The Truth Behind The Beatrix Locking?

Ok, so, until I read a super enlightening post by @beta382 a short while ago I had not even considered this:

@Jythri @joekgbx @dante_d_silva

Was BEATRIX intentionally locked / made unavailable for this weekend because of how ridiculously OP her life steal / Quick Melee combo would have been in Gravity Rumble mode?

Please be honest.

Thanks in advance.


They have the ability to restrict characters for certain game modes so that’s probably not it
My crazy ass guess was that this is an April fools joke that’s gone terribly wrong.
Something like they were going to replace her character model with that of the joke placeholder model and it just didn’t work aa intended
Call me crazy



That’s TOO crazy!

I still think @beta382 's theory fits all the facts perfectly.

But as I said
If that were the case the could disable her just for that mode if they wished

They have done it in the past



FRIDAY - MOnday.

That’s exactly what’s happened so far.



You mean still have her available in Incursion / Bots.




If she were broken in gravity rumble she would be disabled in gravity rumble :slightly_smiling_face:

They more than have the ability to do that


It’s bloody weird, whatever the case!

As soon as I heard about the specifics of Gravity Rumble, Beatrix immediately spring to mind!


I think they DID do it on purpose, but made it look unintentional, because that’s the only way you can TRULY gauge people’s reactions via experimentation.

Seeing as the majority of players seem almost HAPPY that she’s not around currently, i’ll bet some nerfs for her are inbound next week.

Or maybe i’m just REALLY hoping that’s the case…



But…but…,you barely even play Battleborn anymore !

(No offence!)


Sorry, that was ignorant of me!

imo it’s an unintentional bug and I feel this because I accidentally had her somehow playable in incursion after a couple of games where she was auto locked…and i chose her and used her. She was playing just like regular ole beatrix. This was some random time Thursday night after 3 or 4 games of her being locked for me. In other words, I can 100% confirm that she wasn’t just “turned off” right after the hotifix.

truly a bug by my estimate, and the best bug i’ve seen. Hopefully when they bring her back, she gets nerfed like all the other DLC characters eventually were. I know gearbox needs to make some money so i understand them overtuning the new characters upon release. Time is up though - back to normal plz k thx!

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If it were intentional, they would’ve stated so in the Battleplan.

I’ve been playing all weekend, Beatrix was never locked for me. She was available on all PVP modes. On Xbox. Was this platform specific?

I do not think she was disabled simply because of gravity rumble. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t, but I don’t think they would disable a character simply because they thought said character would be broken in a limited time game mode. Need proof? Earnest and Isic in warfare rumble. Both of those characters were as broken as broken can possibly get in that mode, but they were still choosable characters.


It sure was, considering i’m not the ONLY one happy she’s gone, haha.

@AncientBelgareth, fair enough. I’ll change my theory to reflect your opinion, because it makes sense:

It was unintentional, but upon the mostly positive feedback from her “disappearance”, which surprised them, they are leaving her locked for the time being.

Now let’s hope that the same thing happens to Kid Ultra, for the dark days we were all subjected to regarding his ult call-out…


Oh my Empress, yes.
I still have multiple brain lesions due to that horrific, “I’M HELPING”

I am beyond thrilled that hearing KU’s old permanent ult call out consistently, is long gone.

Now bringing that back…would have been the April Fools joke of the decade…


Haha! Make it EVERY character’s ult call-out?! That would have been comedic gold!


Until everyone stopped playing until it was removed, haha.


I think they took her away because there weren’t nearly as many “One Winged Angel” jokes as they were hoping.

Seriously tho, I’m on Xbox as well, and she’s still playable. Console exclusive?

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I am on PS4, last time I checked, which was yesterday, the child was still locked