The Trial of Survival goes to Hell in under 5

The name of the build is, Man! Tis a Cold Day in Hellwalker, because its core components are the MNTIS cannon, Cold Bore, and the Hellwalker shotgun. Let’s speed run the Trial of Survival Proving Grounds because why hell walk when we can run like hell! :grin:

At 5:12, just missing getting the Barrier up to block that shot… dayum.

What on earth are your FOV settings? :laughing:

I didn’t see you swapping weapons super often to trigger Cold Bore. Did I miss them?


The enemies in this map are so weak relative to Zane that the extra damage from Cold Bore wasn’t needed. That said, it was clutch at 2:10 when I was in FFYL against an armored badass enemy when all of my kill skill bonuses and ASS/ASE anoints were non existent.

It also wasn’t particularly useful against the final boss because in their 2nd phase they were immune against cryo. But then I again I should have used it more in its first phase. :thinking:

Have you tried it with any sniper rifles?

Headsplosion and Monacle; but I wasn’t happy with their performance. What I don’t like about the Monacle is its extreme zoom and lackluster base damage when not ADSing. Also, they both suffer from being REALLY hard to get second winds with it when not using the Seein’ Dead com and for Jakobs snipers I prefer the Executor com. I know I can carry another gun for FFYL but if I’m doing a sniper build then I only want to carry the sniper.

I’m looking forward to the valentines event to come back around so I can get a max level Wedding Invitation. It used to be the best sniper in the game and I’m looking forward to it reclaiming its title.

For now Skullmasher has the highest base damage, and you can spam it as Maggie )

Unfortunately I don’t have one and I hate farming.

Check mail :wink:

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It’s x5, so no Overkill, sadly (

What’s this?

How do you like Skullmasher?

I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I’m currently engaged in trying to do a sub 5 Trial of Fervor with my Hellwalker build. Anointed militants are the bane of my existence with their stupid shields.

Can you show me your skill tree?

It’s the same as the original video.

Am familiar with the perk, but what does the x5 mean?

Multi pellet weapons don’t work too well with overkill. I think that’s what he’s saying.

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The following …

and …

Essentially Overkill is aware of misses. For example, with a single pellet weapon, let’s say you kill something and receive 100 dmg as Overkill. The next shot fired, regardless of whether you hit something will add that 100 Overkill dmg to your shot, thus consuming it. If that shot kills something then the excess damage of that shot becomes the next Overkill bonus, etc.

The problem with multi-pellet weapons is the following. Let’s say you have a x5 pellet weapon and you have Overkill damage. Then you shoot something w/ your x5 weapon and 1 or more but less than 5 of the pellets kills the target. Insofar as the game is concerned the fact that there were any pellets fired that were not responsible for the kill means those remaining pellets counts as misses, thus consuming any Overkill damage that normally would have accrued. To put it in concrete terms, let’s say 3 pellets were enough to kill the target, that means the other 2 pellets counts as misses, thus consuming any Overkill that would have accrued from the kill. Now that’s a highly simplified explanation but I think it works for the purposes of explaining the effective interaction between multi-pellet weapons and Overkill in that for multi-pellet weapons it’s hard for Overkill to build up compared to single pellet weapons.

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Interesting, thanks! :+1:

I had basically forgotten about the sub 5 minute proving grounds challenges till I saw you post a video in another thread in the Zane forum.

I can’t get Fervor in under 5 minutes, but I can do Supremacy, Survival, and Instincts in under 5.

I was using the Plasma Coil with an Atom Balm.

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