The True Best Shot of Pandora/Borderlands Series

Recently I have noticed that Nisha says a very interesting phrase whilst playing her. She will occasionally say, “Best shot on Pandora!”. Now I am interested in such a phrase for one reason, both stated in-game and lore, Mordecai is the true best shot on Pandora. Yet, Nisha does have quite the accurate and powerful shot. So down to the bedrock of my post: Who is the TRUE best shot on Pandora, both in-game and in lore? I would believe that Mordecai is according to lore, but Gearbox did say that they created Aurelia as the best sniper class ever in any Borderlands game.

Let’s put it this way: Mordecai won a Sniping contest with a revolver when he was 16 or 17 years old. He’s the better shot.

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Thanks for replying and I didn’t know that…

Gaige? She can hit the target without even looking at it.

Seriously though, we would need to define the terms of the best shot, but if we’re talking about long distance shots with sniper rifles, I might go with Aurelia too.

Well I’m not sure what the terms of “best shot” are but I think they might include something like the most accurate or powerful at long distances…idk

I’d put my money on Mordecai any day.

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Mordecai was determined the best shot lore-wise, and by golly its staying that way as far as Im concerned.

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Nisha is dead. So Mordecai is the best shot, if only by default.

What about best sniper in-game? I do remember reading that Gearbox made Aurelia into the best sniper class they’ve made. I don’t think anyone can surpass Mordecai’s skill though…

I absolutely second that statement!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

probably depends on what you mean exactly by being a “good shot”

when it comes to “hitting your target, no matter how far and small it is” Mordecai takes it easily, considering what he did in the lore. Not even close.

However, if you define being a good shot otherwise, it may be debatable.
If your basis for comparison is this:
where drawing and shooting as fast as possible while still hitting your target and shooting exclusively from the hip are in order. Or something like trying to hit 12 pop-up targets with 2 revolvers in the shortest time possible.
…then it holds to reason that Nisha might truly be the “best shot on Pandora” as she claims

But for actual “Sniping” …Mordecai… easily

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Hard to compare Mordecai and Nisha as it’s two completely different styles. Mordecai is mostly a sniper (though someone mentioned above a sniping challenge with a pistol) and most accurate. Nisha is the fastest shot. If my mediocre game play means anything, can’t tell you how many shots I’ve missed as Nisha while aiming down sights in showdown since it doesn’t account for where targets will be.

The best shot on Pandora? I’m pretty sure that’s Jack. Because of this:

Watch at 2:49:45…

That Moonshot container hit its mark on Elpis from outer space…

Jack wins.


…you do realize the station’s moonshot cannons are computer-guided, right?

Gaige cant hit a mountain with a sniper rifle from point blank range.

I would go with nisha, because there are more accurate guns. also theres no way they both entered the contest mordy won.