The truth between Battleborn and Overwatch

Guys Battleborn sucks!!! Overwatch is way better!!! what are you doing with your life!!

Just a joke :wink:

The truth is that i tried to play Battleborn like two hours ago, i don’t got too much time, so, after about 10 mins in the matchmaking, seeing some players quitting, i quit BB too.

I spend money on this game and im unable to play it cause… there are not enough players? (I just notice since overwatch launch, sometimes, matchmaking is kinda slow… REALLY! )
so, i wanna play a game today and switched to overwatch (yes i got the two games…).in just few seconds and i was in a match. btw, I think thats the only possitive thing i can say about overwatch in front battleborn. I didn’t take too much fun, but, at least, I was able to play 3 games.

So, GBX should consider if there is any chance, using marketing, offers, updates, cross platform, whatever… to increase playerbase, no matter if its cost some money beffore they get some bennefit, but If you can’t play a game, no matter how good it is, it will die… and is shame seeing such good game dying…

Its unfortunate that this is the reality of things. But hoping GBX could out market Blizzard was kind of a stretch. Maybe us fans can pitch in and help?

im the opposite. I tried OW today and hated it with a passion, its pretty no question but i hated it. I’ll rather sit in BB ques personally since i can draw or do something while i wait.

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Preordered both games and wait ~10min in the BB Que -> no player’s -> Overwatch (or ArmA 3 :P). Overwatch is not that fun but they got player’s and a very good and fast MM when ever you join the Que. Fact.

Overwatch also just launched, so you would imagine shorter queues in one of the most anticipated games in a long time… Other than the day OW launched, I haven’t had queue times longer than a few minutes on PS4, but I’ve also heard that this platform currently has the largest player base, so that’s likely not representative of the game as a whole.

1 if you are on pc try changing your region preferences.
2 I have no problem finding matches in bb longest it takes is a minute so there definitely isn’t a shortage of players.

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