The Truth Behind The Beatrix Locking?

How the F*CK did i not notice her resemblance to Sephiroth?!

(Choir): SEPHIROTH!!

Bell tolls.


The problem with this theory is that she wasn’t locked on Xbox. I sure wish she would have been though.

I’m on Xbox and she was locked out for at least one match that I played this weekend. For the most part she has been available though.

I’m so jealous. I haven’t seen her locked yet and so far you’re the only one I’ve heard say that.

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So Beatrix is only locked on PS4?

I have a HUNCH.

A hunch that when Gravity Rumble ends, BEATRIX will reappear.

And now we wait…

If that’s the case, all the PS4 players should be a refund on their season pass.

Just lost the server again; wonder if that’s a PS4 thing too.

I’d love to play this game when it gets out of beta.


Nope. PC too.

Pretty sure I played with Beatrix after the patch but before Gravity Rumble began. Since Gravity Rumble was enabled, I have tried on multiple occasions to use her for an operation and found her unavailable.

Personally had no server problems that people are talking about (Europe West).

The servers were WAAAAY sketchier than their usual rather sketchy already state this weekend.

Sunday, I got 4 full team disconnects over the course of 6 or 7 hours of play.

Usually a full team disconnect will only happen once every week or two, if that often, and I feel like it happened once or twice on Saturday, as well.

And Friday night, around 6 or 7 mountain time (aka central time think?) the Battleborn servers went down across all platforms for about an hour and a half, no one could play at all, so that was weird.

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Wait a minute, guys! I figured it out! We all just got too old to play as her! Because, as we all know…

Puts on sunglasses

Trixie’s for kids.




Ohhhhhhhhhh, snap!



What? Beatrix being locked is a reward, if anything they owe Gearbox more money.


How much to lock all 30 characters?

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She’s back. I’m sure you were right. Really lousy thing to do.

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Yeah @GreyWarden007 .

Maybe im cynical and jaded but I can’t believe that, within a few hours of Gravity Rumble being over, they "figures out why BEATRIX was locked. On PS4. The largest player base and probably the group that would complain the least about having a popular character locked for 3 whole days.


Any thoughts on this @jythri @joekgbx @dante_d_silva ?

Don’t know, but could it have caused all the disconnects people got this weekend? Just wasn’t a good decision on their part.

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Man the servers were BRUTAL this weekend, and I’ve gotten full team DC’d twice again already today.

We were joking on mic in match today about how the one old, frayed cord that powers all the Battleborn servers was coming loose lol…


It will be interesting to see if all that stops now.

Hey guys, this was due to a technical back-end bug and in no way purposeful or intentional.


And now everyone can take off their tinfoil hats
Thanks Joe