The truth about True vault hunter mode

[spoiler] the loot isn’t better, same garbage white and green weapons everywhere with a few decent ones scattered here and there
There is zero replay value after you hit level 50

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.



Which is funny, because at this point I have almost all the legendaries I was actively searching for. Regardless of mode the droprates are fine, and I am saying this right after I got a worlddrop legendary on my Moze, who is barely lvl11.


On a side note, I’m happy that TVHM is optional this time around for leveling and loot.


I only did tvhm because I was told by the game that there was better loot.
We were straight up lied too!

No one lied to you. Please do not accuse gearbox of such without proof.

In TVHM you get more badass and anointed enemies, they have a better chance of dropping rare loot.

Therefore that alone gives better loot.

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O you mean the anointed enemies that shouldn’t exist in the game until Maya dies but still do for no good reason.
How about they put better loot in the chests?

Also I’ve yet to have an anointed enemy drop a legendary since I started tvhm

Rng gives good and bad runs.

And I’m not 100% about the check drop rates, so until further studies are done by people to show if drop rates are higher or lower in them I do not want to assume.

I have completed both NVHM and TVHM. I can say without a doubt that I have seen and or gotten more Legendary Weapons/Gear while playing in TVHM. However, beating TVHM and bumping Mayhem Mode to Level 3, is when this really starts to make a difference. TVHM at Mayhem 3 drops Legendary Weapons/Gear like the final swing at a pinata dropping candy. The only draw back is the Anointed. They would be an okay enemy type if they didn’t have rotating immunity to element types or plain ballistics. This makes them just flat out annoying since you have to constantly rotate your load out to find what may or may not work. I would rather have Slag return to the game. At least then you know how to kill them when you encounter them.