The Twister - How to get it?

The Twister is a weapon I used once in the past, and at the time didn’t like it. I’m trying to get it again now, but like a lot of people i’m having issues spawning OOO.

SO >>>

Can anyone that has spawned OOO let us know how and where they did it. There are multiple places that I know of, and Scyla’s Grove is likely to be the most popular. But there are a few questions that may help others people, as most youtube videos obviously show the drop, not the more specific questions others may have

Q: 1 – Did you spawn him solo
Q: 2 – Or co-op (2,3,4) players (or specifically 4 player mode)
Q: 3 – How long did it take you - related to the above questions
Q: 4 – The best place you farmed it
Q: 5 – How long would you agro Ultimate Savages before quit/restart

The reason I ask, and the info will help others in the forum hopefully, is the 4 player mode glitch was removed from the game, so if most people were doing in 4P mode then the twister may become an unobtainable item. I’ve tried for weeks, no luck. Console players can go split screen for 2P mode, so will this help.

Appreciate feedback from you dedicated Vault Hunters :wink:

A: 1 & 2 - Solo most of the time. Before and after the big update. Once in co-op (2 players).
A: 3 - ~1 hour to 1 day. Months if i’m not satisfied with the prefix/parts.
A: 4 - Always Scyla’s Grove. Everytime.

Why Scyla’s Grove? Fast, easy and low cost :grin:
For the witch doctor, i try to get a shock witch doctor (other witch doctor will do except the vampire). Maybe that because i always get the shock version or maybe because i’m comfortable with them? Easy to kill? Easy to get triple-o? i dont know :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from keeping them aggro, i try to do some damage to the witch doctor, not sure this will help or not but it is what i normally do. After 1 hour if no triple-o, save quit start new.
I already got few Twister that i farmed in solo., more than enough for all characters.
And i will farm triple-o again even though i already got perfect Twister because he is one of my favorite enemies and Twister my favorite shotgun :stuck_out_tongue:

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[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:1, topic:1213442”]Q: 1 – Did you spawn him soloQ[/quote]Yes

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:1, topic:1213442”]Q2 – Or co-op (2,3,4) players (or specifically 4 player mode)[/quote]No four-player mode: pure solo

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:1, topic:1213442”]Q: 3 – How long did it take you - related to the above questions[/quote]It was quite some time ago… it seems like it took forever, but it was probably only a couple dozen runs over several hours.

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:1, topic:1213442”]Q: 4 – The best place you farmed it[/quote]Low Gut Run in Scylla’s Grove, primarily for the guaranteed Ultimate Badass Savages (who then have the chance to level into Omnd-Omnd-Ohk). There are also a number of guaranteed Ultimate Badass Savages that come with the initial spawning of Dexiduous, but that costs a lot of Eridium (and time to run all over the map to light the torches).

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Thanks both for some good feedback.

How long would you keep the Ultimate’s? 5mins, 10mins, 30mins. Or do you quit and restart pretty soon after levelling them up as they aren’t evolving to OOO… This is a question I forgot to put in as it may have similarities to the varkid evolution.

Starting from badass savages, the witch doctor will level them up to super badass in no time.
From super to ultimate and finally OOO, the witch doctor will do his ‘tornado’ thingy first before evolve the savages.
During ultimate stage, if the witch doctor only heal them, you can see from the healing icons/animation above their heads, the ultimate will never evolve to OOO. You can exit the map (Scylla’s Grove exit to Hunter’s Grotto), this will reset the ultimate to back normal badass.
One run from normal badass to ultimate and finally the last evolution stage (if any) took me about 5-10 minutes i guess, provided that i have killed all other enemies.
If u dont attack the witch doctor, he will not attack you, instead he just walking around, cursing you, do the tornado and evolve the badass. If you attack him in the process, he will attack back few times before doing his tornado.
I will save and quit, start again if no OOO after about an hour, maybe less if i got bored :disappointed_relieved:


This might not be the kind of reply you are looking for but I use the method in the video linked to this post

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God, shows how long ago that dlc came out lol…brings back memories

Nice video thanks for the link. I suppose it’s ultimately the same as Scylla’s Grove. I remember doing all that but never trying for OOO as I didn’t know about it at the time, but i’ll try and get as many ways and as much info for the thread.

Interested to know if anyone uses the Savage village on Wam Bam…

Having tried Scylla’s Grove for weeks, and just tried the Dex method, the Dex method is by far the best. It’s WAY quicker to get the Ultimate’s, quicker to refresh, no fast travel, and with 2 Witch Doctor’s you can have Ultimate’s in 15secs. Although still no OOO after an 1hr:20mins, it is the best method.

Edit: Another 1hr just then, and still no dOOOsh…


[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:4, topic:1213442”]How long would you keep the Ultimate’s?[/quote]If the UBA Savage didn’t turn into Omnd-Omnd-Ohk after the first two attempts by the local Witch Doctor to bump everything up, I’d kill it to get it out of my way for the others to have a shot at it (if it was the last few enemies, I’d start over).

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:7, topic:1213442”]Interested to know if anyone uses the Savage village on Wam Bam…[/quote]I never tried… I usually make it a point to drop the Witch Doctor early, so haven’t actually seen a UBA Savage there. It should work though?

To me, the Dex method makes the most sense because you actually get TWO waves of Witch doctors and Badasses that can evolve.

Pick which wave you want to farm and do the fan boat to aggro and keep a safe distance. If one doesn’t evolve to OOO by the third or 4th power-up from a witch doctor…run away in the fan boat to the ocean…just enough so you will cause them to disappear.

Come back into the area with your fan boat and start the process again…

Very quick respawns which increase you chances of OOO spawn.

I have gotten spawns from both areas…Scylia Grove and Dex…

Just thought the Dex method was faster.

Still a grind though, no matter how you do it.

Thank goodness for the Loot Hunt where I got my Rustlers Twister at OP8


Hi John, thanks for input. Yes, this method is great, much better than Scylla’s Grove. Unfortunately I’ve given up. About 5-6hrs with no OOO is just ridiculous. I’m on my 5th time playing this game, so patience is very thin! Hopefully others can learn from what’s been said here.

OOO is easy to kill from what I’ve seen, so why not make him easier to spawn/harder to kill?

@JoeKGBX? Any chance of passing this on?

One of the reason i dont use the Dexi method is because i dont have the determination to farm something with no guarantee to get for hours. At Scylla’s Grove, I can stop anytime, do something else and come back later without the need to ‘explore’ the map again to pay eridium and spawn the badasses.
But if everyone said the Dex method was faster, maybe i should try it someday :stuck_out_tongue:
5-6 hours no OOO? yeah, that is ridiculous :frowning:

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Of course! I’ll pass it along today.


Spawned him 2p but playing solo (brought in my OP8 Maya on the second controller).
Got two Twisters out of three total spawns, maybe three or four hours total.
Scylla’s Grove, the spot where everyone does it. By the Vault symbol.
They level up quick, clear everyone else out who isn’t a Witch Doctor or BA, then it’s just a few minutes from there.

Thanks, I’m starting to covet this gun and these tips help.

Glad to hear, hope you have luck with getting it. I never did get it, and I’ve now laid the game to rest… :cry: