERE ARE BALANCED AND SCALED WELL, NOOOOOO! The last time I felt this bad was when they removed Krieg’s Raving Retribution rants, but that is a sad sad story for another time…


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And as Lilith says in the beginning cutscene of TPS, Athena almost killed them too

But it’s probably harder to capture someone than it is to kill them. Brick and Mord aren’t used to taking prisoners, they’re used to outright killing people. It was probably really hard for them to supress their instinct to outright kill an opponent, and do a good job of it, hence why they almost died.